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  1. In the Steam Achievements for the game: "Iron Curtain : Your team conceded the least league goals over an entire season" Now, I did only get a C in my English GCSE's but shouldn't it be 'Fewest' , not least? Not a big deal, I realise.
  2. Yeh you'd need some pace around him, that's for sure. Sane and Chiesa flying down the wings and he'd bang em in.
  3. A world Class striker in his absolute prime.... but check that dribbling and pace! Could you work with that? Would he make your team??
  4. Would be harsh to say he hasn't made it but I had a proper worldie John Fleck on a Barca save once upon a time!
  5. You don't play football manager anymore, football manager plays you.
  6. I just 'No Comment' that one every single time :')
  7. I like staying on feet generally because I get far fewer injuries to my players
  8. I've been crying about the game being broken throughout each and every minute of my 1062 hours of gameplay. It's broken. Properly , properly broken. I've played all of the last 20 versions relentlessly and racked up 306 days of gameplay on the last 7 versions alone. It's broken. It's properly, properly broken.
  9. yeh I play stay on feet and gave away 5 in 2 games the other day. Football Manager 2018 is broken, you cannot play the way you would like, you have to play the way that's least broken.
  10. I'm a few years in on a Spanish save. English players are now Non-eu, fair enough. I signed Tammy Abraham... he wasn't foreign... turns out he's part NIGERIAN. I checked a couple of other Nigerian players by clicking make off and there's no warning about non-eu players in the bottom left.... just checked out a couple of Ivory Coast players too and noticed the same. What's that about then?
  11. I really get the impression that Manager, to an extent, predetermines your result then kind of mashes the match engine in to what it wants you to get, to keep it 'interesting' or whatever. There were also far too many goals in the initial release so they've had to absolutely cripple finishing to keep scorelines in check.
  12. I've played em all since 97/98 and I would say it's probably the worst match engine but the game itself is pretty good. Too many stupid things happen in matches and I find results to be very, very predictable but it's harsh to write the whole game off as bad. Many of the features are really good. Genuinely terrible match engine however.
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