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  1. You are right, I somehow missed them. Thank you.
  2. Hi @Michael Mallia Can confirm my boy is back. Turns out it was summer time and he prolly spent it sunbathing in his town, Buenos Aires. Thanks
  3. Hi @Harry Dunning I think 'Player Traits' is the same thing as 'Player Preffered Moves' in FM terms (correct me if I'm wrong) but yeah I pretty much meant that. Now they're nowhere to be found although I'm pretty sure they are part of the game since I got my assman saying "Player X adapts to ...".
  4. SI what have you done to my boy? I just opened the game to see my new favorite player getting a huge makeover. This guy was white just yesterday - snowflake white! Now he looks like he spent his last 10 years in the desert. He just looks like a badly sunburnt Ken doll now - I can't even bear to open his profile. A while ago I got a regen with a transparent face, now this? What's next?
  5. Hi. So I just noticed that there is no way to see player preffered moves in FMT. Prior to FM20 they were located in the Information tab right under the positions but now that has been replaced with play time. Any ideas?
  6. Hello. I am currently finishing my 4th season in FM Touch with a team from an eastern european league. I am by far the best in the league and qualify for champions league group stages every year. I have set up a nice team filling the squad with players I think fit my style of play and the team's DNA. While I have close to no problems winning the title and cup every year (almost getting boring) I have huge issues playing against elite teams and since I've always been seeded 4th in CL group stage I usually end up playing against 3 other top class teams. Here are the tactics I use domestically: My squd consists of the following types of players: - A decent sweeper keeper (13+ passing, kicking, throwing) - Decent all round wing backs (good physicall, good mentals and decent technique) - Strong, intelligent ball playing defenders (decent technique, good mentals, good physicals) - Hard working central midfielders - all with high work rate, teamwork, stamina (14+) and good passing and vision (14 on averrage) - Fairly fast, highly technical inside forwards with decent physicals, good passing, vision and flair - All round striker with good technical, mentals and physicals (good but does not excel in any) Anyways, this tactic ilustrates a gegenpressing style and at least for the league I am in it's proving to be excellent. There are three scenarios I struggle in particular and I need some advice on how I should setup the formation, TIs and player roles so that I still keep roughly the same style of play but in a more conservative, counter-attacking strategy: - Playing vs elite teams at home - Playing vs elite teams away - Adjusting tactics when you go behind after starting with a more defensive strategy vs elite teams I have to mention that I tried several defensive tactics but none of them proved to help me achieve what I wanted. I usually go for a cautious, counter-attacking tactic when playing vs good opposition and I try to park the bus vs elite opposition. Almost all the time I am scored in the first 10 minutes and it feels like I'm paralyzed. Any help is appreciated Cheers, Robert PS: When playing counter-attacking, my bet for the attacking threat would be on the inside forwards since they are the ones who can do magic out of poor situations.
  7. I am actually playing FM Touch just for that reason alone. Funny thing is that I just noticed I can't even see PPM's in the interface Must be some bug or something.
  8. I played on balanced mentality after I went behind because that was actually my normal "attacking" strategy. I actualy won both the cup and the league with it and it turned out to be quite potent in attack. The reason I play balanced is because I compensate to that with the heavily attack based formation, roles and TIs. Nonetheless, in reality, getting 50% possesion with a heavily underdog team against Pep is something that would never happen.
  9. CFR Cluj - Man City 2-3 (50:50 possesion) - I was CFR Cluj You keep saying that the game is realistic and doesn't have game breaking bugs but in all honesty the ME AI is a catastrophe at this point. This game for example - I expected to be completely dominated and put my hopes in counter attacks. I started with my base 4-2-4 formation on a cautious mentality expecting that with some luck I would get my strikers into space and maybe get a goal so I can hold onto a draw or something. They scored in min 4 - I immediately switched to my normal 4-2-4 balanced tactic and the game started to be more or less even. Now please explain this: - How on earth can I manage 50% possesion vs Guardiola's Man City all that while playing a 4-2-4 formation? - How did I manage to get so much out of the game while they got so little? (I mean 4 shots on target on both teams is ridicoulus) - Why is it easier to play a more attacking tactic vs big teams than a more defensive/counter-attacking one? (I noticed this over several games and will provide PKMs) CFR Cluj v Manchester City.pkm
  10. Does that mean that you do ME tweaks only on majors? Because the changelogs only come with those. (and with hotfixes) - as far as I noticed.
