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  1. Hi guys Addition in the first post of version 1.2.0 of Electric Panther with the addition of transparency on comparison panel inside tactical view. Because i speak too much a little video
  2. you dont select position widget in any areas whereas is possible and attributes hightlisted is linked to position.
  3. new version 1.1.1 In addtion : To install properly the skin and change settings : Team View Slider usage : Player Overview Slider usage : @gladman1i fixed face issue on attribute view.
  4. yeah its exactly this. btw i have to rework a bit this view
  5. Electric Panther - Mustermann Edition - v1.2.0 The objective with my friend @Akasha was once again to offer a skin that does not distort the original skin, but which enhances it with the colors of the moment. Objective achieved? Not really anymore as we move further and further away from it over the course of iterations. This is our 3rd skin and a V1 (which is in fact last year's V4 improved and which has a real change with the last version in fact). So don't hesitate to report bugs that we didn't see during our multiple tests. THANKS / Credits First important part its credits cause if this skin exist its because a lot of skinmakers share their works, their ideas and helping each others. Thanks first to @TCSSkin, @GIMN, @Akasha, @Damn3d their support, help and support in all phases of design and testing. BIG UP @Akasha and @Damn3d, ElKun, Rhino, @Irons_FMS for their help with bug support and artistic direction. Thanks to your ideas, the skin has passed (again) quite a milestone in my opinion. In this sense I would like to credit and thank the following creators who clearly inspired me : michaelmurray (for his helpful tweaks and guides) @necjeff DF11 for the specific panel and the authorization to divert the DF11 a little for my use in a deeper integration @tracisloo Tangfu Skin (little training panel) @Krysler76 - Heffem Skin (for the initial inspiration, little help and drama, love you bro) OPZ - OPZ Skin (for the idea of changing font in skin. FMEnhanced & Zealand - FMESkin (community tabs and some assets) i_am_the_shark - SSD skin (for support and answer throught the last 10 years in some graphics projects. GzSkin @JustHowiefor inspiration and help @Wozzie (for his many tweaks and inspiration) @_Ben_- Statman (for his tweaks, answers and his help welcome on the SI forum) Gaz @keysi for being an example and a source inspiration for years now and also for his help. @TCSSkin - TCS (for all his help and without whom this skin wouldn't really exist) @GIMN - Mustermann (for all his help, his genius ideas and the ability he had to challenge and support me and without whom this skin would not really exist) Electric Panther skin features Player Overview modification (Profile view and Attribute view) Bars Attributes management (Poke @TCSSkin) Staff screen modification Integration of FM Stag stats for even more advanced indicators. (Poke @FMStag) Integration of archetypes and Pizza Chart Made by Mustermann (Percentiles will be updated at the end of November for Pizza). (Poke @GIMN) Appearance of infrastructure notes in club view Info added to individual training panel. Added info to learning center panel. Updated scouting card. Added neon effect in many areas. Human trainer screen modified. Modified match and summary screen panels. Modified tactics screen with added player faces. Club screen modified with a new, totally personal panel. Added management of mini stadium packs and city pics. Background management with a dozen "Electric Panther" backgrounds. Instant Result added Last 11" feature added to club view. Tactical terrain changes Harmonization of game colors to match your club's colors. ( WARNING: Use with caution to dark clubs) Return of settings files according to color to enhance color immersion as close as possible to your club. Addition of a content creator menu with french streamers. Addition of a FMSLife menu Changelog 1.0.3 Addition of a child skin to fit 13" resolution in general and strangely help on almost 4K screen ! (Please keep the two Electric skin folder in your FM skin to use 900p version.) Panel tactics fixed to show intensity and familiarities Addition of shortcut below continue button Manager Home Left container fixed to appear league table 1.1.0 Better Translation management to remove french words (sorry guys i'm french so it's french friendly first ) Mustermann tab : Fix for table with some missing labels Stat tab in player overview fix Player Popup graphical fix Recommendation grade fix on scouting card Stadium picture addition on calendar view Rework on Last Match review news panel Rework on stadium page Addition of Staff List in staff overview page. Addition of opposition analysis widget on tactical overview in match Addition of DF11 back shirt on tactical panel Opposition Analysis overlay fix to fit tactical panel. Comparison attributes tactics panel fix 1.1.0 Minor Fix update Addition of Praise Criticize to several player in individual training 1.2.0 Management of the comparison attributes panel on tactical panel (addition of transparency) Screens Player Overview Installation When you download "Electric Panther - Mustermann Edition - Low Res.zip" you will get a folder with two skins inside. Please put the two skin folder inside your skins FM24 folder. Select normal or 900p version ingame according to your resolution. Normal version is developped on Mac 16" and works well with 85% ingame zoom and sidebar "icon only", more zoom could crop visual. 900p version is developped to Mac 13" or PC 13", some 4K display or FHD display with big windows zoom could better fit with this version. Inside skin folder you have some settings file available, choose which fit well with your club colors. WARNING: Dark club could be difficult to read interface. Only solution at the moment is changing club color with IGE. DOWNLOAD LINK
