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  1. This isn't technically a bug, but it's something that's been annoying me for a few years now. Players who perform well will consistently be overlooked by AI national team managers if their attributes are worse than the other players the NT manager can select from. It's only a minor issue, but it's definitely lowering the realism. I remember reading a post in this forum once, about something the poster called "The Harry Kane effect", where a player who's perceived to be average at best suddenly turns out to be great, and how that's not really possible in FM. However, a player can sometime
  2. I have the same issue (and started my game in the beta). Last season, it applied to every league match. I saved just before the fixture list dropped the following season, and the fixtures looked fine, so I just continued. A bit later I noticed that I'm playing twice at Anfield and twice at home to Chelsea. Which at least is an improvement, but also even more peculiar.
  3. How do you train someone to a new position in FM16? I have a few players who are training for a role in a position they're not natural in, but that doesn't seem to make much of a difference.
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