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  1. I haven't bought FM 14. First year I've held back on purchasing at release since CM3. The main reason is the ME is often flawed on release and it take a while to get it right. I've ranted on here many times in the past about this and have decided to stick to my guns and not buy until the final update is out. What has annoyed me over the years is the comment "It will be out when its ready" comment from SI. It is a pain in the butt comment to me and I take it as meh we will release it when we can be bothered which is not the case in any shape or form but that's how it feels to me. I know SI don't go into a new release aiming to have a poor ME and when there are issues they work hard to fix them and release and update as quick a possible. This does take time and as consumers we all want the best game possible now. Waiting is not our strong point. My previous posts about update strategies have been shot down when i call for more feedback from SI on updating. So here is one last shot at a suggestion to ease people constantly asking when is it out and the mod's constantly say when its ready. I have recently been playing another game that has a lot of new content added on a regular basis and a lot of patching going on to fix things. On those forums there is a sticky thread call patch update news. It is a locked thread posted by the developers. In it they post what they are working on i.e we are currently working on patch 4.1.4, patch note will be release when patch goes live. Expected release if it passes testing is a month, 2 weeks, end of week, friday as per there internal expected time scales. The post is updated to change the date as they narrow down the window. If the anticipate a date like friday if it looks like the patch has failed as soon as they know they post "issues have arisen in testing. The patch is expect in x weeks or days." This kind of feedback which takes 2-5 mins to post has massively reduce the amount of posts and threads asking when the latest patch is due out. Might even save some Mod's sanity along the way Maybe SI could do the same. 5 mins now and again can save so much time and frustration. Anyway looking forward to getting FM14 in the future and controlling the french revolution at the Toon. Good job i passed french at school
  2. won't buy on release and probably won't buy after FM13. Bought every one on release since the early Amiga days. It's all gonna depend on the demo when it comes out but i fear my FM time is over.
  3. A very interesting thread. I can only say ive play 3 games using this apporach and finally the football I play looks decent. The results are even more impressive. where i was scraping a 1-0 away to a bottom team i've now thrashed them 5-0 as i would hope to do with the talent of my players with them barely getting a sight of my goal. I've always been down on shouts as i felt they didn't allow my tactic to play the way I wanted it to but it complements the tactic.
  4. IMO. It's the Match Engine that is the problem not the tactics. Im still playing FM13 despite the flaws and having some sucess but nowhere near the levels i have had in other games. I have create many different tactic over the course of about 30 seasons but the same flaws are visable every match. Defending is poor. Passing is poor, Long shots are far to often and fullbacks cut inside even when told to hug the touchline. Stikers will not run at defenders. Until the match engine translates our tactical inputs into the game play the game will not be realistic.
  5. Would be interesting to have more options. One thing my friends and I have talk about for year would be different width settings for each line i.e defence, midfield and attacking. The ability to keep a narrow back line with more width up front would make tactics a lot more dynamic
  6. A lot of the star rating is also down to how likely he is to reach potential. I got a decent looking striker through my youth system but workrate and determination were poor. He was 2.5 star rated and only 3.5 sliver stars for current ablity. I thought he was worth developing as his key stats were good. I tutored him with my best striker and after 6 months he was up to 4 stars. More tutoring and a loan out later he has now just turned 19 and is 4.5 stars and my ass man says he could be a leading premiership player. His improvement is so huge i sold my best striker at a large profit. I have also seen these go the other way. My best CD and team captain is only 2.5 stars and was 5 star when i signed him. He is a current international and way better than anything else I could buy. Star ratings i use as a guide but i look for the key attributes in a player.
  7. That sounds like a great idea in practice. But since we use steam and no roll back on patches is possible just imagine a bad ME update is released the number of people who would be on here complaining. I would be one of them. FM13 has been a let down although the latest patch has restore some of my faith in the game and I feel in its current state it is very playable again. One way to try to avoid the mass engine issues in FM14 that we have seen in FM13 would be to allow us access to the updates but without disturbing FM13. We have in a way been defacto beta testers for this engine so one SI method could be for everyone who has bought FM13 release another version of the game lets call it FM13.5. Same game as we have now but consistantly upgraded with ME updates where we can test if we want. this could provide feedback to SI. Of course SI may think something like this will reduce FM14 sales. But why not have a lock date on it like i believe we had in the beta this year. FM13.5 will become unplayable at the demo release of FM14 therefore not affecting FM14 sales.
