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  1. this looks very interesting is there an wizard version of this up somewhere? or is it only sliders?
  2. So funny how an out of the blue fm12 tactic is great in fm13 1.3 patch when every one has difficulty making tactics, LMAO Test Save 24 W 2 D 1 L so far Prem, Chelsea.
  3. HOly... lmao i downloaded the tactic to check it out and tell the feedback thinking this was new because it was bumped and so low post count just realized it was from 11, well for what is may count winning most matches with 3 goal diff with so far 7 matches 7 wins. Although with a pretty high caliber squad.
  4. Dave i know i said above i wont continue on this, but i just had to add something i agree with you as far as the TC goes, but dont you think that there was a very great feeling when you hit that sweet spot after weeks on a tactic like you just discovered a new continent? instead now its more like Ok i have this team, and ill do this playstyle , if it doesnt work ill take off that shout maybe use that OI and hope for the best. And of course best is your team slightly overachieving
  5. Hey m8 ill give this a try. Dont believe the rumours the ME is not perfect, SI is just trying to simplify things and dumb them down to just getting average results, results are easy to get with the TC + OI + Shouts but i find it to be a deeply annoying method. I feel more like a basketball couch calling for 10 timeouts than a football coach, besides what was i doing for that entire week if not preping them for this match :/ anyways ill start a new save im thinking maybe sundersland and post results after a season or 2
  6. I like how we are all willfully ignoring the fact that the ME has tons of faceplanting obvious bugs/exploits. This will be my last post on this subject since we are not really going anywhere and your a mod and im not but for some of us [Maybe a minority i dont know] it is not about results, i get those, its about the simple fact that earlier i could fine tune my players away from stupid behavior and how i cant. And by the way i used TC before [with advanced Instructions] and i use TC now [with advanced instructions for no long shots and some custom shouts] Its not the wizard thats my problem, heck i like the wizard and its a great tool to anybody that didnt understand slider assembly to enjoy the game. Its the constant nonsensical behavior that annoys me and since i cannot do 1 because staring at a wall doesnt work and that thing called Fifa Manager is a joke for old age, 2 because it just feels wrong to me, and neither 3 or 4 seems to fix my issue im just going to shut up and enjoy the moments i can while hoping that SI either reads the relatively high amount of complaints or data mines and realizes that 4 own goals every week is not a normal that you should be going for. To close my apologies to Mr Hough for completely getting off topic. And to anyone else who was here to read about a specific tactic and instead has had to put up with irrelevant things.
  7. I understand, all i was saying is micromanaging those little 3d suckers can be fun Oh well, old horse got to learn new tricks at some point or its got to be put down so out the west goes Old micromanager, IN from the east comes new stress riddled guy screaming from the PC imagining he is Mourinho
  8. Ah yes FML how i miss that game I really wish SI could find a formula to make it work :/
  9. Cleon/WWfan I feel like this is a very circular argument. I completely understand your point. Exploiting tactics use match engine bugs to achieve unrealistic results = bad. No bugs no exploiting tactics, awsome. Personally i have no problem with creating tactics from the wizard but please do not try to tell me this is more "realistic football" in essence its more like i provide rough guidelines to my players and hope they listen to me. Results are not my problem, Shouts + Wizard allows you to get them, as long as you do them team specific which is great and all. "All SI have done is fix flaws..." So you mean that Pique receiving the ball and just staring at it within area without being pressured [initially] and then losing the ball and me being scored on, is how normal football plays out? Or maybe i have missed a shout that says play like a normal professional world class athlete? Ball bouncing of the FACE of a goalkeeper into the goal? Tons of OG being constantly scored, i mean granted i dont watch prem daily, but in the greek league we have maybe 1-2 ogs a year. In this game i get 1-2og a match day, i even saw David Luiz bicycle kick an own goal in. You know i could go on and on and all i have in my disposal to counter this instances ? Shouts. Its not the results that matter, its that it feels like i would get the same results if i just Burned incense in front of my pc, the wizard has removed any sort of self sattisfaction out of understanding what made the AI tick and countering it. SI did not give us a better AI that is simply not upheld by the facts here, they gave us a simplified method of creating tactics that forces our team to play by the same restrictions that apply to the AI. As i stated before: The AI is not smarter, Our players became dumber. As far as plug and play goes not all of them relied on bugs, obviously the stupendously overachieving ones did and there is certain amounts of fun to be had in cracking the system and winning the prem with a low team but i have no issue with them fixing the exploits by making the AI harder, but simply said the exploits are still there just harder to make your team reach them. Just 1 mans opinion of course so im probably completely wrong who knows
  10. I dont know how far thats true, i think their intest was to stop the need to wait for a super tactic by making everyone just chucking together a decent enough tactic with the TC which would achieve roughly ballanced results, instead of playing with sliders or waiting on fuss/hough etc etc etc.
