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  1. I spoke about defensive width. I posted something about that earlier in this thread
  2. Totally agree! If its a modernized role like bonucci or pique. A CB who tends to participate to the building, who can be that deep lying playmaker it can be very interesting. But the only thing that can be new infm19 is that this guy "attracts" the ball like the playmaker. In terms of positioning, passing, pressing and risk taking everything was tweakable in fm18
  3. Not to mention were talking only about the libero but i talk about the fact that everything SI have done in fm19 tactics was implemented in fm18, just harder to understand, to set and to be honest i dont want to speak about a dead football role for hours
  4. And you can give the others two CBS the limited CB role, forcing them to play the nearest passing solution, give the team the play out of defense instructions and then, with the relations between all the options youll have the center CB that will receive all the balls from the other 2 CBS reinforcing that "playmaker" role that you can expect from a libero
  5. youre right! But again, not without the other 2 CBS who follow the move. You can't have the central CB playing higher the the other 2. Imagine how you'll be punished in transitions, the space you left in the center behind him. Not a single team play like that. You can have a sort of playmaker in the center of a 3 men defense...by setting a high defensive line (they'll support midfield) and give the one in the center the ball playing defender role and you can even reinforce that by training him with the right PPM
  6. So you mean that one of the CB in a 4 men defense or the only CB that is in the center in a 3 men defense position himself higher...leaving a huge gap behind him...defense works as a line or a pair (the two CBS) I'm sorry but I dont see any teams that play with only one CB going up on the pitch breaking the entire defensive line.
  7. New fm18 ppm for CB : brings ball out of defense. I don't mean to be rude, love the community but you're underestimate fm18 possibilities. SI made a fantastic work and I think they don't have found how to get further in tactics this year. I criticize fm19 new features in tactics because there's nothing new, we can argue for hours but I can prove you that you can do pretty much everything, setting all types of play styles with fm18 tactics module. I've done it, Cleon have done it, he had even posted the settings for all styles. Nothing new in 19 because 18 was nearly perfect in terms of setting a formation and play style. Just very very hard to understand without hundreds of hours testing
  8. Just go to wikipedia and read the libero description. Then launch a game fm18 game set a dc in ball playing defender cover. Give him the right instructions, play with team instructions which allows him to do his job, ( passing style is important, pressing also) and give him the right PPM. Youve got your libero. And im amused by the fact that were arguing over a role that has totally disappeared in modern football
  9. Set attacking width : false you can do it easily with the width team instructions. Set defensive width : what's the point ? Defensive width is determined by the shape of the attacking team. You don't want your wingback to play narrow when the opponent play with wingers out wide. The defensive positioning is 100% determined by the opponent, not the formation. And how you can tell your defenders to mark tighter and to hold a defined shape at the same time, nonsense. Attacking defensive forward false easy to do using the right role tweaked with player instructions Counter is a matter of tempo and passing style, pressing is tweakable in every mentality, same for tempo and passing Libero at DC again what's the point : having a DC who covers, don't do too much pressing and try to play from the back : tottally doable with right role and player instructions Play for set pieces : you seriously think that this thing will make a big change in tactics and ME Come on! In fact I think the power of fm18 tactics is underrated because a lot of instructions were unclear and the consequences of tactical choices was unclear too. So now it seems that you can do a lot of new things but actually everything was doable in fm18 but it took time to understand the badly named mentalities or the combinations of roles, duties, positions, team and player instructions plus players preferred moves.
  10. I'm sorry guys but i don't see any new feature in the tactics. The tactical styles presets is nothing more than a bunch of team instructions chosen by the game and not by you. There's not a single instruction that you can't assign in fm18. Nothing new, it just made easier to create a tactic. Even the line of engagement or the transition phase instructions was tweakable in fm18 with the pressing and defensive line instructions and with the width and tempo instruction. Clearly i don't see anything that is doable in fm19 and was impossible to do in fm18. They just made it easier to build tactics, that's all. I was hoping for a upgrade of the player "links" that SI introduce in fm18, which is a great idea i think but a wingback doesnt just link up with his winger but also with the closest central defenders. The wingers link up with the striker especially when they play as inside forwards with an attack duty. That is an example of new feature that i expected from SI regarding the tactics module
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