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  1. The beta hasn't improved finishing whatsoever. I'm still seeing open goals missed, even Suarez with his finishing skills missed an open goal.
  2. I thought the Beta improved 1 on 1's I'm actually close to being done with this game now
  3. I'll tell you another problem. Inside forwards are useless on this game as even when I have a striker free in the box they will just stop and not cross it 😂 Plenty of times I've seen it...should of been a certain goal.. it's a easy pass for the striker "Oh lets just stop as I'm told to cross less often."😂 Only way round it is to use inverted wingers and all of a sudden they cross it. That's silly that tbh that I have to not use inside fwds roles because they wont even make a simple pass for a tap in for a striker because of the role.
  4. I always keep morale high but seeing pathetic shooting with Messi. It's just a dum match engine this year. Need a million shots and when you finally score the moments gone and just tried of the game.
  5. I'm Barcelona mate and I'm seeing Antonio Greizmann, Suarez and Messi even...Yes leo Messi missing chances like Dominic Solanke consistently! That sums up the state of finishing. Gotta be the worst finshing on a ME I've ever seen and I've played every Football Manager for years.
  6. Jesus. Played it again over the weekend and I'm seeing so many 1 v 1 chances missed AGAIN😂 Messi, Suarez it's getting to the stage now where it's be becoming a joke. It's clearly broken how can you release a game this broken??
  7. I've always loved FM but the match engine this year is horrible. I am Barcelona and I consistently see Messi missing 6-9 one v one's a game. Same for Suarez it's actually got too the point where I just can't be bothered to play the game. If it's not patched I'm sending it back
  8. Gotta be one of the worst FMs I've played. Even messi does it 😂😂 So stiff if he gets the ball it's horrible
  9. I laugh that Michael Antonio only has 16 strength on FM. Easily one of the strongest players in the Prem. He's so underrated on FM and Hallers stats are not correct either.
  10. Agree that's not right! Also do ppl agree with Che Adams having a 16 finish? I don't
  11. Had too correct Sebastian Haller's stats myself as his default stats are way off what they should be. Example of what they should look like
  12. That reminds me. Apparently Zabaleta has also re-grown his hair on the beta 😂
  13. He's quite raw irl and in a far worse team. It was like Iheancho scoring for Man city because of the players around him allowing him to score taps in. Meanwhile Haller has proven himself in the German league and has more goals in the Prem & poorer stats and worse heading than Kean??
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