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  1. Thanks guys I will try and sell him when possible I just wanted to make sure I could get rid of him and not upset the other players to much. Also another issue Gabby has is he has gone from having players such as Carew,Barry,Young,Milner,Laursen and Mellberg taking pressure away from him to playing with younger players such as Grealish and players who are still trying to get upto speed with the league such as Amavi and Ayew, he has had more pressure put on him which I don't think he has coped with. Plus 6 Managers in 9 years and injuries haven't done him any good either.
  2. Has anyone had any problems with getting rid of Agbonlahor? I am looking at selling him as I have just spent £5million on Erick Torres.
  3. Signed him for Philadelphia played 2 scored 3 as a F9 and only on 5k a week.
  4. I will try out the create a club feature then I will start my journeyman save that hopefully I will stick with this time.
  5. Good job on the league again and hopefully you can end the season with the two cups aswell.
  6. Jack Grealish now he is in the first team should get a decent upgrade.
  7. Aston Villa Fan: • If you could sign one player from Football Manager to play for your team in real life, who would it be? And why? Taylor Twellman on football manager 2005 he just couldn't help but score, he also finished top scorer five years in a row. • Where do you expect your team to finish in the league this season? If the new signings can gel quickly then I think 10th-13th is possible but I am going for 15th just because it is a transitional year under a new manager.
  8. Player of the season wasn't expecting that at all. Unguided will be interesting if it's your only option then I am all for it.
  9. The question is will you stick with Arsenal at the same time as England?
  10. Man of the match a goal and a call up, I will take it just seem to be a little inconsistent if anything hopefully that changes.
  11. Also just read through will be following as I enjoy people managing in Eastern Europe really should give it a try myself soon. Keep up the good work.
  12. As you have already mentioned Moscow how about another eastern European team like Shakhtar or Fenerbahçe? With Fenerbahçe on Fm15 they have quite a big debt which is the same for most of Turkey and Greece not sure if it is the same for 13, if done correctly I think teams such as Fenerbahçe, Galatasary, Shakhtar, Cska etc can become similar to the likes of Juventus, Milan, Inter even Madrid and Barca they have the fan base and cauldron like stadium, just not the players to match what they could be. With not having a huge amount of time I think it could be a good save with the league not being overly complicated but still being miles from being a world force. Ok I have wrote more than intended but hope it at least helps you decide, Sorry for rambling on.
  13. Philadelphia in the Mls would be interesting depending how they have done once you load they also have a really nice stadium. But then I am a tad bias as a big fan of the Mls and Philadelphia.
  14. After reading through I will be following as it seems like an interesting concept. Jet is one of my favourite players in game somehow scores almost constantly even in the Prem to bad he can't do as well in real life.
  15. Lowest valued but looking at the stat layout I should at least have a decent career.
  16. Name: Joe Hurst-May Date of Birth (day & month only):03/12 Nationality: English (Optional) Second Nationality: Irish Position: Dm Up to 3 liked clubs: Aston Villa, Philadelphia Union Up to 3 disliked clubs: Birmingham, West Brom, NY Red Bulls Height (cm): 188 Weight (kg): 88 Left footed, right footed or both: Left 4 strong technical attributes (or goalkeeping attributes for keepers): Free Kick, Passing, Crossing, Corners 3 strong mental attributes: Team work, Work rate, Vision 2 strong physical attributes: Agility, Stamina GK - mack4ever GK - DL - DL - DR - DR - DC - DC - DC - DC - DM - Joe. DM - Vanikain MC - MC - AMC - dynaboyj AMC - DarkySurrounding. ML - GDH38 ML - MR - MR - ST - toonbalmy87 ST - Spurs + eastbourne ST - terence123470
  17. Hopefully Swindon start to fall back soon to give you more breathing room but I think you will take it. Bolton seem to just go into meltdown almost instantly this year and going by your save a few others have aswell, especially West Brom and Stoke.
  18. Looks like you have made some good transfers hopefully Ibe (Who I rate highly) can live up to his potential, unlucky with Austin being out so long tho. Being that I have followed your careers for a bit I think that you can get four points from those.
  19. Player Name: Joe Hurst-May Second Nationality (if wanted): Player Date of Birth: 3rd December Height: 6ft 2in Weight: 14st Foot: Left Hair Color (if you care): Dark Brown Natural Position: ML 2 secondary positions: DM, LB Outfield Players: 2 Technical attributes (Free Kick 17, Passing 14) 2 Physical attributes (Agility 17, Stamina 14) 2 Mental attributes ( Determination 17, Work Rate 14) 1 PPM Curls Ball preferred clubs: Aston Villa, Psv, Philadelphia Union disliked clubs: Birmingham, West Brom
  20. Just been reading through this, you are going very well so far and as a Villa fan seeing West Brom and Birmingham where they are is rather amusing (hopefully Villa arn't worse off). Keep it up will be following!
  21. Will be following like normal mate, Qpr should be interesting.
  22. Just gone through this at work and really enjoying it so far, have Oxford managed to do much with the tycoon?
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