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  1. What’s your database setup? I’m looking to manage in Norway too.
  2. What leagues/database have you loaded for your save to get these regens?
  3. Any updates or new tactics? I see you’ve mentioned playing on defensive mentality and doing well @Mr U Rosler
  4. What leagues and database options are recommend to be loaded for a Bilbao save?
  5. Don't suppose anyone has this skin still, none of the download links I find are working
  6. Is it correct that the right centre back is on close down more and the left centre back is on close down less or should it be the same?
  7. I've been a big fan of your tactics over the years, would mind going over the PI's of this please? Thanks
  8. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! mind sharing your tactic in full? Thanks
  9. @Jogo Bonito what database setup do you use? Thanks
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