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  1. Thank you @herne79 : i'm aware that roles and duties can help. Clearly, using them wisely can make things work in fm19 regarding mentality split. But i think mentality regroup many aspects of player behavior both offensively and defensively. That's why i think that removing mentality (which is quite confusing for some) and replacing it with clear sliders (risk taking, pressing, forward runs, tempo ) cans be a great addition. Anyway thank you for your time and advice
  2. I'd like to take off the mentality setting from the tactics to split it between every aspect this setting manage. Some sort of slider to manage risk taking, tendency to move forward, pressing, creative freedom, tempo individually or between units (defense,midfield,attack). Since team shape had been removed we cant split mentality between players making defenders playing carefully and attackers very aggressively for example
  3. I really like the links that are created with time between players. For now links are only between FB and Wingers, AMC and Striker, the two CBs and in the midfield. I'd like to see links between FB and CB playing on the same side, DM and CB ( the famous defensive triangle made by those 3) Wingers and striker, especially when wingers play as inside forwards and midfielders and AMC especially when he plays on a support duty. I'd really like to see links regarding roles. For example if a midfielder is playing carillero i'd like ta see link between him and the FB as, with this role he has to cover his teammate.
  4. Hello, This post is for Si : Any hope to see a hotfix release before March big update ? I'm asking this only because of the striker movement in ME. It's very frustrating to see my striker - a world class player - scoring very few goals, doing very few good calls and having a 6.4 rate on every fixture. (All of this as my team dominate almost every game) I know tweaking the ME is very complex and it takes times. But i think ME needs an urgent update for striker movement and central attacking play. I can understand that you can't deal with every ME problem in a few weeks but please release a hotfix asap for the biggest ME issues Just want to know how long i'll have to wait...and again i'm aware of the complexity of the work behind tweaking ME...
  5. same for me. After seeing too many regens popping as striker, ive downloaded genie scout. Turns out that 80% of the top 100 regens were strikers. Another problem : the few wingers were only "winger-profile", the wingback were only defensive wingbacks profile. Not a single inside forward, playmaker or offensive wingback profile after 7 years. And very few CB and midfielders... I think something is wrong with regen generation this year. Sad because this problem didn't exist in fm 18
  6. Let me share some of my thoughts about ME. I play a 4-2-3-1 (like many FM players). At first i was using an attacking mentality. I don't use wingers so crossing was limited but i've seen the same problem that many of you talk about : Player dribble by the sideline (mostly wingbacks), doesnt outrun the defender but tries to cross and obviously cross is blocked. I can't say that happens enough to talk about an ME bug but it was clearly poor decision making from my players, they keep being blocked and they keep trying without changing anything. Also, my striker was totally useless ( that looks like a bug to me) And then i switch from an attacking mentality to a positive one. Reducing the tempo a little bit. Lowering my LOD and LOE. And then i can see clearly that its much better. Telling my players to take a little more time to "think", to create an opportunity before trying risky passes, crosses or dribble made my team much much better. And my players take a little more time to seek for my striker, giving him 1 or 2 extra second to make a difference from his marking opponent. I realize that i was telling my players to take very high risks in every situation (defending ans attacking) making them rushing their decisions and tries to do a miracle with every ball they got. Now they are more patient with the ball and they take the time to create space, passing routes and mismatch to beat the AI. I'm not sure, im not SI dev but i really think that mentality is the key. And i also want to use that post to say that removing team shape was a big mistake. Again i'm not SI devs but from my observations, mentality affects a player behavior more than any other option. Being able to tweak the mentality line by line, players by players, to split creative freedom ans responsibilities between units was very useful imo. Especially as i see that mentality has a great effect on player behavior. So for the ones who struggles with ME, try to lower your mentality and your tempo to give your player more time to make a good decision AND try to lower your line of defense and LOE to create some space. It's just a suggestion as i don't want to debate in here. To be honest i don't like this forum but i want to help some of my FM brothers if i can....
