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  1. I've been away for the weekend so couldn't post at the time. As you would imagine, I was over the moon when Henderson scored
  2. You have made a good point there but its who we can convince to come to club and who we know we know we'll definitely get something from. All our players this summer have been signed from other Premier League clubs (with the exception of Coates) because we know what to expect from them. I don't personally think Mata will take too long to settle in England, but what if he didn't? He would have rather went to Chelsea anyway imo but if he did come here. There's no doubting that Henderson already has very good technique and is proven as a very good young player. I think Kenny can use his currrent ability as a foundation to build on to mold him into the player he spent however much money on. Kenny is building his own team here, he's not just going out and splashing on individuals, he's finding parts of the team he is trying to create.
  3. It shouldn't matter now how much we payed for him. He didn't dictate the fee. That fact is that he is a Liverpool player, we should be getting behind him not calling him a flop after 3 matches into his first season. You might not always agree with Kenny but he will always do what he think is best for the club. Henderson suits our style of play well imo, especially in a 4-3-3 which looks like a formation will be using a lot this season.
  4. Read my post again. Yeah, I'm sure we would all rather have Jones playing CB than Henderson. Not sure what your getting at there. Don't take everything pundits say as gospel.
  5. Yes. A win is a win. How many times do you see United nicking results? They don't too badly for themselves. No-one expects Henderson to be like Modric and Silva, they are completely different types of player to him. His best attributes are his technique, crossing, movement and passing. He reminds me of Beckham because he is equally adept as a Right-sided midfielder or as a central midfielder that keeps the game flowing. I think we'll beat Bolton because we are the better team. A much better team than you give them credit for. EDIT: I agree with Divinity, those criticising Henderson obviously haven't learnt from Lucas.
  6. I hate the Henderson/ Gerrard comparisons. They are nothing alike! Shelvey is more of a Gerrard, Henderson is more of a Beckham imo. I also fail to see what Modric or Silva have to do with it. I think Downing has shown he will be a great signing, he hasn't had a bad performance yet. Writing off our youth is just plain stupid. This is the best batch of youngsters we have had in a long time. Where has this all come from anyway? We've had a good start to the season and we're only 2 league games in?
  7. They bid something ridiculous like £6m so no worries.
  8. I think we all would have liked him here this season if possible, but there you go, another fine mess made by Hodgson.
  9. Dirk only recently signed a new contract didn't he? Means we should get a decent fee if he does go. Hope he doesn't mind, he's our best finisher IMO.
  10. As long as we don't get Scott Dann. I really don't rate him as much as others seem to.
  11. My team for Exeter: Doni Flanagan Skrtel Wilson Robinson Spearing Coady Meireles Maxi Kuyt Sterling
  12. I think if he had the choice of us, Chelsea and Arsenal we wouldn't be his first choice. Who knows though. Anyway, I'm happy with all our signings this summer.
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