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  1. A really minor issue but Cody Cooke (89022338) of Truro City has a white profile picture (and is white IRL), but appears as black in the match engine.
  2. [Australia] (Official) Data Issues

    A couple more suggestions for Sydney FC if I may: Jurman (15006668) is a Liverpool fan. Holosko (5643689) should have a wages of about AU$700k Australian per year. It is hard to find this online but this article ( http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/football/aleague-wage-gap-shows-shocking-difference-between-footballs-rich-and-poor/news-story/9969666148a91e65b81790c3b0b77e19 ) makes me think it is in about this range (It is also the best estimate I've seen online). I also think that Holosko and Bobo (70001562) should have each other as favoured personnel, given their previous partnership at Besiktas and now Sydney FC. Also Holosko seems pretty happy that he is here ( http://www.a-league.com.au/article/sydney-fc-star-filip-holosko-relishing-bobo-reunion/ngpeezy8pkcpzokr2lhwm4l9 ). Matt Simon (157157) should be on roughly minimum wage for an A-League club. He offered himself at minimum wage to the Mariners ( http://www.smh.com.au/sport/soccer/soccer-match-report/matt-simon-haunts-former-club-central-coast-mariners-as-sydney-fc-win-aleague-clash-20151031-gknrfv.html ) before Sydney FC picked him up. Sydney FC also have Mariners as a local rival at the moment. I think this was the case before WSW were founded, and it is pretty much unimportant now. I'd reduce its importance in the DB.
  3. [Australia] (Official) Data Issues

    Hmmm, I was perhaps confused between two separate rules which were proposed. I can't find the official regulations, but this article summarises: http://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/article/2015/04/24/ffa-changed-loan-rules-after-salary-cap-concerns So loan fees count, and at least 50% of his wage. That would still not make much sense here, as he would be on $500k per year, a huge percentage of the cap.
  4. [Australia] (Official) Data Issues

    Except, under FFA rules, the entire salary counts against the cap, even if they only pay for example 20%. This was to ensure that clubs could not bring players in on loan for free or at a discount, thereby getting a better player than their salary cap should allow.
  5. [Australia] (Official) Data Issues

    Under A-League rules, the entire wage budget of a player counts as part of the cap (even if the club is only paying say 50%), unless they are a marquee. It is possible that Victory have shuffled him int the marquee slot, with Bozanic coming under the cap, but I have only seen that speculated on.
  6. [Australia] (Official) Data Issues

    I thought I'd provide some help with some of the Sydney FC NPL and youth players. Sorry I can't link anything for these, it is mostly observation and a bit of googling to confirm some of the things I had forgotten. I hope these help: The Sydney FC Youth team play at Lambert Park (426782), not wherever they are listed now. Ben van Meurs (15070042) should be in the NPL team, not the senior team. Christian Trovato (15065498) should be in the NPL team, not the senior team. Charles Lokoli-Ngoy (15066077) should be in the senior team on a youth contract, as he was signed to the youth team after the most recent NPL team. Charles is also a striker, not a CB. He scored 27 goals in 28 games this NPL season just gone, so his finishing stat of 4 is way off as well. He was also born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and so I imagine that he is eligible to play for them and should have them as another nationality. Bai Antoniou (29129577) should be in the senior team on a youth contract. Bai is not a CM so much, but a LW/AML/ST. He has also played LB a little, but that shouldn't be a normal or preferred position for him. William Mutch (15065835) is a RB, not a striker. He currently plays there for the U19 national team. Yianni Spyrakis (15058512) is a CM, where he played for Marconi. Oh and in the senior team Rhyan Grant (15009066) should be a natural RB , as that is where he plays in 90% of games these days.
  7. Locally it would be Sutherland Sharks FC but they are in the NSWPL and so I would need the editor to play them. Otherwise it is Sydney FC.