  11. Oh how i wish your words come true. I am the first to agree that the lack of exploits is a welcome sight, i am still unsure how the silly behavior of AI counts as anything mentioned above, i can list events and events One thing i will say is that it is still a great game worthy of playing.
  12. After masters of tactics such as Mr Hough , Cleo, wwfan and Fuss have said their say i can only add and agree. But since everyone seems to have an opinion these days might as well offer one up IMHO FM13 has failed in each success. To put it simply i think they managed to do what most of us have been asking for a long time, an unexploit-able ME but to do it in the wrong way. Instead of simply giving us an AI that is capable of adapting to "plug and play" super tactics to counter the strategies employed by most of these so called super tactics, they decided to provide us an with ME that is simplified to the point of tearing eyes out. As of right now, the most effective tactic i have used with any team [average results based] is a simple 451 with 3 box to box mids 2 wide mids a flat four at the back and 1 poacher chasing the ball, You might or might not be aware that this is a very simple formation used throughout most of the lower teams in Greece, and i suspect elsewhere in Europe that demands nothing of my players other than running a lot and passing and with the right OI i have managed to come to some great results. Of course the results are not the get reading and win the prem type, they are get reading and come in 6 type then come in 5 then come in 3rd. So a lot more realistic but it somehow fails to sattisfy. Before this game i used to work hard on a tactic and if the tactic was brilliant enough it allowed you to overachieve tremendously. Obviously this is much harder which is nice in a way, but its only harder because it feels like the they dumbed down my own player "AI" control instead of boosting the AI's tactic making ability. Currently it just seems that if i just tell my players go out there and run i will see a mix of overachieving FB/WB's a lot of runing down the sides. Some of the worst defending choices in the world including regularly droping dead like a fish to dive header the ball away while on defense [which looks ridiculous as an animation] Or just siting there with the ball in the area pondering philosophical thoughts. Midfielders that are generally not tightly marked and a striker that might or might not get a chance to score entirely depending on whether the defenders ate their wheaties in the morning. I have gone through over 30 tactics toying with sliders and the results are pretty much the same, nothing really changes that drastically from sliders anymore, it feels like we had these sharp tools at our disposal and now we are only allowed this blunt bulky thing with hard caps placed on either side to keep us in the straight and narrow. Its not that the engine is unexploitable, it just looks like they nerfed our ability to reach those specialized instructions to allow us to exploit it, at the same time nerfing our ability to make great tactics with it. The engine itself is simple if you just want average or decent results, through any defensive counterattacking formation in the TC [451/442/352] High Closing down, some man marking, some zonal marking [up Front and Wings] Tight marking if you have to, and you will be ok no matter what else. But there is no spark there is no brilliance there, and its getting tiring. Dont get me wrong, i love this game its just has lost some of that lust that we got when we looked inside the guts of the machine and found out how to make it tick, now all i can/have to do is through together a formation in the TC and buy better players.
  13. Dave they said that a hotfix for this "ahem" so called ME is coming out soon. If they dont, i simply dont see a reason to play a game that is so broken. Your tactic is great m8 but as mentioned in my other post you cant actually beat up the ME
  14. Dave i have a question i followed the suggestion of poster Eple Post#282 [Props for advice m8] and changed supply to feet and cavani/falcao have become beasts receiving the ball even in those situations where the box gets overloaded and previously we would just wait for that longshot or such. Is it possible that the Run On command made players not pass to striker unless he had space to move? I dont know if it has worked for anyone else, but its worth a try. Falcao is absolute stormer btw even better than Cavani, although both good. Sold mata for 45 million and never regretted it.
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