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  1. Yeah but still IF that's true, there should maybe be some sort of prompt like "oh hey someone is poaching our youth with as of yet unknown potential ability! Would u like to invest X amount of money to make sure he stays and progresses in our academy?" Its an easy idea to add more depth and explanation into the game, and obviously IF you are strapped for cash you are not going to take the risk on an unknown "currently invisible" player. Also the flip mode of that is you could have a scouting assignment that tries to do this to other AI clubs, where again, u are met with a prompt such as "oh hey, you over there! We found a wildly talented junior player, do u wanna pay X amount of money to sign him into our academy? BTW he might end up rubbish and we judged him incorrectly" With keep currently junior players being cheaper than signing other teams junior players. Just a thought IF this theory is true.
  2. Yo. So im streaming over at twitch.tv/kyznar as Bolton and im about to sign a great looking english 16 year old youngster for 4.8mil only to notice that this is his current career history. Now luckily due to streaming the save i could go back back and rewatch the moment i got the youth intake. And to my shock this player was NOT listed as a trialist on the intake, as shown here. Also I DO NOT have Everton as a parent club. So why didnt I have the chance to sign my own junior youth intake player? Through searching in my transfer clauses I noticed this had happened a total of FIVE times all with these clauses shown. Even though NO news artcle involving this transfer was EVER shown. As you can see the other players that got "stolen" are the ones also listed with 10 clauses, like Ross Wood. So whats the reason for this? The only possible thing i can think of is the fact I am still only level 2 youth but surely id still have the chance to offer a contract to my own junior intake player! I am completely baffled by this situation and it has happened, like I said, FIVE times since start of the save game. Please help, im going insane! Thanks. Kyznar AKA Dan.
  3. Hey, I'm just going to throw in my opinions of this game and its development. Firstly, on a positive note, this is the best version of FM to date, BUT that is no excuse for the long term shortcomings and slow rate of progressive development in my opinion. Just because this game has no direct rival in the gaming industry based on content and subject within this genre (Strategy/Management) is no excuse for it to not be competing with other games in the industry. The lack of progress being made with this game from a year to year basis is shockingly bad. Yes, i understand that a lot of data changes and updates are required for a new version which must use up a lot of resources. But when you see Miles and such bragging about over 1 million units sold and the increased success of the publisher, SEGA, in recent years compared to over a decade ago, it makes you wonder why the game cant be taken further. I will admit I have no knowledge of how games developers run and work on a day to day basis, this is just my logical opinion based upon a customer/outsiders public viewpoint, which after all is what truly matters. My growing gripe with specific gameplay mechanics and AI, is the increased frustration and boredom with player interaction and dealing with other AI clubs. Various issues and causes include: 1) Unreasonable asking prices for AI players in comparison to AI clubs bids on the User's non-transfer listed key players/hot prospects 2) Lack of dynamic/intuitive resolutions to the knock on effects of rejecting such bids that are flooding in continuously with very little improvement regardless of stern intent in rejecting the initial bid ("The offer is not good enough" or "Player is indispensable to the club") 3) The total limitation of generally resolving ongoing player issues is not only infuriating but I feel helpless in the final outcome of the players happiness. Moving away from that specific issue I'm currently experiencing and taking a overall outlook/summary on this year's version in comparison to the previous few years. i believe the level of progress is uninspiring from a long term player's public viewpoint. Yes, the game is improving from year to year, there is no doubt about that, but for the past few years I've felt like i have been playing virtually the exact same game but with content/feature patches added on and re-released at full price. One example that comes to mind is that these "new features/improvements" on a year to year basis are similar to the content patches that are regularly provided for free by a Developer such as Paradox Interactive which produces many games within FM's general classification of Strategy/Management game. I as a customer and loyal addict would like to better understand based on public information released by SI/SEGA the overarching development strategy that FM is currently taking and in the future. Is the business model now just a case of pumping out a new full release every early November which includes minor improvements on the previous version? Or will we see definitive version differences and leaps in development that we once saw of this product line under the name "Championship Manager"? A less passionate/more casual player than myself of this series may jump to incorrect conclusions of a "lazy developer signed up to a has-been publisher" which while being an extreme judgement also has a bit of merit behind that statement, in my honest opinion, because that is exactly what general public perception is and that effects continual faith in the product. We need more positive progressive public information to influence that perception of this series and the companies attached to its development and that the whole product and identity isn't lagging behind in the ever-growing games industry. A lack of content rival is no excuse. Switching back to gameplay fundamentals, a change of focus I feel is required to engage the user in a more immersive intuitive gaming experience over hundreds of hours played. My perception of the development of features such as team talks and press interaction draws me to the conclusion of increased narrow minded linear development in these areas. To the point where these gameplay mechanics are becoming a mind numbing chore due to the lack of innovation and creativity shown in the slow development. Faster paced reactive systems would immerse the user into a dynamic ever changing gameworld, yes, this could be construed as drifting away from "realism" but finding the correct balance is hugely worth the risk if it means the users enjoy the product more. I could give some examples, but for one it would take far too much time to type out and secondly, its not my job to come up with specifics. In terms of the Match Engine, I think I stated this in my feedback post for FM2016, but I would really love to see a third party developer work alongside SI to solely produce and develop the Match Engine. Again, I don't know the resources available and the relationship that SI have with SEGA in order for this to happen. But surely we would end up with a revolutionary match experience. Yes as it stands, the match engine is as good as it has ever been, but the progression of development in this area is lacking. On a side note, I know 3D representation is only a design feature but this is 2017 we need something more immersive and enjoyable to look at. Like with the statements in the previous paragraph, a greater level of design encourages and enables development of improved gameplay mechanics. I have many more opinions but I will leave it there for now in a relatively generalised summary, and also I'm typing this while streaming on Twitch, so my viewers are probably face palming right now. Just one man's opinion. Kyznar.
