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  1. id like to be able to tell my specific player to aggressively close down 1 of the opposition, not all of my players to close down a player for example im liverpool, id like to be able to tell emre can to aggressively target a player, because as it currently is using the opposition instructions, i get 1 or 2 players closing down the target player, or 'hunting in packs' i dont want that, i want emre can to do that job. we have the option for a specific player to mark an opponent or a postition, and also have the OI to mark too, but its not the same for closing down its not like its an unrealistic thing to do, it happens in every game in real life. i feel that the current system of closing down is too restrictive, and having the option to give individual players, individual closing down tasks would offer more realism and allow us to better replicate systems/tactics/methods so in summary i dont want to man mark the player, i dont want the nearest group of players to close down the player, i want a particular player to actively harrass and close down the player, not giving him time on the ball
  2. Can we have a close down specific player/position option in the player instructions option? for example: when Liverpool beat man city 4-3 recently, Emre Can was clearly told to close down fernandinho, which currently in game im unable to do effectively. We have the option to mark a specific player, we have the option to mark a specific position, but not to close down a specific player or postition. it would be brilliant if we could have the ability to close down a player or position, to help us recreate the more popular counter pressing tactics ......or to exploit a weak player in our opponents team, or to target their best player, i dont want to mark these players, i want to aggressively close them down
  3. not sure what that is, but i dont use it anyway, i still only play the game alone or alongside a browser ....... either way it still stops responding while saving n loading for a couple of minutes
  4. no, i either run the game on its own, or with firefox , since i verified it only happens when the game is loading, or saving ....... outta curiosity, what vpn can u see?? cos i aint downloaded any
  5. http://www.mediafire.com/download/ufd9edoshayhk6r/schemeserve433.tac
  6. http://www.mediafire.com/download/uf...meserve433.tac
  7. i believe its the most up to date 1 (version 15.1.3) hope u dont mind me posting a DL link ED? il remove it if u dont want it up
  8. http://www.mediafire.com/download/ufd9edoshayhk6r/schemeserve433.tac
  9. that never worked for me, i tried multiple times .... in the end i used the link that AllInAll gave, that worked perfectly
  10. OK i am clearly doing something wrong so am asking for help/advice i subscribe to tactics through the steam workshop, but they are not showing up at all in my tactics, i go to manage tactics, import ........ n the only files there are my own n links 2 my directory, nothing relted to anything i have subscribed to???
  11. yeh i know that, but its not in my import list even though iv subscribed, no worries il stick 2 ur tactic from 15.1.1 it still works on my save
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