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  1. YoungHoss

    FM19: Hidden Gems

    Although not really a ‘hidden gem’ Miguel Veloso is on a free at game start. i had Vagoman scouted with Liverpool but didn’t have the money to buy him at the time as I had bought a few players in and they wanted £12-15m
  2. YoungHoss

    Non-league team

    A few more to add to the list of ex league clubs in the National League North Darlington (reformed club) recent FA Trophy winners 2014 I think? Bradford Park Avenue (reformed Club but were a league club in the 70’s) Southport last won the old Division 4, League 2 these days in 1974
  3. YoungHoss

    Non-league team

    I only know as I try to follow non league football irl as best I can so I can learn players to look at on fm. It is a real shame that as you say they look like going bust again but they have Leicester, Wolves, Villa, Birmingham, West Brom, Walsall, Coventry all pretty local teams I can imagine gates aren’t that great for them.
  4. YoungHoss

    Non-league team

    They are Nuneaton Borough again now changed their name back this season. I had a look at them last night and they have a good squad that with 3/4 good additions should be in with a shout of promotion. I am tempted to have a game with them myself due to their current financial problems again recently
  5. YoungHoss

    The New FMCU General Discussion Thread

    Not really got into a save this year as haven’t had much time due to working all hours god sends! 😩 had a nice game with Lincoln City in 2018-19 season they had finished 2nd in League 2, and had £1m budget I set to work and had a really good squad and was P4 W3 D0 L1 in the league. I then played Leicester City away in the League Cup expecting a battering but we played magnificently and won 3-1 unfortunately this would be a premature end to the game as I had forgot to save the game and let my daughters play roblox on my laptop and they turned off the game 😡🤬 After this I played around with a few teams but then loaded up the save starting in season 2 and just let things ride for a few months, I came across Darlington 18th in the National League North, with their manager insecure but results had picked up a bit for them so I decided to take over and see what I could do I set up in a 4-1-4-1 wide dm I believe fm called it. Playing a AML as IF and AMR as Winger with an advanced forward up top. We continued in a rich vein of form and should have won all of our games upto now but we dropped 2 points against runaway leaders Chester away even though we battered them! We just couldn’t find the net more than once. That form has seen us fly from 18th to 7th just 2 points behind 2nd place and last night we played at home and had 20 shots of which 7 were on target but only 2 converted. but only conceded 2 shots with a long range shot on target in a dominant performance. Also on the run we encountered MK Dons flying high in League 1. Going 1-0 down early on was worrying but we pulled back to 1-1 before my right back was sent off for 2 bookable offences on 20 minutes just 2 minutes later we found ourselves a goal down but then the lads rallied and we won a penalty which my DM who had to drop to RB converted. Not long after that we were in front for the first time in the match after a nice break and that is how it stayed for the remainder of the game as we held our nerve against wave after wave of MK attacks. For that result we were the first name out of the hat for round 2 and drew Northampton also of League 1 at home so I am hoping for some progress there and hopefully one of the big boys away! I am starting to look at the squad a bit more in depth now I’m getting more into the game and currently have 2 CB’s in on trial who were released by Middlesbrough last season and am also looking for at least 2 CM’s and a deal to sign striker Bradley Fewster should be concluded shortly as I feel Harvey Saunders isn’t quite ready even though he made an explosive start for me with 5 goals in 3 matches before tailing off and Mark Beck who has been poor since his return the worst display he missed an open net Ronnie Rosenthal style after the opposition keeper just palmed a back pass to him around 16 yards out. i am hoping this save will have some legs for me and that I can take Darlington back into the Foothall League
  6. Cheers @Jogo Bonito set the save up this morning and started to sort my squad and staff out and put the tactic I plan on using into place so once I have all that sorted out I will do a small update with transfers and the tactics I plan on using etc
  7. Struggling to get into a save at the moment but I like the look of a Chesterfield save after them just getting relegated irl and they are a local club to me being from Sheffield. I will be aiming to build up a squad of up and coming English talents probably on loan in season 1 and then hopefully sign them either full time or on loan again for season 2 I will be spending a lot of time to develop this save and get a more in depth knowledge of tactics training etc from this forum and try and take the club up to the championship before taking stock of where I go from there
  8. YoungHoss

    FM 18 Tycoon thread

    On my Bradford PA save I noticed yesterday that Sunderland got a tycoon takeover they finished 2nd in the championship first season and have £76m to spend
  9. YoungHoss

    The New FMCU General Discussion Thread

    Going well with Bray in the Irish Premier, signing some good young players and building a strong squad. Got Stephen McManus coming in on the 30th June but he will only have a year until he retires also just managed to sign Bradley Fewater from Middlesbrough to partner Rhys Healey up front. Currently leading the Irish premier after 10 games and have also won another cup and going well in all the other competitions, one problem I might have is how close games are together! If I beat Dundalk I will have 2 cup quarter finals in 2 days!! I will need a big squad to manage this fixture list! One problem I have though is finances though only being with the club a few months I haven’t had any European competition so hopefully I can get group stages of the euros next year or I will have to sell a few youngsters when they develop a bit more to balance the books. really enjoying this save at the min and want to develop the club and youngsters until I move on
  10. I signed Harry Panyiouto (sp?) on loan from Barrow for Bradford PA and he was a revelation in VNN first season unfortunately neither he or anyone else would sign for me so I left after finishing 8th saving the club from relegation. Both Hartlepool and Chesterfield rejected me in VNL second season and then the York City job came up 10th in VNN £500k in the red and £4K p/w over wage budget! Will need some luck with these!
  11. YoungHoss

    So it begins...

    English clubs can approach other players from English clubs 1 month before contract expires, rest of Europe can offer them deals from 31st dec
  12. Every time I try to do something just about! Probably 2/3 times a day depending on the news I have to respond to
  13. Yep so many times and it’s not specific date or time, just as and when it wants which is pretty regularly. Tried watching match highlights after a match last night and after about 3 minutes I had to min fm then re open to get it to work. Also does this freeze when I try to confirm anything I need to in my news like staff member, signing etc
  14. YoungHoss

    How high will transfers be in fm18?

    I also hope non league transfers are fixed I doubt very much Buxton would really want £50k plus for their gk most players in non league move for a few balls and a Mars bar!
  15. YoungHoss

    20 years on

    I’m the same got CM2 in 1997 after hearing a few of my mates at school talk about signing Ronaldo on a free! And had every game since! I’m nearly 32 now 2 kids, married, divorced, still play in my spare time although that is a lot less these days and I don’t really have long saves anymore just 1/2 seasons then start again as nothing has peaked my interest. Still FM18 is sat in my steam library ready and waiting for Friday 👌🏼