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  1. This is a petty one but I’m about five years in with Spurs. Harry Kane is still with me and banged in well over 200 goals and over 300 appearances now. Yet every season when he scores against Leicester I get the commentary line of “THEYVE BEEN UNDONE BY ONE OF THEIR OWN!” For heavens sake he played 13 games while on loan there. I’d hardly say that makes him one of their own.
  2. That’s the screen. The intensity required changes all the time. So I do it on a weekly basis to make sure it’s the most up to date data used.
  3. Go into the training window and you can set the recommendation training intensity per your physios suggestion for that time for that player. It takes into account who is low and high risk for injuries. I found by doing this every week I’ve had a 25% reduction in injuries. Also check before a game who is high risk and make that judgement call on whether you really need to okay those players or not.
  4. Agent - we’d like you to make the first offer. *gulp* Me - ok. Hey mr director of football can you make a suggestion for me? DOF - it’s cool I got you fam. *make DOF suggested offer* RED RED RED RED Agent - I cant believe you’d make such a terrible offer. We’re not even going to speak to you now. 🤦‍♂️
  5. Scout - he’ll deffo want £35-£50k salary. Me - cool that seems about right as he’ll be a squad player. *negotiations start* Agent - yeah all my client will be wanting a starting salary of £800k a week with that rising to £52 million a week after he has managed to play 5 league games.
  6. I noticed this. Playing as spurs and had Blackburn in the league cup. Harry Kane missed his only penalty of the season in the first ten minutes of this one and ended the match with a 5.8 rating!! We won 4-1 and that season Kane scored about 40 goals in total. Could just be a bad day. But often you see a defender make a mistake early on and you know they’ll never turn it around in that game.
  7. This gets on my nerves. I’m spurs and found this Brazilian lad. He’s at a club in a lower division in Brazil. So not a big club. Potential looks good, not a world beater. He’s worth £10k. Made an offer of £1million, they negotiate this to £89million and 40% of any future fee! I mean I get some players aren’t for sale, but this was a tiny low division Brazilian club a million pound was a fortune.
  8. Number 2 I never knew about and started using. Playing as spurs I was getting quite a few injuries and with a reasonably small squad it was a nightmare. But have noticed a massive improvement using this. I’m also holding off the high injury risk players where I can. But setting these rest schedule has been a huge help.
  9. I think with Ruud weren’t United about to sign him then he got the injury so they put the injury off for a year. i think you can sign injured players but can see the logic in the game if it’s a major injury like ACL. If we could sign players willy nilly you can bet someone would be on here that medicals are pointless as your new £50 million striker you signed with an acl injury retired before playing a game. Personally I don’t think we should be able to argue the point. A club has medical staff and how would a manager ever be able to over rule them? The whole point is your medical team
  10. With most loans I’ll let a loan manager and dof sort it. However I’ll take full control over players with really decent potential. I don’t need my five star potential striker sitting on the bench of some championship team. But I generally only have a few really decent prospects at any time so not very time consuming sorting them out. But it’s important to me that the move is the right fit of facilities and playing time for them.
  11. Ultimately fm is played against yourself so you’re cheating yourself. Play the game how makes you happiest is what I say.
  12. I don’t personally think those screenshots are wild results. Some games you even won. What I do think needs to be taken into account is we as players create formations whether we mean to or not that exploit the match engine. Say you create a really good tactic that creates loads of great chances I think the game has to try an balance that out. It can’t let you score all the time or people would be complaining the game is too easy as you’d be winning games scoring 7 or 8 goals which isn’t realistic. So I think to a degree when the match engine starts to get exploited the game must kick some sor
  13. Seeing as these rules probably aren’t widely known by people can I just praise you on an incredibly well explained point here. What you’ve suggested makes total sense.
  14. I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks this. Once I’ve set training and the transfer deadline has passed I don’t understand why in a week the game still seems to stop 4 or 5 times for something. I wish it could speed up a bit. My laptop is reasonably quick. But it just feels quite stop starting a lot of the time.
  15. I never knew this. I’m lower league and my scout keeps suggesting players with no interest in a transfer or loan. So these tips can really help.
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