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  1. Fair enough mate. However usually the Winter update should be based on how the new players have performed for West Ham and should be adjusted accordingly. I've seen every game this season and for us at least his command of area has been the best I have seen from our goalkeepers in a long time. Maybe our goalkeeper coach has improved him.. ex Liverpool gk coach. We apply the offside trap at the edge of our box and to play like that you need a goalkeeper who deals with any crosses even more so and commands his box well
  2. West Ham Not a bad Winter update but I a few things I've noticed that I don't think are accurate. Wilshere had a 16 pass before the update and now it's gone down to 14... why ? He is a very good passer and think from what I've seen down the years it's too low. Also I don't think Fabianski has a good enough command of area and his one on ones should be higher than 14 as he's saved us many times this season 1 v 1
  3. I'm actually considering not playing FM until it's fixed because I have a striker who has 17 finishing and 15 composure yet I can't remember him scoring a 1v1
  4. Always good when you see the CPU get 2 Reds and still win. Now I understand it shouldn't be a given that I should end up winning but this has happened too many times now. CPU team gets better after red card....what a game this is 😂😂
  5. Why is my corner taker taking it short when my instruction is to cross far post at corners??? It was fine before the update I really hope set pieces are not going back to FM18.. Where it was just a waste of time doing set pieces
  6. Yeah I remember you saying mate 👍 keep up the good work.
  7. Felipe Anderson's stats needed to be reviewed in January. He has poor decisions and low teamwork in FM when he is a very good team player and he is actually one of our most clever players in the final third. Also id say his passing and vision deserves a little boost and finishing slightly
  8. It does actually and he wasn't even updated in January to what he should be when he was simply outstanding during December of last season and onwards. In fact his finishing actually went down from the previous update whilst he was scoring goals as a striker before January. Just cold solid facts there.. I can actually point out what's wrong currently wrong with his stats as it stands for FM19. He was more Composure in front of goal his heading isn't great but definitely better than 8 and his decision making should be over 8 and he needs more strength. Also 12 long shots is quite harsh when you actually look at the goals he has scored in the past and most certainly for West Ham.
  9. I expect better to be honest. Whoever is updating the stats for West Ham have got this completely wrong.
  10. Love how ppl try to defend this game, but that fact is the chances he has missed for me are horrible, it's supposed to be a good simulation. Just doesn't make sense, had the same with Diafra Sakho at the start of my save. Missed far too many chances. Players just panic panic panic
  11. So basically what you are saying is football magically changes each year?
  12. FM 13 the best! FM 14 and especially 15 are ugly games
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