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  1. Seems I've missed an entire chunk of the vid then and a rematch is in order. Thanks.
  2. I'm keen to understand the benefits and or negative effects of prioritising one style over another, if any.
  3. I missed that part of the vid, thanks for clarifying.
  4. Isn't this simply whether or not you ask your assistant to take training or do it yourself?? Did I miss something?
  5. A great example of a post which needs a 'like' button!
  6. You are correct and I will amend my post. But now you mention it becoming a meme'....
  7. Those of us keen enough to look on forums for the new features tend to be the hardcore fans of the series, hence a sense of underwhelming will always prevail. I've had my own moan too, but I have no doubt I'll love the finished game as an always do. The new features that were announced perhaps are of more interest and will appeal more to new players, and perhaps that was the intention of this marketing video - to bring them in.
  8. This. If it took them an hour to draw and add these, then that hour would have been better spent tightening up the ME, player ratings and transfer system. I'll add my voice to the dissenters on the additional press conferences too, fun for five mins then it's always ass man's job. Maybe this year will be fun for ten minutes. In 2014 there must be a better way of generating these more dynamically?? Finally, more player roles is great but I don't want to have to trawl forums to discover if I can play a Wide playmaker with a trequarista whilst having a high def line (for example) These should correlate better to real life football. Love the other new features, I expect the animations to look great once finished and the scouting is more realistic. Looking forward to the game but slightly underwhelmed.
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