  7. When I read this thread it seems that the problem is that we can't have different mentality between players. It was exactly what team shape did in fm18. Determine how much difference there was between players regarding their position and role/duty. Choose between fluid where everyone is concerned about attacking or defending and structured where the team is splitted in units that complete only certain tasks. So you can have a scale of risk taking from low to your defending squad to high to your offensive one. I've read that a lot of fm players think that removing team shape is a great idea, because it was too complex. I don't think so, I really miss team shape, so do you as it seems you struggle with your tactics. And I totally agree the AML/AMR lack a generic role. It's the only position that don't have one. Anyway you can try using attack duty in more conservative approach, it may lead to high risk taking players even if the tactic is more conservative.
  8. I've played 3 seasons with Lazio. I'm in april of the 3rd season. Liverpool won the last 2 CL I went to the final of CL last year, lost against Liverpool In a month i will play the second CL final in a row...against Liverpool, third in a row for them. I'm champion in Serie A, 92 pts in 35 games.... The last CL final i've lost against Liverpool is the only CL game ive lost for the past 2 seasons We both use Gegenpress...and we both dominate the world.... Clearly unrealistic, one dimensional and ME bug...
  9. It depends on what SI made with the "libero". If its the playmaking defender ive described its what you looking for, its a great new feature but the name libero is false. But thats not the first time SI messed up with the names of its features. If its a BPD who plays higher up on the pitch, as a moderator told me before, its useless and very risky in transition phases
  10. you're telling us that changes in tactics creator are complex, that they requires revamping ME and AI or it wont work suggesting that we cant ask for changes just like that. Bringing that in that conversation is weird, buy anyway... I've read a little bit more of the posts on this thread and i made my opinion : nothing new in tactics, and i realize, reading the other posts before today that i'm clearly not the only one thinking that
  11. So you're telling us that there's noting new in FM19 tactics, just cosmetics ?
  12. Having a new role for CB : playmaking defender. He attract the ball and push the midfield up front as he takes responsibility for the restart of play, keeping the ball, looking for a good pass as the midfield spread out. It allows you to have one more men to build up your attacks as the deep lying playmaker can be higher, every man on midfield is a solution of pass and the "first build-up pass" is the responsibility of the playmaking defender. Ask guardiola, he invented it he always give the responsibility of the "first build up pass" to one of his central defenders and tells his midfielders to spread out to occupy space. That why its very hard to press high against guardiola . But this new role needs to change the behavior of his teammates, not espacially his behavoir, as the BPD is already there. It needs to makes players pass him the ball and to midfield spread out to offer passing solutions higher up on the pitch Thats a new feature !!
  13. Glad to see I'm not the only one to be skeptical about tactics revamp. But need to say that a great job has been made regarding training this year
  14. Totally agree with you. More players are a good thing for everyone, and if making thing easier can brings some more people to play fm i would be very happy. To be honest i think that the critics and the press don't salute FM as it should be. I play video games for decades and FM is deeper than 99% of the recent games. It reminds me the old games that you have to play 200 hours to finish. Learning all the mechanics, failing hundreds of times But don't forget your loyal players that have spent 200h on every iteration. Make the game more casual, easy to understand is good for everyone as i said before but not sufficient to please the guys that bought every game you released And i know that the new options will be a huge update for a lot of players, but i can't honestly say that its new and a big revamp, not after spending hours tweaking things up in fm18, losing games, raging against ME to finally understand whats needs to be done in tactics module to achieve styles of play and making my team do what i want them to do. But i clearly understand why the game needs to be more casual, more clear and i see the benefits of it for everyone, even me : more players = more money = more resources to develop new features in future
  15. I say it since the beginning, fm18 tactics module is very complex, and you can do pretty much everything but not directly. you dont have the option, the slider to do that. But tweaking some of the others options you can indirectly set for example the defensive width or a lot of other things As for the flexibility that fm19 brings. To do what ? have a conservative line of defence with an agressive attacking unit ? Set the tempo, the passing, use the right roles. And team shape allows you to split mentalities between players. Ok i stop because i love fm19 but that just good marketing that youre doing right now. (I'm telling this with a smile on my face fyi )
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