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  1. I saw someone else post an idea over at hfboards - it would be nice to be able to approach teams, and ask for permission to talk to their staff, and let them do the same - ie, you could approach a team, and ask for permission to hire one of their assistant coaches as head coach of your own team, or they could ask permission to speak to your assistant GM about their GM job. Also, perhaps during the draft, each team could have their own prioritized draft list, that way a team can assign more appropriate value to their draft picks. Based on how many picks are left before the pick in question, they could look at the 1 to 10 players that they consider best around their projected pick. ie, if they have the very next pick, they obviously are only going to pick one player, so they can weigh your offer against the value of that player. On the other hand, if there are still another 20 or 30 picks left before they make their pick, perhaps they can look at the player they project to take at that pick, and the 4 or 5 players they project as going before or after, and place the value of that pick as being the same as the best among those 10 players. That way, pick values really are dynamically based on who the team thinks they can pick.
  2. I would like to see the option of letting the coach run practice, but overriding that for specific players. For example, if I wanted to try and convert one of my wingers to a center, I would like to be able to assign him his own training program, without having to take over practice for the whole team. I would also love to have a system where you can tell the coach what you would like to have him do in games - from there, he can choose to do as you ask, or ignore you. ie "I want you to put Player X on the first line power play, and I want you to quit playing Player Y on the first line." That allows for more gm-coach drama and interaction, and it gives you more reason to hire or fire a guy than "he's got the best stats". I just thought of something else I'd love to see. I would like to see a little more interaction with the players during contract negotiations. For example, if a player asks for 1.8 million for 2 years, instead of just trying to guess how much money I have to throw at him to talk him into a 5 year deal, I'd like to be able to ask "would you sign a 5 year contract, and for how much?"
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