  4. I have currently played 470 hours of Football Manager 2016, roughly only about 10 of which have been "idle", and I am a Twitch streamer that is growing in popularity due to my attention to detail over viewer interaction and my opinions/feelings about the game have grown so strongly that I feel the urge to post on here. This isnt rage, these are my genuine well thought out opinions of the current game state. 1. Match Engine - Arguably the biggest single element of the game. The limitations of the current engine are completely outdated, "new animations" are a feeble attempt to polish over the HUGE core problems of a old, tired, lackluster engine. Regardless of tactics, opposition, players attributes both for the human player and the AI, the match engine shows very restricted mannerisms to specific scenarios. Decisions that dont make sense, behaviour that is extremely unrealistic and an overall boring representation of football. I feel the attempt to "simulate" realistic football with a match engine in this current state is completely the wrong strategy to take, it has developed to a point where all of the fun of the match engine has been sapped out, regardless of winning or loosing, it is equally lacklustre, boring and very predictable. A new engine needs to be developed from scratch, it is about time this element of the game got a complete revamp. In general my frustrations with the match engine dont lie in my own ability on the game but more due to flaws and limitations and how SI appear to just counter them rather than develop something better, not perfect thats impossible, but something better, different and more updated. 2.AI - Let me talk about something more positive. The squad building, transfer policy and overall intelligence shown by the AI out of the match engine is much improved. It was an area that needed to be better and it is, kudos. There are still flaws of course, but itll never be perfect. Transfer activity for the human player and AI is much more fun and dynamic, transfer list full of players that have "flopped" during the progression of the save game or been deemed surplus to requirements, it is fantastic and most importantly, FUN. The only question would be are some of the behavioral changes been too extreme and does it need to be reined in slightly for greater balance and "realism"? Perhaps, but should they? No, in its current state transfers involving the AI are enjoyable, leave it be for now, focus on changing other things. 3.Human Input/Influence - Press conferences, tedious, lackluster, boring. Tunnel interviews, repetitive, boring. General media interaction, repetitive, frustrating, boring. Team talks, very "gamey" to achieve results, lackluster, boring. I know it must be hard to pull off some of these elements to make them realistic and dynamic to the point of attracting intrigue for the human player but we need some different, we need a new system, we need a new strategy to approaching these factors of football. Media interaction is extremely boring and repetitive, it needs to be slimmed down, stop trying to make it "ultra realistic simulation" because you cant, SI need to know the limitations of a "video game" and make it a interesting balance realism, fun and game progression. Team talks are outdated and repetitive, the "tones" and "talk" combinations are 75% barely used and completely not engaging or useful to the human player. 4.Other Points - Just a few other positives and negative quickly summed up from my FM16 experience so far: Positive; Individual player interaction and "player power", is fun, challenging but also reasonable, the balance is very good, find myself making tough interesting decisions about player contract worth and dealing with player issues accordingly, enjoyable element of the game. Negative; Awful human manager "reputation" and visable "standing" that the human player has on the game, examples: 1. Title challenging with a shoe string wage budget and getting linked with jobs a whole tier of football lower than yourself. 2. Extreme difficulty and unrealistic chance to become a club "favourite", "icon" or "legend" Positive; Regens, so much fun finding and developing them, much improved nationality and attribute distribution in general. Always a great feeling forming an attachment to a player you feel "responsible" for when he succeeds. Just a shame about the hair styles but luckily that can be modded. To summarise, for myself the main issue is the lackluster, outdated, boring match engine in its current state. Im sure a quick fix could be found to make it more fun and enjoyable, but in the long term I feel we need an entire new engine developed from scratch, but do SI have the resources, im sure SEGA do, but will they provide them? who knows. Publisher and developer relations is all speculation, but I feel SEGA needs to reach into them SIgames and Creative Assembly filled pockets and find funding for a 3rd party developer to give us a fantastic match engine that could revolutionize the future of football management gaming. As I type this FM16 is currently the 4th most played game on Steam right now behind DOTA 2, CS:GO and Fallout 4! The development needs more progression and resources than this guys, cmon now, dont lets us down after all these years. Am I going to buy FM17? Yes damn right, ive put too much time, money and PASSION into this series to give up on it, but right now the game is in summary; good, solid but lackluster and flat. I type this to express my feelings in a sort of "open letter" to SI directly in the only means I know how, this post is not for Mods or other forums users to dissect, critisize and knit pick at, and I hope this is respected. Just as this is not being posted to invoke a aggressive reaction, this is only 1 man's opinion, nothing more but nothing less, everyone has them. If anyone has read all of this, thank you for your time. Peace.
