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  1. Yeah it should now all work. I am hoping this will get more people involved
  2. End Of Season – Sun Source FC- Hong Kong Premier Division - 2017/178 League Table – We were amazing from the start it the end of the season. I was amazed that some of the other clubs were unable to get a little closer to us. I was amazed at how quick we have gone from mid table to one of the better clubs in the league. I would hope that this continue next year as well. Cups – We fantastic in the Supporters Shield and in the Asian Qualification. We did not do to well in the FA Cup but to record our first ever trophies was a good feeling. Transfers – We were very busy throughout the season and tried to add a little more quality. Some of the trouble makers left this season and will continue to do over the summer. Finances – Going a little worse than last year. I would hope some extra competition money for next year would help us. Key Player Profiles: Ng Ka Leung – Home grown youngster who I have really pushed into the first team and being the first man on the team sheet. I think he will be the player who will bring me into the title picture and will be with us for years. Leung Ka Hai – Did ok for us this year he is a decent little player. I am not sure if he can cut it on the continent but he is decent at this level. Li Ka Yiu – He had another great year for us. I am a little surprised at how well he continues to do and I would hope that continues into next year as well. Career Overview Season Position League Achievements -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2016/17 6th Hong Kong Premier 2017/18 2nd Hong Kong Premier Next Season I think next year we have to get closer to the league title, we have to be a little better at not concede as many goals and moving some of those defeats into either draws or better wins. We also will play on the continent for the first time next year so that will be good, I would like to do well there as well.
  3. End Of Season – Sun Source FC- Hong Kong Premier Division - 2016/17 League Table – We were the most mid table of mid table teams. We were really never really under any threat of being relegated, nor were we under any real threat of finding ourselves in a relegation battle. It was just comfortable. I would say that for our first year in the Premier League it was a storming result. Cups – We did ok, in the FA Cup we were literally a goal away from reaching the final which would have been an amazing achievement. In reality our performance in the initial legs caused the issues really. I would like to hope that next year we could repeat this. Transfers – Right at the start of my tenure we were taken over by a consortium who plunged a lot of money into the club and gave me quite a lucrative budget. I indulged in it and purchased some of the brightest young stars in Hong Kong. I also purchased a couple of imports that we offered to me by agents. I would expect a few more to leave next year as I try to build my good young side. Finances – As previously said helped by my consortium, really good for a club like ours. Key Player Profiles: Tam Ho Ting – Became a real rock for me this year. I use a lot of midfield players in any of my formations so he got a lot of game time and shown that he was worth it. Scores enough from his position for me, I was very pleased with him this year. Brendan Beni – The Australian in my squad, another midfield player who has been brilliant for me this year. Perhaps a little more Defensive minded than Tam and perhaps a little more solid, I can certainly count on him to be reliable. I am not sure he will will have to many more years with us and he may have just had his peak year. Li Ka Yiu – A player who I have been utilising down the right hand side. He has been superb for me all year long. I am amazed at how well he has done if I am totally honest. I think I have signed a new player for his position but with his form last year I cannot justify leaving him out. He was amazing Career Overview Season Position League Achievements -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2016/17 6th Hong Kong Premier Next Season Well next year I like to hope that we could continue to push up the league table. I would like to finish in the top 5 in an ideal world. I would also like to have a deep run in one of the cup competitions. With a bit of luck with injuries and one or two new players coming in we wont be a million miles away from continental qualification.
  4. New Club - Sun Source- 2016/17 Right well take two and now I am at a truly tiny club these are very small. I am not sure if I will fair any better at the superbly named Sun Source but here goes nothing. Manager Club Overview Club Information
  5. Sacked - Citizen - 2015/16 Well that did not go well. I could not string together any form of wins, in fairness we really did do ok we managed to perform well against numerous decent clubs. In the end it was never going to be enough. I was eventually sacked and I am now going to holiday until the reset date again and take over a new club. Sacked Table
  6. New Club - Citizen - 2015/16 Well of to Hong Kong for me. I have decided to go with Citizen, they are decent club and hopefully will give me the grounding to build up firstly the club and then from there the nation of Hong Kong. Manager Club Overview Club Information
  7. China good luck pal some people have in the past had great success there. I played there for a while last year and found it tough to break into the higher echelons of the top league.