  8. At release i'd give it a 4/10. Now after all the updates I'd have to say 7/10. I've only played 7 seasons offline as I buy the game now to play online with friends we are currently into our 4th online season after waiting for all the patches to comes out. Still a few match engine glitches and game issues. but overall i think we now have a game that has taken a huge step forward from FM12. I'd like to see FM14 as a well polish version of FM13 instead of a game with 100's of new features. Lets get a great match engine.
  9. It can be donw. I had a 30 season stint with Vikingur O on FM12. once you hit the CL groups and have the cash rolling professional status is granted by the board. Loved the challenge even won the CL on quite a few occasions as well. Buy cheap and selling high is crucial.
  10. I had a 17 year old striker who was nowhere near 1st team ready and I loaned him out to Hibs in scotland. A better standard of football than reserve team level he came back after year on looked awesome. He was in my all conquering team as the main striker from 18 to 30 win i sold him. Keeping players around the club is a benefit but as others have said here players need games to improve and at a standard better than reserve level or their current ability to improve. Loaning out is worth it but get it right.
  11. The ME is a massive step forward now from where it was at release. While its not perfect its not a million miles away from that. I have 2 games going atm. A premier league game and a LLM. I see similar flaws in the engine at both level but a lot less frequent at the higher level than at the lower lower. While this can be frustrating I feel I can except them more as player flaws now and ME errors which they still are. Its just my perception has changed now. FM13 is a huge step forward from FM12 and I cant see me going back to it and being satisfied. I don't really like the training system although there isnt anything wrong with it I feel it is a step backwards in sophistication whereas the rest of the game has moved forward. I'd like to see a move back to the old format or more interactive model being created. Something along the lines of being able to train as a squad of players on things like ball control, tactics, Fitness, Set Peices. Then the Indvidual training for skills. Both of which we have now but then group training. Defenders on defending, Attackers Attacking. I dont like my defenders learning to shoot because they are group in with the overall training.
  12. If i had one complaint about injuries its the number of long term injuries you get from tackles in game which don't get carded at all but the 3D ME appears to show they are bad tackles. but as the ME is an interpretation of events its not always accurate to what really happened. I do see a lot of knocks and niggles which players can play through maybe more than in other versions of the game but i don't see this as anything wrong. Having played semi pro football my self i can remember I had some sort of knock in probably 40% of the games I play every season. Not enough to take me off the pitch but enough to make me need to rest up for a few days. Overall I think then number of injuries are right. Things that tend to exaggerate the situation are small squads play very often. In the early seasons as I'm team building I don't have enough quality to rotate so see a lot of injuries. Rotation is key and managing the players. Early Champions league, League Cup and FA cup games I rotate heavily to keep the squad fresh. Easier home games I'll rotate as well. The hardest part is when you get to the business end of the season and the games come thick and fast. Planning ahead for these is crucial. I often pull the players out of the reserves and into the first team so the don't have those games to play as well and it helps me rotate. Also Condition and match fitness are a must to view. Keep the players match fit. Players lacking fitness are more prone to getting injured. Also players coming back from injury ease them back in. I never drop someone straight back in for a game until he is fully match fit again. 45 mins in the reserves and coming off the bench to gain fitness works wonders.
  13. A release every 2 years is never going to happen. There are fundamental issues with a new release every year which are unlikely to ever be resolved. The game is released around oct/nov every year and as has been pointed out testing misses bugs and only by a huge volume of gamers playing the game do these get spotted and eventually fixed. These often are not sorted until Jan then there is the transfer window update which comes after that in early march. So assuming the next release hits in Oct again that is 6 months of the game in its final complete stage. Now some gamers don't care about the transfer update and me personally if the game was playable out of the box I wouldn't be bothered about it. Now some of us wait for a final patch to start a long term game and by that stage we may as well wait for the transfer update. It is clear that the model for a 12 monthly release is far from perfect but while the game is being purchased its not going to change. If you want a perfect game then the only way to do that is to vote with your purchase of it. Personally I will never again be buying the game at release and I have bought every single version of the game on release day in the past. I'll buy it when its final patch is out and then only if it is good enough. That way I get my 12 months between release. The whole process of FM13 has soured my appreciation for SI. Yes they eventually get it right. But it takes a long time and the feedback from SI during this ME update process has been poor. The company line of it will be ready when its ready has put my back up. This is the main game I play offline and online and I love it when its working well. It's never going to be perfect but it can be pretty close so that's when I'll buy it. The new features are always great but as they say you don't miss what you never had.
  14. Is it possible to manage the reserves and youth teams yourself like in previous versions. I cant seem to find the options to take control. Am I missing something?
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