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  1. Hey Dan, The only thing I did before the bug started to happen was to shout to the team and to specific players. Then on I was still able to issue tactical changes and subs but they never got applied. The subs were actually reflected in the bottom bar but not on the pitch (for ex. I subbed Saka in for Pepe which was injured - you can see he appears to be on however on the pitch Pepe played the whole game). I also tried cancelling the changes but that didn't work either.
  2. I've got two injured players yet I can't sub them nor can I make tactical changes. The panel on the bottom left just stays like that and tactical changes never get applied. Please sort this out asap because I'm pretty sure it happens quite often (happened on my first official match of the season and today is the first time I'm playing FMT21).
  3. You are right, I somehow missed them. Thank you.
  4. Hi @Harry Dunning I think 'Player Traits' is the same thing as 'Player Preffered Moves' in FM terms (correct me if I'm wrong) but yeah I pretty much meant that. Now they're nowhere to be found although I'm pretty sure they are part of the game since I got my assman saying "Player X adapts to ...".
  5. Hi. So I just noticed that there is no way to see player preffered moves in FMT. Prior to FM20 they were located in the Information tab right under the positions but now that has been replaced with play time. Any ideas?
  6. Hello. I am currently finishing my 4th season in FM Touch with a team from an eastern european league. I am by far the best in the league and qualify for champions league group stages every year. I have set up a nice team filling the squad with players I think fit my style of play and the team's DNA. While I have close to no problems winning the title and cup every year (almost getting boring) I have huge issues playing against elite teams and since I've always been seeded 4th in CL group stage I usually end up playing against 3 other top class teams. Here are the tactics I use domestical
  7. I am actually playing FM Touch just for that reason alone. Funny thing is that I just noticed I can't even see PPM's in the interface Must be some bug or something.
  8. I played on balanced mentality after I went behind because that was actually my normal "attacking" strategy. I actualy won both the cup and the league with it and it turned out to be quite potent in attack. The reason I play balanced is because I compensate to that with the heavily attack based formation, roles and TIs. Nonetheless, in reality, getting 50% possesion with a heavily underdog team against Pep is something that would never happen.
  9. CFR Cluj - Man City 2-3 (50:50 possesion) - I was CFR Cluj You keep saying that the game is realistic and doesn't have game breaking bugs but in all honesty the ME AI is a catastrophe at this point. This game for example - I expected to be completely dominated and put my hopes in counter attacks. I started with my base 4-2-4 formation on a cautious mentality expecting that with some luck I would get my strikers into space and maybe get a goal so I can hold onto a draw or something. They scored in min 4 - I immediately switched to my normal 4-2-4 balanced tactic and the game started t
  10. Does that mean that you do ME tweaks only on majors? Because the changelogs only come with those. (and with hotfixes) - as far as I noticed.
  11. Hello SI. This is a bit of an off topic but I think it would be very nice of you to keep the community up to date with tweaks and fixes you do to the ME AI. There are two major reasons I can think of why this would benefit FM: First of all, the community here consists mostly of avid FM players and people who care about the game enough to gather information about bugs and inconsistencies, describe them and be willing to discuss them. Providing a changelog, especially for the ME, would tighten the relationship between the community and the devs and it would show that you act upon and c
  12. You could prolong the beta to 4 weeks or more and automatically gather and upload logs and stats from everybody playing it. Not everyone is willing to participate to the debugging process by gathering PKMs and writing descriptions and most people just refuse to play the game. This has been an ongoing problem with FM - the ME is poor and full of bugs until the post winter patch. After that patch you rarely release any new tweaks and when people complain you always point out to tactics. It is sad that there is no real competitor on the market for FM as that would push SI to put more ef
  13. Maybe it is just me and I need to start a new save but compared to the beta, ME seems kinda stale and boring atm. Every game seems to be the same, same routes, same types of goals. I am now winning 90% of my games into the second season (only having trouble in CL) and I am literally doing the same thing over and over - pretty sure I could script my actions and the results would be the same.
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