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  1. AM "suggest player X sticks to the right whilst dribbling" you click ignore advice. AM "suggest player X sticks to the middle whilst dribbling"
  2. Similar problem with corners. I had a tactic "short corner" box ticked. had a player assigned to go short. Highlights 9/10 times puts ball into the box with player who is assignes to go short just standing there.
  3. Looks like you're gonna have to wait for 2018 til find out more details of your shiny new stadium. I would imagine you will be told the name etc. on the completion date.
  4. You will find a lot of forum members mentioning this problem, but you can help by not man marking so much. Here are my instructions and I personally no longer suffer so much from conceding corners or slightly off topic from crosses to near post. As I have 10 players to assign I do things in pairs. I have my full backs marking as "small" I have my CB marking as "tall" I have my 2 CM marking "6 yard box" I have my two wide players as "back" I have my 2 furthers fwd players marking the post. Big striker near. Obviously depends on your formation but utilise the 10 players. I used to leave 1 or 2 players FWD and 1 on the edge of the area. I assumed this would allow me to counter but conceded too many goals so started getting everyone back. Hope this helps but give it time. I noticed within a few games that things tightened up considerably.
  5. MK Dons but 11 months ago was Arsenal as I lived in Highbury from 1986 until last December.
  6. Tough one this as even with good creativity, vision etc. I find that players make strange passing decisions.
  7. Scenario: Keeper/Defender has the ball. What does he do? If the game says, (l would assume) "give it to the playmaker" which one? CB to DLP, LB to Left Playmaker, RB to Right Playmaker etc?
  8. So as Arsenal manager I am spoilt for choice. In an ideal world I would like Wilshere as a DLP, Ozil (Cazorla) Wide on the left/Right and Sanchez AMC role Playmaker. This would give me a lot of creativity for my forwards? Who would get the ball? I know it sounds like a stupid idea but humour me please
  9. Club before country. As International management is a consequence of my superb club management, I would rather be given the elbow by the country. Also as I have mentioned previously I "always" withdraw my players when I can but this is only from friendlies when I have not been the manager. I have only managed internationally on a couple of occasions so thankfully your suggested scenario never happened.
  10. I have never had a player say he is unhappy due to a withdrawal. That happened many incarnations ago but haven't seen it in any version for ages.
  11. Injuries not a problem for your team then? I always seem to get at least one.
  12. Glad it's there. The amount of times I have a player injured is ridiculous. I remember getting a message stating "Jack Wilshere has been injured on International duty for the 3rd time" This was in one season!
  13. Just started a new save and tweaked my tactics. Seems to be going well with 5 in 9. I also retrained him to include DM so I can rotate him and Ramsey in a DM position with a DLP Def setting. He plays a a CM Auto in this formation where he has scored all his goals from.
  14. I too take pride especially if it is a signed or already there youngster, but I also don't mind being a hypocrite. Have managed international teams before and for friendly games withdrawn players
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