  11. Hello SI. This is a bit of an off topic but I think it would be very nice of you to keep the community up to date with tweaks and fixes you do to the ME AI. There are two major reasons I can think of why this would benefit FM: First of all, the community here consists mostly of avid FM players and people who care about the game enough to gather information about bugs and inconsistencies, describe them and be willing to discuss them. Providing a changelog, especially for the ME, would tighten the relationship between the community and the devs and it would show that you act upon and care about our complaints and suggestions. Secondly, this would be very useful for us by providing the necessary information on how to adjust our tactical setup to get the best out of the game. Although a simulation where people are supposed to follow the rules of the RL game, bugs and inconsistencies will always generate their own meta which people tend to exploit in order to win. Help us understand the meta faster and give us more info about what happens behind the scenes! Our collabolaration can only lead to a better version of the game. Cheers, Robert
  12. You could prolong the beta to 4 weeks or more and automatically gather and upload logs and stats from everybody playing it. Not everyone is willing to participate to the debugging process by gathering PKMs and writing descriptions and most people just refuse to play the game. This has been an ongoing problem with FM - the ME is poor and full of bugs until the post winter patch. After that patch you rarely release any new tweaks and when people complain you always point out to tactics. It is sad that there is no real competitor on the market for FM as that would push SI to put more effort into such things. I don't intend to direct any blame towards developers as I understand how this environment works but SI management should definetly read these forums from time to time and boost up their efforts which year in year out tend to dissapoint.
  13. Maybe it is just me and I need to start a new save but compared to the beta, ME seems kinda stale and boring atm. Every game seems to be the same, same routes, same types of goals. I am now winning 90% of my games into the second season (only having trouble in CL) and I am literally doing the same thing over and over - pretty sure I could script my actions and the results would be the same.
  14. @Josh Brimacombe-Wiard This is awkward, but where can I create PKM's in FM Touch?
  15. Hi @Josh Brimacombe-Wiard I will try to gather some examples and upload them. As for RL, where would I even look for such stats? The assesment is only based on my intuition and while I do understand that players, especially in lower leagues, will more often look to shoot from those positions, I am pretty sure that once in a while you'd see someone try to pass or cross instead of smashing the ball towards the narrow post. I have literally never seen a situation where that would happen and besides being frustrating the ME becomes a hell lot boring and predictable.
  16. Hi. So something I noticed in the beta and also in today's final release is that players entering the penalty area from wide always shoot even though the chances of scoring are low compared to trying a pass or a cross towards the middle or far post. This applies to all IFs, IWs, Wingers, WBs or FBs. It is particularly annoying as I am playing a narrow counter attacking tactic and when I do manage to get on a good counter most of the chances end up paired or hit the woodwork (most of the shots are aimed at the narrow post). Anyone noticing this or is it just me?
  17. Hi Jack. This is a very impressive insight, thank you very much for taking the time to help me out Leaving this aside, I seem to strugle with tactics particularly in this version of the game. I do admit I am very bad at visualising how my tactics play out and I seem to have a hard time understanding how each setting affects the overall style of play. I am more of a general manager kind of player and that is where I get the most excitement from but I really do like the game and have been a loyal fan of the franchise for many years so far. In that sense, are there any plans in future releases of addressing this issues for players like myself by either simplifying the tactical creation or by providing some tools to better and more efficiently visualise your style? I woud really love that!!! Another thing I seem to struggle with is the fact that in Touch you can only choose one tactic. Of course you can save and load other tactics but that seems buggy at the moment (set piece takers get removed, tactics don't stay in the quick menu and so on). That gets very tedious when managing a mid-table team that is always supposed to switch from more attacking styles to more counter-attacking styles - which is contrary to the purpose of Touch. Once again, thank you very much for your time. Will definetly check your adjustments out and give them a try. Cheers, Robert
