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  1. UPDATE: The weird thing about this is ever since I sacked the second assistant manager the team started to perform worse. I am curious whether it is possible that having this gave me an unfair advantage over the last couple of seasons. If so I am now regretting my decision...
  2. Not sure if this is a bug but based on the previous releases and game UI it seems like it. I just come to realise that I have two assistant managers employed at the same time:
  3. I'm in the middle of a season now and I haven't been playing for a while but will make sure to do it once I reach the end. Thanks.
  4. Hey Harrison, thanks for the reply. I've only been asked to set a code of conduct in the first season and not in the subsequent 4 seasons. Hope this gets fixed soon.
  5. Just to make sure I'm not going insane here's another one: Before After
  6. This is really pissing me off because the player got a red card on min 12 causing us to lose the Super Cup. I selected "Fine 2 Weeks Wages" then pressed confirm then I see this:
  7. Created this thread as well It is basically the same issue. Just yesterday I thought I bought a wonderkind for 25mil only to find out I have to pay 1.2mil for 10 games as well. Sneaky AI...
  8. As seen in the screenshot, the "X amount per game for Y games" is missing from the dropdowns and from the UI yet the AI still uses it.
  9. Hey Harrison, I just checked and it says "No code of conduct has been agreed yet" although I clearly remember setting one each season.
  10. Min 80:40. Buitnik starts a 75m counter attacking run while I still have 3 players at the middle of the pitch. My players just watch him run without any attempts to press him. (PKM attached) Vitesse v Ajax.pkm
  11. The Code of Conduct preset punishments do not get applied when a player commits a missconduct. Instead the punishment always says "None" so I basically have to remember what I have chosen or apply subjective punishments. There's no point in having a Code of Conduct if this doesn't work.
  12. The picture speaks for itself. The bottom bar completely dissapeared and I cannot access tactics or make subs unless I press "Start extra time".
  13. I can confirm CCCs are always 0 to both sides. I'm in FMT
  14. Hey Dan, The only thing I did before the bug started to happen was to shout to the team and to specific players. Then on I was still able to issue tactical changes and subs but they never got applied. The subs were actually reflected in the bottom bar but not on the pitch (for ex. I subbed Saka in for Pepe which was injured - you can see he appears to be on however on the pitch Pepe played the whole game). I also tried cancelling the changes but that didn't work either.
  15. I've got two injured players yet I can't sub them nor can I make tactical changes. The panel on the bottom left just stays like that and tactical changes never get applied. Please sort this out asap because I'm pretty sure it happens quite often (happened on my first official match of the season and today is the first time I'm playing FMT21).
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