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  1. This is great news. I only just got a Vita, and I can't wait to play the most fully featured FM on a handheld ever! Question though about using your save from the PC version: Does the game you start on the PC have to be in classic mode? Or can you start a 'Full Game' on the PC and transfer to Vita Classic Mode, and then transfer back to Full Mode on the PC. Classic mode is a great idea, but for someone who has been playing FM for years, it doesn't appeal to me on the PC, so I wouldn't want it to be my main PC game if you see what I mean.
  2. Ah, ok...seems like I needed to run FM in 'windowed' mode to get it to work with Splashtop. Working now.
  3. I got a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 this christmas. Interested in trying out FM on it via streaming from my PC on my own home network. Tried Splashtop 2 so far - it works perfect except it can't seem to display 3D games (it just stays on the desktop on my Android devices). So, any recommendations? Thanks.
  4. Finished 1st season in Premier League, now in 2nd season. The achievement still hasn't popped up. Come on SI? Are you aware of this problem?
  5. Still haven't got it. Comments SI? Gutted it didn't work. Raise in the bugs forum?
  6. Yes, I am at the moment. I mean, I am logged into Steam but I am 'offline' to my friends if that makes sense. You think that's it? Pretty sure I've got achievements like this before.
  7. I definitely have not received this achievement. Now fully in the Premier League. Any comments from SI on this?
  8. Really? Achievement says: You achieved promotion from the lowest to the highest league in England
  9. Just wondering when I am meant to get this? I got Chester promoted from the Blue Square Premier North to the Premier League but haven't received it yet. When does it come through? Thanks.
  10. Does anybody have the Chester logos & kits...? They're the only team in my game without anything. Thanks.
  11. I bought the boxed version. So keep your ***** little opinions to yourself. What an idiot. But thanks again, bro...you keep this up. You're great. ...and fact is, it is often easier for pirates to play than it is genuine users. DRM inconveniences the genuine user more than the pirate.
  12. Others have mentioned this, but will say again as it is seriously annoying... The long wait when clicking on results 'generating match report' is horrendous. Very, very bad. Makes you not want to click on results and check them, which kind of spoils things. Also, I have a really great PC that I built from the ground up specifically for gaming, this year's version is noticeably slower processing wise.
  13. Moral of story...Steam sucks. DRM sucks. In any way, shape, or form.
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