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  1. Another Makoto thread Great work as always. My Dad lives in Cyprus so it's somewhere I've been to several times.
  2. Bloody hell, that was quick Good luck with the next club, hopefully you will at least get to have a pre-season and be able to bring players in to do a decent job
  3. Genuinely don't understand how you get such good results using instant result. Very impressive, have enjoyed following this thread
  4. Yes you can. At the top right near the continue button there's a "?" button. If you click on that you get the option to replay any of the tutorials
  5. I really like what I'm seeing so far with the beta. I like that in the individual training section you can see the player attributes and player report without having to click into the individual player, I also like that you can get the same info with the scouting cards too. I love that you can get a lot more granular with the training, but at this moment in time I've got my assistant manager doing it as it's overwhelming. I'm going to be reading the training thread that was linked earlier and tinkering a lot with it going forward.
  6. This is a great thread and has given me some things to think about in my own challenge at the moment with no money to spend
  7. Very nice indeed, surely this means you should be able to kick on next season and make the promotion group
  8. Thanks very much, have spent a ton of time so far checking out the quality of players in this league compared to mine and trying to find upgrades for free. I think it's going to be a very tough season indeed lol
  9. Unlucky with the sacking SRL88, but I reckon that this could be a good move for you in the long term. I assume that they are much more financially stable?
  10. Maia Lidador Season 17/18 update So, my hope for this season was to improve a bit on last season and try to get close to making the promotion group. We started off with 2 wins over 2 very tough teams, both of whom have caused me problems in the past. The most pleasing aspect of this season, apart from the number of wins, was the fact that we scored in most matches which is vastly different from last season Stage 1 results All of this resulted in me making it to the promotion stages courtesy of being top of the group This was very pleasing indeed and also very surprising Stage 1 league standings The promotion stage started off very badly indeed, I got completely outclassed in my first two matches, although I lost both by 3 goals it could easily have been a lot more than that. Whilst I was happy to not have a relegation battle I didn't want to get completely destroyed every match either for fear of the effect it may have on my players. I made a few tweaks to the team instructions and some player instructions and things then improved. The 3-3 draw against Maritimo C was frustrating as I was actually 3-1 up, at the end of the match we were hanging on and I was glad when the whistle went. Stage 2 The 3-5 loss angered me a lot, although Mirandela were top we went in at half time 3-1 ahead and then promptly conceded 3 goals in the first 10 minutes of the second half with what can only be described as absolutely ridiculous defending The rest of the matches were actually pretty decent, a 0-1 loss to Felgueiras who got promoted automatically really wasn't all that bad. The end result was..... A playoff place for promotion!! 2 very tough cagey matches saw me get promoted via the away goals rule The second leg at home saw us break our record attendance by nearly 1,000 As a result of promotion the board have announced that we are going to turn professional which will be interesting as our finances are terrible. We have received a hugely improved sponsorhip deal which will help a little bit. The board also announced that the scouting network has been upgraded and I managed to put some pressure on the board to find a senior affiliate This season's heroics also saw me get the manager of the year Player profiles Ogana - His stats aren't amazing and he was a little hot and cold at times, but a 1 in 3 goal ratio isn't to be sniffed at and he's still only 22 so hopefully can improve further. I'm not sure at whether he will be able to score 1 in 3 at a higher level though. Pedro Sa - Did well in a central midfield role and showed some ability taking free kicks Costinha - Again the heart of the defence and did a pretty good job, it's possible I may need to upgrade him next season though Roberto - Performed well on the right wing and contributed a handy 9 goals too Rui Cunha - A very good season for a player who made his debut at just 15 years old. He played more games than I had intended, partly due to the fact he can play more than one position Cláudio Marafona - I brought him in on a free in January and only played a couple of games towards the end of the season, but has shown some good signs and I'm looking forward to seeing how he progresses Next season goals I haven't reached the reset point yet so I don't know what my board goals are, but avoiding relegation has to be the plan. I feel that I will need to improve several players to compete at this level, so some wheeling and dealing will be required with what will likely be a minimal transfer budget again. I'll post a further update once I get to that point, I also forgot to screenshot my manager profile so I will do that at the same time
  11. Surely you could have had some quality father/daughter bonding time playing FM?
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