  5. Joe Gomez for me in season 4 coming off the back of winning Best Young Player at World Cup 2018, beast mode!
  6. Yo, I need a bit of advice from someone with regards to what individual training focus I should put a 33 year old Ronaldinho on, in order to maintain his as best as possible, or even progressing his tech and mental attributes better as his physical spirals down. I have just signed him on a free in January of the 2nd season with Wigan, now I NEVER EVER sign older players on FM, very rarely buy anyone over age 25, so not sure how to handle them in their 30's with regards to training, especially on FM13. One area that has me all worried and forcing me to make this thread is the fact that he only has 11 Nat Fitness, if I ever keep a player to be in his 30's he always has had 15+ NF, anything less and they are sold before their 29th B'day, so ive never been worried about a HUGE decline in atts across the board in a short period of time. Right now, ive put him on trequartista role focus, as that is the role I will play him in, but Im not sure if that is best for him attribute wise, does anyone have a better ideas of how to handle his training? thanks in advance. EDIT: Also, I guess his training intensity will make a difference too, wont it?
  7. I miss FMLive What a great game, flawed but so very great to play. IF and it is a big if, it comes back it would probably be best as free to play, they are so dominant now in the mmo market, the question would be whether a FTP model can work with FM, without it becoming a pay to win game.
  8. Im not dissing, im just pointing out the harsh reality of the players in the thread, yes, most of them are worth 600-800k but some will only be purchasable for like 2mil+, which certainly isnt "pocket change" as the title reads. And also from the title, "ridiculous", most of these player are hardly something to rave about even for lets say...championship clubs. That combined with the fact there is no rough idea given on their potential, either through a report by a good scout, or CA/PA spoilers. Aswell as the fact that there is no evidence of any experience with these players on this thread too. Im just pointing out facts that a none posting reader of these forums might take this thread word for word, and ultimately given bad advice on signing players that arent a good option.
  9. Not when you consider their value, the teams they will be good for wont have a mil to spend on just one of them. IMO looks like welshace just went through the Scandinavian international under 21 teams, and posted screenshots of all the player with the most attributes over 10, doesnt make all of the players good and hardly warrants a thread imo.
  10. Looks like 1 or 2 of his physical attributes are random at the start as his NF is different too. No big deal just with a bit of luck you can have him slightly better at the start.
  11. That last guy for a start, then milosevic, baffo, pekalski, helenius, delaney, nilsen, ostbo and odegaard, all look rediculiously average and no hopers.
  12. Just secured David Silva on a new 5 year deal for tiny wages considering he is now a full France International, he is now my most valued player by a lot, at 5.5mil. Ive reshuffled my squad a bit, sold some of my fringe trash and sold 1 or 2 unhappy players, just need to figure out where to spend my money, hmmm.
  13. Wow this has become really hard, because of the low league rep, my players are worth next to nothing, and are now asking for huge wages when giving them new contracts, so even if I decide to just sell them an bring in someone on lesser wages, I cant because I wont recoup much money from the sale. Never thought a foreground sugar daddy club would be such a challenge, Ill never progress beyond the CL group stages at this rate.
  14. This put a big smile on my face, especially as Gaston Fernandez was runner up last season due to playing in a poor league even though he scored the most goals. But now David Silva has annihilated the opposition even with the handicap.
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