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  1. Had mine in 18. He was rubbish and called Edgar. Like WTF as if I’d call my son Edgar.
  2. Lols at the whole “I’m just soooo amazing at the game” stuff. Personally I find it hard. But then again I don’t have the hours to really plough into it like before. I like tinkering with tactics. But after a while will just find one I like the look of on here and download it. I think the beauty of FM is there are so many different ways to judge success. I’m a spurs fan and will always try and get that job and for me once I have the game kind of loses it’s appeal to me. But I think in world football there are so many challenges that don’t just end in a couple of seasons of winning the league. Also those who do find it easy feel free to share your tactical tips as I’m always rubbish!!
  3. I think there are times youll find players being given the medals. I’m not sure the same would happen with a manager. If you were bottom of the league and got the sack with 10 games to go and the new manager came in and kept them up you wouldn’t get the credit for avoiding relegation.
  4. So just bought the full game for the first time in years. Dabbled with touch this year but gone full fat now. But what are the ideas behind a sports scientist and data analysis all about!?
  5. I know you could in previous games. But I can’t seem to do it now. Mid day through s season you could choose to drop a playable league or add new ones. Is this still possible?
  6. Is there a chance you could add the option to be sponsored by Woolworths as they’re something that hasn’t been seen for years either!
  7. Without wishing to sound difficult, but if you aren’t winning then you clearly aren’t doing everything right.
  8. I find it quite tiresome. I mean your new winger signs scores a hat trick debut and it still shows a comment bemoaning his performance. Plus I don’t think in real life many managers would pay that much attention to random social media posts.
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