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  1. Hi all, This may already exist but i haven't seen it for FM15 so apologies... I am looking for a tactic to play like Tony Pulis had Stoke playing, basically a rough and ready style where they were the underdogs technically but through strength, grit and discipline managed to beat and cause headaches for teams. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated as i want to use the style for all levels of football ta Georgie
  2. have to agree with what people are saying RE keeping monreal hes been great in my save.. Also i picked up Andre Ayew who has been on great on my left wing with Cazorla behind welbeck and i've been banging in goals the Ox is also a beast in this FM... Not sure if anyone else has this problem but Ozil's condition is always seems to deteriorate and not recover quick like everyone else'sin the squad and like the poster above me says he only seems to play one good game in 10 which is frustrating..
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