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  1. yeah I thought a moment I`d hit the jackpot as well. back to reality though
  2. This just inst true. no tactic is "perfect" and you can use a multitude of roles, and still have a working tactic. sure, you could choose a box to box, when you maybe should have chosen an attacking midfielder etc etc, but it often wont break your tactic.
  3. The more you look upon FM as a strategy game, and less a football game the better you are off in my opinion. I think its within this a lot of the frustration lies.
  4. I sometimes do, buying a player you already know is often a good thing, as you already know what role he is best at and how he plays
  5. What I really love about FM is the developing of youth prospects and the match engine. A lot of other things as media handling and fake twitter accounts I could do without, but then again all you really need to do is to let your assistant take care of that. Great game, always has been as well. FM is a lifelong obsession.
  6. Hey guys, just a quick question as I couldnt find this anywhere. What does the PPM "run with the ball occasionally" mean? does it mean run with the ball lesser that he would normally do, or does it mean run with the ball a little more?
  7. I`d like to know what governs this too, does anybody know what parameters the board uses when deciding ticket prices?
  8. This just isnt true. I cant speak for all versions, but I am 100% that on at least fm 14 you got an assist on penalties. I looked up in fm 17, and you dont get assist from penalties there, so somewhere along the road SI changed it up
  9. I for one are happy with the stadiums in general. There are some oddities, but on balance they look a whole lot better, as does the match engine. Thats my opinion though, and there are of course others who have other opinions as well. If enough people come here, complaining on the stadiums, then SI probably will listen, but as of to date not many have.
  10. my god thats an ugly stadium! Brown seats with red brick background, I`m no fashion fart myself, but that looks just horrible. I wouldnt manage that club had they begged me!
  11. Wow I didnt think the 3D-engine it would look that good! Cant whait to see it more in action!
  12. This is true, apart from the late bloomer part. My bad! well done SI
  13. There is a lot of work ahead for SI when it comes to the latter stages of the FM players careers. There are plenty of players who doesnt decline as quickly in real life than in FM, also there are quite a few players who reinvents their careers late in footballing life, and start to play very differently. Look at Ryan Giggs for an example, he started as a winger but ended up as a complete different player. Also there are the "late bloomers" who get a lot better, late in their careers. Fm would be a lot more interesting if they included more dynamic player careers if you ask me.
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