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  1. Sorry guys, I played 15 games and 1x1 is still far, far from ideal, it is so frustrating...players like Messi, Suarez can't score 1x1s. Good: - I saw improvements in the pass, through balls. Bad: - 1x1 - Player carry and stop the ball on the touchline then forgot to brake. this is too much for me....i will stop playing until the Final Match Engine Changes update be release. I hope you can fix these things, good luck.
  2. Hello everyone! hope I posted it in the right place. My team can not play 3 matches in a row, they get very "exhausted", with fatigue reaching 63% at the end of the match, and "only" 87% - 91% for the next match. I decrease the intensity of the training and also give rest to them, but I did not get a positive result. For example, in match 2, I already have to make too many replacements if you want to play with the starting line in match 3, This is very frustrating for me, of course who has no way to play a whole season with the 11 players, but not being able to play 3 games in a row even at the beginning of the season gets complicated as I see it. I would like tips or see if it happens to you too. And if it happens, what do you guys do? ty
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