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  1. I've wondered the same thing regarding the fines. I guess if you can't sell him it's not the end of the world as he's performing well off the pitch and it's possible his off the field antics may not make a difference if you did want to sell him in the future, will certainly be interesting to see. Of course he may also just get his act together and start behaving more professionally!
  2. I guess there might be a chance that you won't be able to sell this guy for big money if he keeps up this level of unprofessionalism. I've played regularly since CM3 and I don't think I've seen someone absent this many times! Enjoying the save, keep up the good work
  3. Another Makoto thread Great work as always. My Dad lives in Cyprus so it's somewhere I've been to several times.
  4. Bloody hell, that was quick Good luck with the next club, hopefully you will at least get to have a pre-season and be able to bring players in to do a decent job
  5. Genuinely don't understand how you get such good results using instant result. Very impressive, have enjoyed following this thread
  6. Yes you can. At the top right near the continue button there's a "?" button. If you click on that you get the option to replay any of the tutorials
  7. I really like what I'm seeing so far with the beta. I like that in the individual training section you can see the player attributes and player report without having to click into the individual player, I also like that you can get the same info with the scouting cards too. I love that you can get a lot more granular with the training, but at this moment in time I've got my assistant manager doing it as it's overwhelming. I'm going to be reading the training thread that was linked earlier and tinkering a lot with it going forward.
  8. This is a great thread and has given me some things to think about in my own challenge at the moment with no money to spend
  9. Very nice indeed, surely this means you should be able to kick on next season and make the promotion group
  10. Thanks very much, have spent a ton of time so far checking out the quality of players in this league compared to mine and trying to find upgrades for free. I think it's going to be a very tough season indeed lol
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