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  1. Hi, thanks for the save game - this is an issue we are aware of and have under review internally.
  2. None yet for saves started before the original fix came in, but it is being investigated experimentally to see if a retroactive fix can be worked in (normally this wouldn't be possible for issues with competitions in existing saves).
  3. Hi, this is a known issue with the fixture congestion at the start of the first season. This is under review internally, though in your save it should be working correctly in future seasons.
  4. Hi, I suspect this is an issue with the xml file selection for distributing teams between the Vanarama North/South going awry. Could you upload your save game and the edit file(s) used to start that save game to our cloud service please? It might be a knock-on of the edit file but I would like to double check. Thanks
  5. Thanks for spotting this, I've logged this internally now.
  6. To clarify on this situation, this is because the League D playoff path operates differently in European Championship qualification cycles in future in game. As League D only has two groups, instead we bump the best overall team from League D into the final playoff path along with the best remaining overall teams in the Nations League who did not qualify for the finals tournament/playoffs already.
  7. Thanks for spotting this all, this is now under review internally.
  8. Hiya, just nipping in to say that I'm afraid this is a general issue with B Teams which is affecting clubs across various nations. This one is already logged and under review, thanks for raising regardless.
  9. Hi, this seems to be a result of Andorra not being an EU nation even though I would assume that they should count as EU for the sole purpose of this rule. I've logged an bug to investigate this, thanks for raising.
  10. Hi, to clarify was the save game started on version 21.2? There was a fix for this issue in new save games that went out with the full release of the game, however for pre-existing saves started before this we have been unable to fix the issue. If your game was started after version 1487510 (This can be found under FM > Game Status) then could you upload your save to our cloud service please? Thanks
  11. Hi, I'm afraid this is a limitation of the youth league system in England as is currently setup. Because there are a limited number of spots in the top U23 divisions for higher EPP rating teams then if no team drops out of the divisions by their youth facilities decreasing in standard new spots won't open up for new teams to be rise into.
  12. Hi all, just to confirm that this is a known issue we have under review already. Thanks for raising
  13. Hi all, this is a known issue currently under review internally. Thanks for raising
  14. Hi, to clarify have either of you encountered the issue after the most recent update to the Editor (The build number under File > About should be 1499636)? There was a fix for a cache issue causing the columns to not be able to populate or be edited. However if this has not resolved the issue for you both could you follow the steps here to find the Local Sports Interactive file, but instead zip the Editor 2021 folder and upload that to our cloud service please? Thanks
  15. Hi guys, thanks for the quick feedback on the update. As I alluded to above there was a fix submitted for this issue but for whatever reason it doesn't seem to be preventing this bug from occurring in all situations (as you've noted Matan, it does seem to prevent the squad numbers cancellation in some scenarios but not all) - I've sent this back to be reviewed further. thanks for the upload of the new reproducing save for this.
  16. Hi, as Stephen has mentioned above I'm afraid this is more to do with the application of the transfers code given the starting data for the Netherlands (and Dutch clubs) rather than the rules set for the country. So with regards to replication Dutch-specific transfer activity I think the Research forum would be the best bet for seeing if there are related data fields which can specifically reflect these trends.
  17. Hi, this is due to the competition update day (the day between seasons where the competitions code under the hood updates everything to the new season at once) being different per nation. Spain I believe are quite late due to long running Second Division B playoffs.
  18. Hi guys, I'm afraid as with 21.1 the fix for the mixed around scheduling bug only works in new save games. Given how common saves which started with the issue are I have logged a request to investigate the possibility of a retroactive fix, though I should warn (without the specific technical knowledge myself) that competitions & rulegroups fixes for existing save games are much unlikelier/riskier and as such not always feasible.
  19. Ah I see now, thanks for spotting this - this is now logged and under review.
  20. Hi all, apologies for the lack of news on the squad numbers bug since the last update. While I'm unable to give an exact timeframe or any specific news I should let you know that this is one of the priority issues to be resolved for the next update.
  21. Thanks both, I've got the issue reproducing internally now and have logged this for review.
  22. Hi, that sounds unusual and I wasn't able to reproduce this with an English team - could you upload a save just before a match where only 7 subs will be available to our cloud service please? Thanks
  23. Thanks for spotting this, this is now logged internally for review.
  24. Thanks for spotting this, this appears to be the case for all European club competitions in game at the moment actually so I've logged the issue for all three internally.
  25. Hi all, regarding the home & away fixtures bug in the top tier we are aware and investigating whether a retroactive fix for already started saves is possible (due to the way the competitions code works this is usually not feasible). A fix for new save games did go out with the full release of the game, however if as evildicko suggests this is not working for all new save games I might need more information. For those of you affected by this can I clarify the following: 1. Is the save game affected one created after version 1487510? (This can be found under FM > Game Status)
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