  6. think i understand how it works only tab which work have specific id for comparison if you add a tab with another id its broken. So probably we couldn't have several options and it couldn't work as i though :'(
  7. thanks for the answer snow i saw what you mean, i had this issue you mention when i add player stat in club overview but this time is a bit different i think cause we can see on the screen the selector work and show the selected widget just i cannot change to up the other widget (which is exactly the same) i love Si skinning issue but i'm at the end of the way on this one :'(
  8. Hi guys ! i'm still trying to develop new version of the skin Electric Panther and i'm on a feature to allow the user to choose between number attribute or bar attribute. On the player overview no issues its works well but i'm trying to go in the same way in player comparison. i tried to add an other tab but only one works, i tried a selector and it seems it could work but the pop up button is unavailable maybe anyone have an idea here please ? Here a little screen below and the code of the part of player comparison panel and the selector code. <container class="grootabs" id="mcbc" appearance="" default_item="OvrC" changed_event="dese" save_session_state="true" height="40" navigation_container="true"> <!-- The overview panel is an xml file only and doesn't do anything clever except contain some more panels --> <container id="OvrC"> <translation id="title" translation_id="323122" type="use" value="Overview[COMMENT: Player comparison type header]" /> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="all" inset="0" apply_to_children="true" /> <container file="player/player comparison overview" id="over" hidden="true" /> </container> <!-- The attributes comparison panel is similar to the one found in person profile --> <container id="AttC"> <translation id="title" translation_id="323123" type="use" value="Attributes[COMMENT: Player comparison type header]" /> <layout class="arrange_vertical_attachment" alignment="top" offset="0" gap="0" /> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="all" inset="0" apply_to_children="true" /> <container class="client_object_viewer_selector_panel" id="comp1" file="player/groot/selector/big/player comparison attribute selector panel" minimum_width="300" default_width="-2" priority="2"> <integer id="default_for_unemployed_managers" value="attr2"/> <integer id="default_for_international_managers_other_team" value="attr2"/> <integer id="default_for_everyone_else" value="attr2"/> <integer id="default_for_versus_mode" value="attr2"/> </container> </container> and the selector code : <panel> <container id="SUBP" class="inner_subtle_box" > <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="all" apply_to_children="true" inset="0" /> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="all" inset="0" /> </container> <widget class="popup_button" id="popv" auto_size="horizontal" height="20" click_event="msis" appearance="buttons/custom/customise panel/button" fixed="true" prme="false" navigation_focus_target="true"> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="left,top" inset="6"/> <!-- This is a bit clumsy but I can't think of a better way without using equally clumsy code --> <!-- Animation to 'hide' the widget by drawing it out of the clipping area --> <!--<animation class="translate_animation" trigger_id="hidden" trigger_value="false" start_value="100.0,0.0" end_value="100.0,0.0" duration="0.1" end_mode="hold_end" apply_to_mouse="false"/>--> <!-- Animations to move it back and fade it in when moused over --> <!--<animation class="translate_animation" trigger_start="msen" trigger_end="msex" start_value="-100.0,0.0" end_value="-100.0,0.0" duration="0.01" end_mode="hold_auto_reverse" apply_to_mouse="false"/>--> <!--<animation class="fade_animation" trigger_start="msen" trigger_end="msex" start_value="0.0" end_value="1.0" duration="0.4" end_mode="hold_auto_reverse"/>--> </widget> <widget class="player_attributes_comparison_panel" id="attr"> <translation id="title" translation_id="323123" type="use" value="Attributes[COMMENT: Player comparison type header]" /> <record id="object_property" get_property="objt" set_property="objt"/> </widget> <widget class="player_attributes_comparison_panel" file="player/groot/attribute/player attributes comparison panel" id="attr2"> <translation id="title" type="use" value="Bar Attributes" /> <record id="object_property" get_property="objt" set_property="objt"/> </widget> </panel> Thanks by advance guys for the help
  9. it seems really interesting but how you can use it and to do why i'm not sure to really understand
  10. your work is pretty amazing @_Ben_ Some nice ideas to help skinning community to go beyond their abilities ! Keep going mate !
  11. yeah you thought about Mustermann Tab in Electric Panther v4 (not released finally). Yeah i think it was logical cause nothing went from me in this tab.