  18. To sum up my thought process in the problem I presented: Squad analisys - A very technical attacking trio with lots of vision and flair - A midfield that excels phisically and mentally but is also fairly decent technically - A decent back four with a mixture of phisical and technical players The philosophy - Considering the phisical power of my midfield we should be able to constantly haras and frustrate the opposition by not allowing them any build up play - Considering the high level of technique and creativity in my attacking third we should be able to not rush penetration and instead keep the ball around looking for an opportune moment. Due to individual skill (especially flair) this should not be a question of wheter it happens but when it happens. - The defence should hold their shape, block any attacking attempts and help us recycle possesion The issues - My midfield seem uncapable of phisically and mentally dominating the opposition - My attacking trio seems uncapable of using the skill and flair to create chances and instead they keep rushing penetration through dribble attempts or long shots The outcome - We get dominated in the midfield and the only way we manage to outplay the opposition is through skill-based long shots or set pieces and sometimes through pace based counter attacks - The fact that we get so crushed in the midfield counters the philosophy I'm trying to implement. I tried bringing more bodies into the midfield through other formations (e.g. 4 2 3 1), roles (IWB), TI (play narrower) or PI (sit narrower) but that does not help. The solution As you can see, possesion is not necesarily an obssesion but merely a key principle in our philosophy. Once we get possesion we can look at ways on how to bring the ball forward and create chances. But if we do get crushed in the midfield so hard then the whole idea falls apart. The Leicester - Chelsea match is the perfect match to try to understand how this philosophy can be achieved mostly because they seem to defy all explanation on why they are so good on the ball and we aren't. Hope this makes more sense. Cheers, Robert
  19. As I mentioned earlier it is not my obsession to play possesion football nor is it my philosophy. I was looking for procedural approaches on how to get the match engine play the football you want to which in this case is possesion football. The hard part for me to understand is if I can't do it with a world class team how am I supposed to implement any style with a lower level team? What I noticed so far: - high pressing strategies are overpowered (Liverpool was always my nightmare and nemesis in this year's game) - The impact of TI and PI seem to have less value in the ME than in previous versions of the game I agree with you but that was based on @herne79's implementation of tiki-taka and I felt it suited the game since Leicester had a lot of possesion in their own half and mid areas. Aside of that, I feel these instructions are very hard to visualize how they impact in the ME and it could be that a high pressing strategy for a lazier team would have the same impact as a normal pressing strategy for a very commited and aggressive team. The direction I want to go with these is that not all of us have the ability to speculate how a certain tactic would play out and maybe not even the ability/time/patience of observing how your team plays in full mode and then knowing how to react. Currently the game is getting more and more complex every year but the channels they feed this data to the user stay the same and the way the information is presented could be improved a ton.
  20. If anybody is willing to take a challenge, I uploaded the save game on my google drive (keep in mind this is for Touch): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FefMXMSLXLIW2sB6gri3OHumekwPo_Zk/view?usp=sharing The objective Get +60% possesion in the match against Leicester Bonus: Score at least 2 goals from action (through balls, crosses, individual action). I would rule out long shots since they are so OP this version of the game. Keep me posted if you succeed. I'm very much looking forward to end my agony Cheers, Robert
  21. Hi @herne79 - thanks for the link, it was a very good reading. I know you insisted on people not copying your tactic however I'm looking for a minimal framework that would allow me to keep possesion. Therefore I used your basic idea and implementation with minor tweaks to suit my players. PS: Having a minimal framework that already works would give me the chance of trying to understand why it works. Right now I'm just stuck in a limbo trying to achieve what apparently seems impossible. I have to mention that I specifically used your PI's for all my roles although I reckon I should not take for granted that'd work with my players. So, the results: As you can see, I am still unable to achieve possesion. Looking at the game in full mode I observed these things: - Leicester passes very easily both on their own half as well as in the midfield and decently well in their attacking third. No matter how much my midfields commit with pressing they always seem to find the proper pass. (as you can see they managed 510/608 passes which is 1.5 times more than I managed to) - They press high up the pitch. What I noticed is that I struggle to penetrate with short passes and what happens is the ball gets to my CD's, they pass back to the GK and then he blats the ball forward which results in a lost ball (that's odd because I specifically instructed short distribution and also tried assigning him "less risk" PI) - My players try to use the wings to penetrate (Hazard and Insigne) but what happens is that they always attempt to dribble but never get past their man (even on one-on-ones) - I initially thought that they are rushing penetration so I switch to lower tempo + normal passing but that just results in a bit more passing in the midfield followed up by a blast through ball forward which ends up with nothing. - I tried the AP (a) + IWB (s) on a balanced mentality but that didn't result in anything better really Why: - is Leicester so good and so composed at passing the ball even when under constant pressure from my mids? - my players are so badly intimated by their pressing? They ultimately have so much better stats that it should be enough to help us keep possesion and get past high pressuring attempts. How: - do I combat their high pressuring strategy so I can ultimately have possesion? - do I stop their very good passing and win the ball back asap? Cheers, Robert
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