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  1. Chelsea never qualified to CL in the first year and i approached to buy him and Chelsea said no but he wanted to join. He also was furious that Chelsea sold Courtious and Salah.. Hes been unhappy for 3 years because he wants CL football. I eventually got him when his contract only had a year left for £50mill
  2. So im Man Utd currently and im on my 3rd season, Im the second biggest club in the world (behind bayern) i want to buy certain players and when the bids get rejected the player will ask to leave their club but are unable to. Take Hazard for example hes been alienated and i have bid for him but chelsea want 200million. Why cant players hand in transfer requests?
  3. Yeah ive got most of them on Average and light now, Do you think that will change it or shall i still make the main focus fitness for now?
  4. just saw my awful grammar lmao and no im 3rd game in, in my season im winning matches but everyone is still unhappy, Ive made it so the next 3 weeks are based on fitness but most of my players are fit it makes no sense.
  5. http://gyazo.com/db32b82ea6566f720ec5bb0d07ee6420 http://gyazo.com/fd1c7235c52cf17eb1751ea047640c04 http://gyazo.com/3f99b90622d6f13db9755237fb74bb2c this is my current training schedule thingy
  6. I have 45unhappy players in training because they all want attention of fitness, How do i fix this? Im Manchester United atm
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