  12. i'm with you, personnally i always try to mention or credits a guy who inspire or where i pick a thing if it happen. It's a basis for me
  13. do you really think that community site/forum will ban someone to not credit others ? Mate unfortunately those site made views and click with thoses contents. Seems more a generational issue, here we talk about skin but you can expand on other way. Take some streamers, they are more and more to offers lists, challenges and a whole host of content. How much of this content is really theirs? Let's also talk about those who ask for a donation to be in partnership with them, and who force certain creators to stay with their content? Imagine a guy who makes logos asking streamers for donations to give them early and privileged access, and in return, he responds to the requests. And all this for licensed content! And a license he doesn't even own. Today, it's all about business and visibility, and respect is no longer people's priority.
  14. It's a really difficult subject like each others we use or reuse other stuff sometimes with modification, sometimes not. I'm pretty sure at least one time every skinmaker did it maybe only once. the best pratice should be assume it and trying to manage the situation in asking at least. Myself i assume i probably not asked to every single guys involved. I figure out at least credits all people i can trace. In an other hand, last year during FM23 session i created some assets and @TCSSkinor @GIMNcan confirm and i saw those in some creation and i think only 2 guys talk to me to reused them The big majority don't even credit me
  15. Personnally i joined skinning community two years ago with the help of @TCSSkin and last year @_Ben_ and @GIMNmainly. And which this experience i can say some things probably already said. First of all we generally prepare a skin to fit our needs and we made it for free with a large amount of hours on it. My configuration is Macbook 16", 2 screen FHD 23" and a laptop 15" FHD. Explain me how and why i should take a massive extra time to adapt it to low res without any possibilty to test those configuration ? It's the same problem for the extra wide resolution btw. I really think you have to put you at the place of the skinners guys which spend days and days to custom this and offer them to the community. Really the workload is huge.
  16. Et donc on doit ajouter un nouveau poste et voir pour que ça fit avec un rôle specifique parce que tuas le positionnement moyen sur un match qui a eu lieu y'a 2 semaines alors qu'on bosse en bonne partie en amont avant le début de saison ? Comme dit je suis pas fermé à l'idée juste avec les éléments au moment de faire désolé mais on ne pouvais pas considérer Angel comme viable en MDC, on doit voir les choses dans une cohérence d'ensemble. D'autant qu'Angel a été pour le coup pas mal revu. de fait je vois vraiment pas d'erreur sur ce sujet. Merci pour ton retour
  17. Hello, je ne suis pas d'accord avec toi, cela reste ta vision. Dans mon analyse Angel est initialement un milieu offensif reconverti comme un meneur de jeu en retrait. Ce que l'on voit à Lille. Le Regista évolue plus bas comme tu le dit toi même d'ailleurs. Et Lille ne joue pas avec deux milieux défensifs dans ma vision des choses et dans les analyses je peux voir un peu partout. Comme d'habitude je referais un point cet hiver. Mais on ne peux pas parler d'erreur sur ce cas désolé. au plaisir d'échanger.
  18. Hi @Kyrioand @Varera for specific Bouaddi case it's not an error, like Cwaka mention it, Ayoubb is not eligible for FM24 sadly
  19. this an amazing work you made bro ! Anytime i think you do your best, you surprise me again !
  20. DAMNED @Tyburnhow you suceed to fullfill face for stats case ? i tried many options using code from stat player panel from human home or from team overview small panel but no one works on team squad view for me :| It's awesome !! And your integration looks so great. Could you share the code just for top goalscorer box for example to see what i done wrong ? or help me to understand where i'm wrong Here my last try <container class="inner_subtle_box"> <attachment_group class="vertical_arrange_autosize_horizontal_centre" /> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="horizontal" inset="0" apply_to_children="true" /> <widget class="text" id="glsL" spec="text" size="medium" alignment="centre_x,top" auto_size="all" font="label" colour="grootViolet"> <record id="object_property"> <integer id="get_property" value="Tstg" /> <boolean id="name" value="true"/> </record> </widget> <widget class="object_portrait_picture" id="ppcu" scale_picture="true" height="40" auto_size="horizontal" keep_aspect_ratio="true" image_alignment="centre_x"/> <widget class="player_stat_text" style="bold" id="glsc" alignment="centre_x,top" font="label" size="small" colour="normal attribute" auto_size="vertical"> <record id="object_property"> <integer id="get_property" value="Tstg" /> </record> </widget> </container> Just to prevent this code works on club overview but not in team view
  21. yeah i doubt about this aspect, this is while i would test the idea but i don't succeded at the moment.
  22. Love than one Squad summary bar ! Really a lovely idea. Tell me guys, one of you succeed to add the player face in boxes like captain, vice-C, key player.... I tied different options but as far i can go is to show team logos :sad: thanks by advance guys
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