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  1. I thought FM 20 was bad but FM 21 is worse. I've been a big fan of the series but this season's FM just seems to be too inconsistent with the match engine, lot of silly things are happening that are not realistic. Can't say I'm too interested in the game this year. Hopefully FM 22 is better
  2. Antonio is one of the strongest players inside the Premier League, he's been massively underrated for years on FM. His finishing of 12 is too low, he just lacks composure sometimes,13 at least for finishing and Strength is 18 for me at least
  3. Coufal Seems to be the worse full back at West Ham from what I've seen. His anticipation being at a rating of only 10 makes him unusable as a full back. So that most definitely needs to be changed to 13-14. I actually think he's our best defender in terms of sensing danger & I've watched every game of him this season. I don't agree with his low first touch or low crossing either. First touch also has looked good and his decision making and composure look better than 11 for both. Overall to further elaborate, In the match engine I was conceding goals always down C
  4. I rest my case regarding Haller that his technique should be higher than 12, I'd recommend 15 at least with the scissor kicks he's performed at West Ham and also for his previous clubs. Finishing 14 at least also because he has done well to score the goals he's had with limited chances, usually hits the target. He always connects with the ball cleanly with the bicycle kicks and the Rabona passes he can do because the guy has clear unique ability.
  5. Bowen needs an upgrade, his technique shoulder be higher than 12. I have noticed during gameplay his corners are poor and also his shots in general are poor due to his technique being 12. He's already got quite a few assists from corners, and crosses in general this season. Also Coufal needs a serious upgrade in first touch, crossing, anticipation as he's awful on the game. He's a better footballer than FM states and our best defending full back.
  6. I've tweaked a few things to make the AI Manager(Moyes) select Rice with Soucek and Not overlook Masuaku for the Wing back position I didn't edit any ability stats just positional stats For Rice I made him competent for the CB position and he is now selected by the AI Manager to partner Soucek in midfield like in real life instead of Noble always partnering Soucek EVERY game. Rice has said himself he see's himself as a midfielder now and he's never really looked that comfortable as a CB from all the games i've seen anyway and I watch every West Ham game. Vs Everton away in the C
  7. David Moyes has his CA much lower than the recommended number for his stats via the Data Editor. No wonder why he keeps getting sacked during simulations 😂 Alan Irvine and Stuart Pearce also
  8. A few more bits on West Ham Haller's stats need to be looked at because even Joelinton has better heading than he does. I believe Haller is underrated also with his vision slightly and massively with his heading ability. He should have at least 15 for Heading and his finishing should be 14 because he's done very well to score the goals he has done for West Ham last season and this season with very limited service. Watching the games when he's played he honestly doesn't get many chances. Fans have seen glimpses of class with his finishing & technical ability when
  9. Well from what i've seen he doesn't place his shots far enough away from the Goalkeeper to have a 15 finish. Not saying he is a bad finisher just think a rating of 15 is far too high for him. It's not a strong point for him based on what i've seen, he's not a clinical finisher at all for me, maybe having a purple patch recently but he isn't getting the numbers to deserve a 15 finish in each season. Hasn't scored for England either in 5 matches Players like Yarmolenko are a better finishers than him and he has 14 finishing,...Danny Ings & Lacazette both have 15 fin
  10. Very good player Grealish but i'm not convinced his finishing should be 15 which is the case on the beta, this is higher than most strikers within the game & Mason Mount who I consider to be a better goalscoring midfielder has 14 for Finishing. For Grealish I think 12 is fair to replicate his real life finishing So maybe a boost in other areas but he isn't that good of a goalscoring midfielder imho when you look at his career as a whole and when i've watched him play which is many many times Great first touch and dribbling, confidence so boost to his mental stats and speed b
  11. It is correct because he has put plenty of decent right footed crosses in unlike Yarma who always overplays everything
  12. Fair enough . Apologies if i've come across as being disrespectful. My main aim is trying to help the game become even more realistic as I believe FM is the closest realistic football simulation out there.
  13. West Ham not playing players where they should be playing After simulating a season it's become very clear that the AI manager still prefers to play Rice CB when he's not even playing CB in real life( Rice has also never been that good as a CB) and also Noble is still getting starts. Maybe if Rice doesn't have CB as an accomplished Position he will get picked to start MC ? Who knows not sure how this game decides it apart from likely just being based on ability. Noble always starts, even ahead of Soucek and Dawson is often starting ahead of Ogbonna who is pretty much always an
  14. Amazing when Fredericks has 14 crossing and trust me this guy is awful when it comes to delivering a ball.
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