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  1. Smae goes for Kondogbia and jese too i picked them up in the Jan transfer window for less than €10 million combined
  2. You could narrow that down even further to 3 penalties in 11 minutes....now that's a disastrous spell for a side:lol:
  3. Cracking thread mate really enjoying it. Do you intend on managing all of the sides Becks played with if/when they become available. I'm thinking of starting something similar only doing it in the order of the clubs he played for. Start with Preston who he was on loan at then work my up to United, Madrid, Galaxy, Milan, PSG
  4. The club has just been been regraded to semi pro status with contracts adjusted accordingly with most of my squad basically on a pay as you play fee. I've seen a slight rise in finances because of getting to the 3rd round of the EL qualifying stage again but i know that will decline again. I'd like to leave in Sligo in a better position to which i found them but that is looking increasingly like it won't happen so i intend on leaving after 1 more season to further my career somewhere else as i think i've taken them as far as i can
  5. So i started a save with Sligo Rovers in the Airtricity league where basically no clubs have money to purchase any players on the transfer market just loan signings and free transfers and any players i wish to let go i have to do so by waiting til their contracts expire. My problem is is that i'm hemorrhaging money. I'm in my 3rd season and been fairly successful challenging for titles (yet to win the league), having great runs in the Europa League qualifiers generating €600,000 during theses runs but the club has been regraded to a semi pro status because of the debt. Anyone here managed in these circumstances before and have any advice on what to do? My players earn around €350 a week is it a case of letting these guy's go and trying to bring in players on lower deals?
  6. Beating Lyon with Sligo Rovers in the 1st leg of the Europa League playoffs 2 -1 in my 1st Season. They beat me 2-0 away to qualify in the 2nd leg to break my heart but i can safely say that 1st leg was the proudest moment i've had on any FM.
  7. For me i'll use fringe players until i get to the semi final then i'll either use a full strength team or a mix of established players & reserves. The only player who's guaranteed to play in all games in the competition is my reserve keeper!
  8. Longest save i've had so far was with MAn United for 4 1/2 years then moved to AC Milan for a season and that's where i've left that save for now. Started a save with Leeds Utd to try and bring them back to former glories something tells me thats going to take up to 10 seasons provided i don't get the chop :-)
  9. In one of my saves Jurgen Klopp was fired from Borussia Dortmund only to be re-hired the following week!! Very strange!
  10. The biggest files saved on my hard drive is music (around 38GB) always stored it on my hard drive but that crashed on me so can't transfer them back on it. All i use my laptop for is FM really not even internet as i mainly use my work laptop for that tho i'll try defragging the drive and run C Cleaner hopefully that might free up some space. Cheers Guys
  11. i'm guessing here but i assume it's because USA and Asia are the 2 biggest markets regarding commercial revenues i'm open to correction tho.
  12. Haha i already have it installed previously to the memory being full i'll run it hopefully it frees up some space. Cheers dude:thup:
  13. Basically i have 1MB of memory left on my C Drive on the laptop. Will this affect the performance of FM? ie. make it run slower. Not a tech head so forgive my ignorance but just wanted to know
  14. They named the new stadium in mine the exact same...brilliant. I'd like it if you could have sponsors wanting to pay to have the stadiums named after them ala Emirates, Etihad that would be cool.
  15. I got a guy (his surname is Tuchel can't remember his 1st name) to be HOYD i get at least 3-4 good qulity youngsters a year. Have one player named Michael Upton he's a right back who looks like he's going to be taking over from Rafael this season......also a young striker named Clive Clennett he's tipped to be the next Wayne Rooney so my plan is to start phasing Rooney out as Wilson and Jovic are top drawer for me and give this guy a few games as backup to aid his development!
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