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  1. Yeah all my set piece takers keep disappearing really annoying
  2. That reminds me. Apparently Zabaleta has also re-grown his hair on the beta 😂
  3. He's quite raw irl and in a far worse team. It was like Iheancho scoring for Man city because of the players around him allowing him to score taps in. Meanwhile Haller has proven himself in the German league and has more goals in the Prem & poorer stats and worse heading than Kean??
  4. Sebastian Haller's stats are well below what they should be. 11 Heading ? 13 Finishing and his technique should be higher. Dribbling shouldn't be 10 he's quite accomplished with his feet
  5. Adrian stats are about right tbh. I liked him for a while and was a good number 2. Certainly better than what we have now.
  6. No chance VVD has 17 Accel but he has good pace. Traore would out pace pretty much anyone in a race. He's not normal with his overall speed.
  7. Not seen any West Ham ratings yet but for me Antonio seems to usually get underrated. He deserves a slight boost in certain areas as he's one of our best players in his own right. Sebastian Haller has poor stats and Roberto looks far worse than his current stats suggest.
  8. Because Everton players always seem to be overrated on the game. You Also wanna see Almiron having a 13 finish 12 composure 😂 He has no composure whatsoever in front of goal. Ridiculous
  9. It's happened far too much for me on this game. CPU team gets a player sent off and it feels like my team never takes advantage , can't control the game after they had 2 players sent off even. I have often conceded a goal and lost which isn't right as soon as a red is shown to the CPU team. Needs to be fixed come FM 20 and be more realistic. I spoken too a few people who have said the same.
  10. Why is my corner taker taking it short when my instruction is to cross far post at corners??? It was fine before the update I really hope set pieces are not going back to FM18.. Where it was just a waste of time doing set pieces
  11. It does actually and he wasn't even updated in January to what he should be when he was simply outstanding during December of last season and onwards. In fact his finishing actually went down from the previous update whilst he was scoring goals as a striker before January. Just cold solid facts there.. I can actually point out what's wrong currently wrong with his stats as it stands for FM19. He was more Composure in front of goal his heading isn't great but definitely better than 8 and his decision making should be over 8 and he needs more strength. Also 12 long shots is quite harsh when you actually look at the goals he has scored in the past and most certainly for West Ham.
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