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  1. No one? And: What is the job title description for personal assistant?
  2. I've tried this step by step, but the black picture with the with number changes only to a black silhouette: Here's my config: The folder is here located: \Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\graphics\Regen Staff Any ideas guys? Thanks in advance
  3. @Timo61: Also for the german leagues? The rules there are 5,10,15.
  4. Hey guys, first of all, i wanna wish you very christmas and happy holidays. 🎄 My topic is that i want to bring the german under 17 league into the game (fm 19 first, then fm 20 and in future every year). Therefore i used this file from german football manager forum http://www.meistertrainerforum.de/ from the user @Dani190283 and copied the under 19 league competitions. I've changed the second tier a little bit, but this should not the problem, that league doesn't run. Maybe one of you can help me and make the file work and tell me, what the reason is, that the file
  5. I want to add more "forbidden" names for the newgens (or regens). In Germany many of them named as Schweinsteiger, Titsch-Rivero, Callsen-Bracker, etc.
  6. Hello everyone, first of all, sorry for my bad english. I wanna know, how to open and edit the file "forbidden names", which is located in the folder "...\Football Manager 2018\data\database\db\1830\dbc\permanent"? Thanks in advance Regards, HollyWoods
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