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  1. In addition: the interface graphics are fine, but the animations are off/pixellated.
  2. Hi all, I have a brand new iMac and the game is recognising my graphics as low (one star). The avatar on the opening screen is extremely pixellated. This is strange, as the graphics were crystal clear on my eight-year-old and now defunct 2011 iMac. The system I'm running is a 2019 21.5" iMac, with a 3.6Ghz quad-core Intel Core i3 processor, Retina 4k display, 8GB 2400MHz DDR4 RAM, and a Radeon Pro 555X (dedicated graphics) with 2GB of GDDR5 memory. The OS is Mojave 10.14.5. Any ideas? Graphics should be running at much higher quality.
  3. That's why I didn't create a separate topic out of it. I would imagine SI would be more reactive to recurring requests from players.
  4. I thought as much, but surely it can be overcome at some stage...
  5. Two unmentioned features I'm hoping for in FM19: 1. Better, more intuitive press conferences. I find myself skipping them. 2. The ability to take over a club as its existing manager, taking on his career. For example, taking over City as Guardiola, or Liverpool as Klopp. Starting a career with (e.g.) Liverpool as yourself detracts from the realism, if you ask me. I'm surprised SI haven't added this capability by now - perhaps it's to do with licensing. I know there's an argument that you can, for example, delete Klopp via an EDT in the editor and create him as your own profile, but in doing so you're deleting his career history and reputation. An option to take over his career without tampering with the editor seems a better fit.
  6. I assume a manager can take advantage of the dynamics system as well? For example, take a player who doesn't fit in tactically or is lagging behind in training, and you can't sell him because he's a member of the core social group. Is there a strategy by which you can interfere in the dressing room in such a way that he becomes cut off from the core? Sounds horribly Machiavellian, but it happens regularly IRL.
  7. Ok, so part of the new rules brought in by the FA this year are retrospective bans for diving, i.e. diving incidents not spotted by a ref during a game will be punished by the FA afterwards. I could be wrong, but I believe this also applies to violent conduct not spotted by the ref. Will this be in FM18? Also – the new transfer deadline in the news today, I assume that'll be in the game? Cheers!
  8. That's true, but in the case of what's happening in the football world right now, we're not talking about "growing budgets" – we're talking about massive budgets becoming available every summer, for some clubs anyway.
  9. I have two suggestions, and I'll keep them simple: 1. Where do SI stand with transfer budgets for FM18, in light of the crazy spending we've seen this summer, capped by Neymar's move to PSG? Pogba moved to United for £89m last year, but I'm pretty sure that no club budget would allow such a transfer in FM17. Will this be any different in FM18? 2. I've suggested this before, but would some kind of a 'hero' mode be viable for FM18? It's a straightforward concept: take over a club as its existing manager and progress their career from there.
  10. I'm thinking of the reception that United and other English teams used to get when they visited Turkey in the 90s. There has to be some way, either using stats or the match engine, to capture the hostility of certain venues, or to better reproduce the animosity between certain sets of fans.
  11. Have to agree with this. This should have been implemented a long time ago.
  12. With reference to this topic but also looking at the wider angle – have there been any changes to tactics in FM17? Have to agree that something more definitive is needed when it comes to phases of play.
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