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  1. This bug about languages is probably because of coversion from FM18 to FM19, it's impossible to pay attention to every pinpoint of database, in that way I would never finish this, but I will correct it. Thanks for feedback. I use some stats from Pes miti database, and Lineker have aggresion 97/100. I can't have knowledge for every player about specific attributes, so I used other sources.
  2. Here we go again! 4th edition of the most popular database for FM is released! This year with another expanded version that will include even more legendary clubs and players. With this update you will have an opportunity to play and manage 4000 legends spread all over the world in their respective teams. All of the major and many minor leagues are filled with clubs which possess their all-time greats and are under the guidance of some the managers , coaches and chairmans who ever graced the game. Winning anything in this update is a success, as many clubs and national teams have some of the best talent that ever appeared in history of football. Italian, English, German, Spanish and French clubs are strongest competitors. And not just the major ones. There are teams from Holland, Belgium, Scotland, Russia, Ukraine, Austria, former Yugoslavia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary or from Portugal who have good chances of winning the Champions League as much as the teams who are coming from the stronger leagues. This is like a Football Manager hard mode! The players who are coming from the oldest eras of football are older than the ones who are appeared later and therefore are closer to their peak and reaching their full potential. And don’t worry the likes of Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo & Mbappe still exist, but are a younger versions of themselves and are relocated to their parent clubs. Because of that your task as a manager is even more challenging as it’s up to you to develop them into world-class players they are today and if you succeed to make them a part of your squad. This is a thrilling update which can bring any Football Manager fan into an ecstatic state of nostalgia with no doubt that they will enjoy the game even more and find it refreshing and challenging like never before. Also were done and facepack for almost all players, which will further give the game interesting. UPDATES: 1. 400 new legends including filled squads of Perugia, Verona, Cagliari, Udinese, Atalanta, Triestina, Padova, Palermo, Chievo, Auxerre, Sturm Graz, Basel, Wisla, Rapid Buc., Gremio, Ponte Preta, Guarani, Internacional, Palmeiras, Lokomotiv Moscow, Osijek and Maribor. Added legends like Troglio, Masinga, Di Vaio, Lucarelli, Kanoute, Abelardo, Morientes, Wilfort, Johnsen, Bjornebye, Joao Pinto, Dubovsky, Torocsik, Capone, Ercan, Bermudez, Borghi, Giusti, Ruben Sosa, Mifflin, Redin, Serna, Adriano, Tarantini... 2. The values and wages of the players have been corrected to a more reasonable level. Maximum wage in top 5 leagues are 120k p/w, and max. value are 70 mil. euros. 3. The participants of european cups have been changed so in the first season there would play clubs that deserve it by tradition and successes through history. Champions League (Real, Barca, Atletico, Valencia, Juve, Inter, Milan, Torino, Man.Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal, Leeds, Marseille, Saint-Etienne, Monaco, Bayern, Gladbach, HSV, Dortmund, Ajax, PSV, Feyenoord, Brugge, Anderlecht, Sparta, Slavia, Ferencvaros, MTK, Steaua, Levski, Hajduk, Crvena Zvezda, Partizan, Grasshoppers, Servette, Rapid Wien, Austria Wien, Legia, Gotteborg, Celtic, Rangers, Slovan...) Europa League (Antwerp, Mechelen, Standard, Dukla, Vejle, Frem, Reims, Kaiserslautern, Koln, Schalke, Honved, Ujpest, Napoli, Roma, Lazio, Gornik, Craiova, Torpedo M, Aberdeen, Dundee Utd, OFK Beograd, Vojvodina, La Coruna, Athletic, Sevilla...) 4. Nation club coefficients and world rankings were also corrected in line with historical successes. The man behind the whole project is David Salapura from Serbia. DOWNLOAD Preview: FB page for more screenshots Installation Instructions: 1. Extract the contents of the .zip file using the default zip utility of your OS or get a free tool such as 7-zip. 2. Move the extracted "Return of the legends 2019.fmf" file to the following location: Documents / Sports Interactive / Football Manager 2019 / editor data Create the "editor data" folder if it doesn't exist. 3. To install the facepack, move the folder "Legends facepack" to your graphics folder: Documents / Sports Interactive / Football Manager 2019 / graphics / facepacks Create the "graphics" and "facepacks" folders if they don't exist. Go to Preferences screen and then into the Interface tab. Click on "Clear cache" and then "Reload skin". Now you can see pictures of all legends. 4. Open FM 2019 and start a new save-game with 19.3.0 update and only this database selected, not other databases and transfer updates. IMPORTANT: When creating a new save-game, you have to be patient because the process of loading game database takes about 2-3 hours. The problem is due to the conversion of the database from the previous series and a lot of data, which is not possible to fix it. 5. To load shortlist with all legends and managers move the extracted "Legends shortlist.fmf" and "Managers shortlist" files to the following location: Documents / Sports Interactive / Football Manager 2019 / shortlists Enjoy and share your impressions!
  3. No, I never verified it. I didn't make changes in league structure, rules, or something like that, I only swap clubs between leagues. In previous years I didn't have this problems.
  4. First of all, in last few months I was editing my "Return of the legends" database for FM19. Last week I finished it and everything works perfectly in 19.1.0 version when starting new game and all nations and leagues were avaliable. But when I load database into 19.3.0 database and just saved it as new file, I switch to the game and have big issue when starting new carrer game. I can't choose a lot of nations. It said that number of teams doesn't match to a required number, but when I switch to editor and check every of that nations, I didn't found any mistake, everything is correct. Every year I'm doing this after latest update and now it made a big issue. Can somebody help me about this?
  5. Hello. In the last few years, I've created a popular database "Return of the legends". As in previous years, I tried to import a editor file from the FM18 in the FM19 editor, but it won't recognize it as a .fmf file, and when I export it as a .dbc file it can't be loaded. It would be a great pity if I can't convert such a large amount of data, because it would be very hard to create everything again. Is there any advanced option to convert the database successfully? Perhaps some of your developers can do it in a special way? Thanks in advance.
  6. I noticed that you didn't add the award winners from the previous World Cup.
  7. I found some issues in Red Star board. There is two presidents, but in real life Svetozar Mijailovic is president and Stefan Pantovic is Chief operating officer. Also, some of directors are not in club anymore, Nebojsa Covic and Ratomir Dujkovic. As new directors you should add Miljko Ristic, Stojan Vujko, Velimir Markovic and Igor Milojevic. Also, current coach Milan Kosanovic should be Assistant manager. Also I suggest you to finally change the name of club to Crvena Zvezda. Thanks in advance
  8. Thanks. It's not necessary, but for better experience you should load top 5 leagues + portuguese, dutch, brazilian and argentinian league, and other leagues set as view-only
  9. Thanks. I will try to add more next year. I must found some relevant sources for players attributes and abilities.
  10. As I said in instructions, zou must wait for 2 hours to load game database...
  11. If you included some danish league updates with this databases it probably made some issues. I put Frem only in Superliga.
  12. You must have 16.3.0 update and selected only legends database, not others.
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