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  1. Yeah but still IF that's true, there should maybe be some sort of prompt like "oh hey someone is poaching our youth with as of yet unknown potential ability! Would u like to invest X amount of money to make sure he stays and progresses in our academy?" Its an easy idea to add more depth and explanation into the game, and obviously IF you are strapped for cash you are not going to take the risk on an unknown "currently invisible" player. Also the flip mode of that is you could have a scouting assignment that tries to do this to other AI clubs, where again, u are met with a prompt such as "oh he
  2. Yo. So im streaming over at twitch.tv/kyznar as Bolton and im about to sign a great looking english 16 year old youngster for 4.8mil only to notice that this is his current career history. Now luckily due to streaming the save i could go back back and rewatch the moment i got the youth intake. And to my shock this player was NOT listed as a trialist on the intake, as shown here. Also I DO NOT have Everton as a parent club. So why didnt I have the chance to sign my own junior youth intake player? Through searching in my transfer clauses I noticed this had happened a
  3. Hey, I'm just going to throw in my opinions of this game and its development. Firstly, on a positive note, this is the best version of FM to date, BUT that is no excuse for the long term shortcomings and slow rate of progressive development in my opinion. Just because this game has no direct rival in the gaming industry based on content and subject within this genre (Strategy/Management) is no excuse for it to not be competing with other games in the industry. The lack of progress being made with this game from a year to year basis is shockingly bad. Yes, i understand that a lot of data c
  4. I have currently played 470 hours of Football Manager 2016, roughly only about 10 of which have been "idle", and I am a Twitch streamer that is growing in popularity due to my attention to detail over viewer interaction and my opinions/feelings about the game have grown so strongly that I feel the urge to post on here. This isnt rage, these are my genuine well thought out opinions of the current game state. 1. Match Engine - Arguably the biggest single element of the game. The limitations of the current engine are completely outdated, "new animations" are a feeble attempt to polish over the H
  5. Joe Gomez for me in season 4 coming off the back of winning Best Young Player at World Cup 2018, beast mode!
  6. Neuchatel Xamax Club Thread http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/283025-FM12-Neuchatel-Xamax-Thread-Chechen-Chainsaw-Massacre Might be a slightly contraversial title, but I think its clever if I do say so myself
  7. And my other player thread I made... http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/281896-FM12-Adam-Vass-Cheap-as-Chips-Solid-as-a-Rock
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