  8. Record of Attempts Ashton - Hong Kong - Citizen - Sacked part way through 2016/17
  9. I did last years thread (under another name hoping the two merge in the next few days), Rancer has decided he does not want to do it this year so I will do it again. The Aim: The rules are identical to the previous years. And the same as many of the other challenges you must take a previously unplayable team to the top of the World. THIS YEAR THE ASIAN LEAGUES HAVE DYNAMIC LEAGUE REPUTATION ALL CAN GET TO THE ASIAN CHAMPIONS LEAGUE So this year we have two options Option 1 - Take a previously unplayable team from an African Nation to win the African Champions League and the FIFA Club World Cup Option 2 - Take a previously unplayable team from an Asian Nation and win this and the FIFA Club World Cup. Getting Started: [*]Start a new game [*]Select any league combinations you want., I am allowing players to play this challenge as part of your career game (obviously, you will have to load at least one . However, you will have holiday one season in the league you want to manage in. You can even try my challenge in the future, however, you must have that league loaded from the start and you won't have to holiday a season. [*]Enable Attribute masking [*]Use fake players optional [*]Your starting manager must be Sunday League Footballer or Automatic [*]No coaching badges to start with [*]International Management is allowed at any time Rules Not a lot: [*]no cheating [*]if you're sacked, holiday to the rest of the season and select a new club [*]have fun [*]please tell everyone you know about this challenge. It's fun [*]Signing players – only players your able to scout or have offered by agents Leagues and Reset Dates This section will have a list of leagues to download to use for countries unplayable at the start of the game. It will also give a reset dates for these leagues. If you find a league not in here please let me know and I will get it in the list. Hong Kong - July 31st Final Words Enjoy. Asia and Africa can be really fun places to manage, its always great fun to open up new areas. Please post and get involved as this another challenge that is a massive amount of fun. Any questions just ask.
  10. Halfway - MSK Zilina- Slovakian First Divison - 2018/19 Fixtures / Current Table - In my first full season in charge of the club it began with my first ever European campaign. We did very well against the lower teams and got some amazing results against a big Ukrainian club and a decent English club. Amazingly we found our way into the group stages in which we managed to get a win in our first game. In the cup we managed to record a decent win to get us really motoring. In the league we have been the best club. We have unfortunately not quiet managed to win all the games we should have done, however we are still in pole position to claim the title.
  11. End Of Season - MSK Zilina- Slovakian First Division - 2017/18 League Table - Well I was hoping to get the title this year but I did not manage it. We lost a couple of games and drew one. We only had 10 games left when I took over the team I knew it would be very close. The annoying thing is that I beat the two teams who finished above me. Cups - Knocked out before I joined. Transfers - None of these were my signings. Finances - Decent position for us. I would expect with European football next year it will be much better. Key Player Profiles: Danni Kiki - How he was not used by the former manager is beyond me he is quality. He will play an important role next year. Michal Svarka - Another decent player who was under used before I came. He is very good and created a lot of chances for my strikers. Bojan Letic - Decent left back, in my tactics the wingbacks play a very important role and since I have come he has revelled in it. Career Overview Season Position League Achievements -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2014/15 9th Romanian Liga 2 Sacked at the end of the year 2015/16 11th Belgian Second League 2016/17 6th Belgian Second League Promoted 2017/18 11th Belgian Pro League Resigned in January 2017/18 3rd Slovakian First Division Joined in March Next Season It has to be all about the title we were close this year but could not quite get there. I think if I could add one or two quality players over the summer I might be able to get the title.
  12. Is that a rivalry with most clubs or the club Most
  13. Finances in Portugal are horrible from past experiences. Good luck NF
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