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  1. Game: Fm19 Type of game: Career League: Doesn’t matter. As long as it is in Europe Age: 27 Can play: Weekends and some evenings Steam: Dejak47
  2. I also started this challenge a while ago, with Ifk Eskilstuna Season 1 11th in the Swedish 4th league Finances after season 1 Regen 1 Regen 2 Season 2 1st in the Swedish 4th league Finances after season 2 Previous rankings Only decent youth intake Season 3 Second in the Swedish third league Promoted to the Swedish Superettan Swedish cup second round Again only decent youth intake Finances after season 3 Season 4 5th in the Swedish Superettan Only 1 decent youth player Finances after season 4 Goals for next season: - Stabilise in the Superettan - More financial stabilty - Upgrade something - Go pro (sorry for posting four seasons at once but i only just registered at this forum:) )
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