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  1. This is probably the wrong section but at the moment I don't really care!! My laptop breaks so I go and buy a new one (mainly to play FM 2014) and I merrily think it will be easy to carry on my saved game. I try to log on to Steam and it tells me I need to verify my account and I will be sent an email. The issue is my email address linked to the account is an old one I have no access to. I raise a ticket on steam support and wait.....and wait...and wait. Now I realise some of you will be reading this and thinking it's my fault that I didn't change the email address on my account to my current one. Whilst I was annoyed part of me agreed and so after waiting 4 days with no response I bit the bullet and using an old steam account I had bought the game again. Now.....here's where the fun really starts. I go through the hassle of transferring my save, graphics etc over to the new version and play 2 matches. I then save the game and go to bed. I wake up today, try to login and my password doesn't work. I reset it and again it won't work!! It appears my only option is to raise a ticket with the same support team who (5 days later) have not responded to my initial support request!!! I realise there is not anything that can be done from here but I fail to understand where in a world where I can record something on my TV when I'm out and where I can reset my bank password in minutes it takes this long to get a response from Steam. If indeed I ever get one! I have paid for this game (twice) yet I am unable to play it!!!!!!
  2. Hi I'm looking to get a new laptop as the old one has gone to the PC World in the sky!!! I'm only going to use it for FM and web browsing. Looking to spend up to £450. Looking at the few below and was hoping to get some help. http://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/HP_250_G2_Core_i3_6GB_750GB_Windows_8.1_Pro_-_Windows_7_Pro_Laptop_F0Y94EA/version.asp?PID=1316 http://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/Lenovo_G500_i3-3110M_8GB_1TB_Windows_8.1_Laptop_In_Black_59396847/version.asp http://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/Toshiba_Satellite_Pro_C50-A-1E6_Core_i3_4GB_500GB_Windows_7_Pro_Laptop_With_PSCG7E-02D042EN/version.asp http://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/Lenovo_B5400-Intel_Core_i5-4200M_2.50GHz__3MB_Cache__1600MHz_4GB_1TB_DVD-RW_MB82HUK/version.asp I'm not that technologically minded so any assistance would be great. Cheers.
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