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  1. How come the youth rating for Norway is so low? It is currently at 82, far behind countries with no reputation of producing talent. You of course can suggest the current crop of Norwegian talents is part of a rare and golden generation, but a little research into the results of the youth national teams the last 10 years will show that Norway most definitely warrant a higher youth rating. Some of the countries with a higher rating is absurd and makes no sense.
  2. Hey guys. Been playing around with a save managing Leicester the last couple of days, and we´re doing really well. We´re in our second season and battling with Man Utd for the title, the system is working well, but I am really struggling to get my AMC to work, and I struggle to see where I am failing. My AMC is Joao Felix, and the fact that we´re doing so well without him performing makes me question how good we could potentially be if we get him going. Screenshots below, any input would be much appreciated. .
  3. Been watching some Ajax games recently purely because of the number of exciting talents, but I´ve fallen in love with the way Erik ten Hag sets out his team to play. I´ve tried to replicate this but due to my lack of understanding of the ME I haven´t succeeded yet, so my question is: Is there anyone who has tried to replicate their way of playing this year and that would be willing to share with the rest of us here?
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