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  1. I always run a really slow save with lots of leagues and countries , but I realize I might be the minority on that
  2. To say the game is easy, you must compare it to other games. sure it`s easy compared to be a real life manager, but nobody would ever play this game if it was that realistic. What makes FM a great game is that you can actually take over a small club, and if youre good enough you can take them to CL glory. I would say that FM is one of the more harder games out there, and actually require real commitment
  3. I don`t really understand how this could be missing from the game, let alone that it hasnt been patched almost a year after the games release. I`m sure there a good reason though. It really hurts the immersion when he pitch always looks the same no matter if you play a CL final or lowest of the league
  4. Happend to my save this year. Got fired at Dungannon swifts in N.Ireland, had to take a job further down the divisions, did well, got a high profile job in China, the job was crap so I quit, I then really struggled to get a descent job, until Dungannon Swifts wanted me back. almost five years after.
  5. I`ve been to a lot of places in europe and Asia but I really loved a save I had in Russia. You have to have a lot of domestic players, so you have to focus on developing talent, as buying russians is really expensive. Right now I``m in N.Ireland and loving the challenge! Would really recommend starting unemployed, it really forces you to manage places you would never even consider if you could just pick and choose
  6. Thanks a lot for the input, guys. I guess I`ll have to save up some more money before going pro, but if I manage that I will for sure!
  7. I`m currently in The Danske Bank Premiership (top tier in Northern Ireland ), and I got some money from playing in the Europa League qualifying rounds. So now I have some money, would it be a good idea to go professional? (I am Semi-rofessional now) And what happens to all the players who`s on semi-professional contracts with only appearance fees in their contracts? Basically I`m looking for pros and cons here. What are your guys thoughts?
  8. the graphics are better this year than ever before, but it seems like they forgot to code in pitch deterioration in the 3d match engine. Does SI know about this?
  9. So I just noticed that even though my clubs playing filed (pitch) has a terrible condition, it still looks green and nice in the match engine. Is this a known bug for this version,or is there another reason?
  10. yeah I thought a moment I`d hit the jackpot as well. back to reality though
  11. Wow I didnt think the 3D-engine it would look that good! Cant whait to see it more in action!
  12. If you awnt a quick attacking game with no long balls I would suggeset to use direct passing with "play out of defence" as a shout. If you apply a playmaker in midfield as well your team will tend to utilize the midfield as often as well. I`m no expert in the area though, as I prefer a methodical, slow passing game myself.
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