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  1. Just going to point out that it has been showing as pre-release under the information tab for weeks on end, so nothing new there and not a recent change
  2. I've seen him do well on a couple of my saves to be honest and then really badly on others, where he's been sacked by Xmas. I like the fact it's a little unpredictable like that. I feel in general the AI has been much improved this version.
  3. That's some solid research/stats there.... I happen to think that Chelsea replacing their manager this often is pretty realistic, and even though the 29 days of Mancini is a little short - it's completely possible like you mentioned in the Les Reed scenario. I'd only question this if it happened all of the time.
  4. I have to line up and do the handshake thing for the team I play for (when the ref remembers) and I know our first team, who are 2 leagues below the Conference South, have to do it every week too. Something to do with Fair play.
  5. Thanks for the replies regarding the actual question I'm nearing December in my third season and it's still not appeared! I'm actually hopeful of a hard Brexit, just to make things interesting further up the leagues.
  6. So I'm just about to start my third season and I'm yet to see the Brexit feature in game yet. No biggie, as I know it can happen any time from around 2018 (if I remember right). I was wondering, how many of you have seen this in your games, and which version of the Brexit did you get?
  7. 16/20 for me too - Not bad considering I was 4, going on 5, when this game came out.
  8. I'm guessing things like Mowbray's sacking from today, or Allardyce's sacking, would be easy enough to replicate before release date though. Seeing as these are easy to replicate in game/in editor.
  9. Has anyone noticed the new 'Start game as club manager' option? Do you think this could be the chance for us to start as a youth team manager first, or a re-worded 'Start as employed/unemployed' option? For the element of realism, would be kind of cool to start as youth manager - though I'd be surprised if this is so.
  10. I'm 27 and have been playing since CM2. Owned every version on the way through to now and even looking at becoming a researcher for FM17. The Mrs understands my need to relax and zone out so really doesn't moan about me playing (keeps me quiet and out of her hair too). I probably play it just as much now as I ever have done.
  11. To me that would be the issue. I've only signed 6/7 players previously and it's taken time for players to gel etc. 15 players is an awful lot, so for me that would take time for them to jel and get used to playing together - this is regardless of having 100% tactical familiarity and sometimes their hidden attributes mean they take a little longer to get used ti each other etc. - i believe (may not be right though, just saying from my view) Regarding the defenders not being able to win headers, what are their stats for jumping reach, heading etc? I also find that a defender that's only 5'9" isn't going to win headers as well as a 6 footer - though that's more to do with my own preference and experience. I'd also say that just because their current ability may be 86, make sure that their attributes are distributed around their 'key' areas for that role/position. My thoughts would be not to overly focus on Team cohesion, though it's important. I'd still make sure that other areas are trained effectively, that way the players are not just getting on well but are performing to their ability. Sunday league rep may affect it slightly too with how effective you personally are when training/motivating etc. What are your coaching staff looking like? When getting promoted/taking over a new team it's one of the key areas I look into. For me, having a good coaching team behind me helps out when my personal stats are laking due to the Sunday Rep/no coaching badges. Sorry if this isn't massively helpful. Just things I've looked at myself when in a similar issue previously. Please note, I've not used the in-game editor so the bit about team cohesion/tactical noose may be a little off. Good luck man and hope you turn it around!
  12. I've noticed this before, but don't worry - it's not something you've missed. From what I gather, sometimes players get transferred from your 'youth intake' without you having the option to sign them, or them even being in your Youth trialist's/U18/19s squad. I think of it as though another team has poached them from you - Prem teams do it all the time in real life and I think this is FMs way of replicating this.
  13. Looks to be at Cheltenham on my game on the new DB
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