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  1. On 17/11/2018 at 04:39, Smurf said:

    Both would be perfectly fine for FM.

    But I'd be seriously tempted with the 1060 graphics card. 

    I had to look hard for it, but it's the 1060 6gb model, much better than the 3gb variant. 


    If FM is the most intensive thing you use then the cheaper one is fine. The i5 vs the i7 are similar enough except for amount of cores. And FM is still mostly single core, meaning adding more cores doesn't really make much of a difference for fm. 

    There's a site for comparing the single core performance for FM


    As you can see there's little difference in the i7 8750H and the i5 8300H



    If you wanted to save a few quid - then the cheaper one is perfectly fine. 


    However, again, I'd be mighty tempted by the 1060 6gb graphics card! 


    Dilemma or what! 



    How big of a difference would a 6GB vs. 3GB GTX 1060 card be in terms of FM 3D match performance?

    FM is one of the only games I play, and I'm trying to "future proof" my purchase as much as possible.  I will also do some web browsing, watching of videos, and maybe some sporadic video conversions.


    Other specs for the laptop are either an i5-8300H or i7-8750H (not much of a difference for FM), 16GB of RAM, and an SSD for the OS and FM installation, with a larger HDD for other files (including FM add-ons).


    Thank you.

  2. On 11/23/2017 at 04:43, Seb Wassell said:

    Yes, development should be equal across playable and non-playable leagues.

    Apologies if I am being obtuse, but I believe that you are lumping both "view-only" leagues and "non-loaded" leagues together in "non-playable" leagues, correct?  So if I loan a player to a particular team, his development is completely independent of whether the team is in a league that I have loaded as "playable," a league that I have loaded as "view only," or a league that I have not loaded?

    Thank you for the clarification.

  3. Not sure if the issue is on my end or not, but the 6 images in the "Defensive Aspects" of the 2nd post ("A Flat 442") are *really* small.

    When I click on the image it states that it is 300 x 145.  In contrast other images in the same post are  1910 x 852 (roughly 6x the length & width).

    Is it possible to replace the small images with larger image sizes?

    Thank you for a really informative post.

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