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  1. Hope we're going back to the previous version, I'm still unhappy from the last "upgrade"
  2. Ok, follow up question: why is X score draw when it should be no-score draw? It just makes more sense that way, doesn't it; D for draw because it is a simple initial and X for no-score draw because X denotes drawing a blank better than D does?
  3. On FM2015 all my scouts (28) are scouting various youth leagues around the world, when they return a set of reports I identify the most promising prospects and have them watched specifically for a while. Some scouts have additional assignments (the scout who's looking into the domestic youth league also scouts next opposition, scouts looking at youth leagues in top nations also scout that nation from time to time, etc.) but the youth leagues are my main focus because of the philosophies in place at the club.
  4. Incorrect. It means they are assigned a random PA between those two values when the game starts. And, as with all players, there is every chance their CA will not reach that PA number.
  5. As I understand it you have to move the players around to get them to switch numbers, making sure not to just swap them but to move them "freecell-style" through empty spaces on the pitch. Personally I'd like an option under preferences or staff responsibilities where you could choose to set them yourself. I don't mind my right-back wearing number 9 but I'd like to be the one making that choice.
  6. yeah, he never said that. He just said he wanted to develop youth. EDIT: Oops, the man himself beat me to it.
  7. So your first task should be increasing your team's wealth then, no? Scour as much of the world as you are allowed to find young players who you can sign cheap, develop and sell on. At the end of each season you will probably get a message telling you about youth players released in your country, that's a decent place to start because they'll be free and will have time left to develop into better players that you can sell for a profit. Also, scout youth leagues and specific teams that are known for developing useful players. Obviously you're not going to be able to pry their better prospects away but there will be youth players at Porto and Sporting, for instance, that they will be looking to sell because they won't make the grade. A few seasons of doing this can increase your warchest. Using that money for better coaches and facilities is useful but also you can attract even better players to develop and sell on. At some point the goal is obviously to stop having to buy and sell other team's prospects but you need the money to keep upgrading your own club and staff and along the way you will pick up prospects that go into your own youth set-up and become part of your long-term plan. It will take a long time - in game and in real life - to get where you want to go but as long as you get a decent understanding of tactics to keep the playing side ticking over then you'll be ok.
  8. There's at least a few girls/ladies/women on these forums and that would indicate to me a good number playing the game without posting here. You never usually know of course, because our profiles don't have a gender field but one way to find out was that every year there used to be a new "Can we have women's leagues in the game" thread and that would bring out the sexist comments which would generally lead to one or two posters "coming out" as female. I miss those threads - not for the sexist comments of course. They were never going to get SI to add women's leagues (SI have criteria for when they will deem it worth the effort), but the threads showed that there was at least some interest so hopefully the devs were keeping it in mind. It's been a good few years since the last thread and in that time there have been changes made to the game that, just IMO, were a waste of time. I'm not saying female players should have been in the game by now but perhaps the editor should have been capable of adding women's leagues, less work for SI and the ability for the community to sort it. Anyway, sorry to sidetrack. Simply, yes, women play the game.
  9. hmmmm... could it be FMs way of showing a company that one of your directors owns pumping in cash? Although even for that it does seem excessive, as you say. Maybe Red Bull have sold Leipzig and bought Schalke in your game?
  10. Go to the tactics subforum to learn more about tactics, also read these: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/422913-FM-15-A-Basic-Guide-for-Tactics http://www.mediafire.com/download/ab40bznid7chl9i/Pairs+%26+Combinations+FM2015.pdf just keep trying also, you learn by your mistakes.
  11. Plenty of footballers would be disappointed going off on a hattrick. Often you see them start to take ridiculous shots if they've got two goals and they know they're due to go off soon. What I think is the problem in FM is the available answers to the question, but then that's true of 90-odd per cent of the press' questions in the game; more than 5 options is needed in most cases, imo, and in this case there should be some option to talk about players being knackered (rather than needing to be kept fresh: it's a subtle distinction but an important one) and maybe one answer that takes a similar view to that espoused by the OP.
  12. Ta. Interesting that this article only says "may" and discusses the "rumour" of EA taking on the license. Again, if Konami have let the license lapse and EA are sponsoring the league then it'd be odd for them not to pick up the license as well, but EA would usually have both deals sewn up for the time of the announcement, wouldn't they? They'd like to make a big thing of it, since their appeal has pretty much always been about licenses. Anyways, interesting to see what this means for FM, if anything.
  13. I'm not doubting you but that article says nothing about licensing, just sponsorship of the league. Now obviously the likelihood of doing a sponsorship deal without some licensing aspect is low but still, is there a more informative link?
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