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  1. How do you find this affecting morale going into the season? Presumably getting thrashed by much better teams is a bit demoraising for players?
  2. Yeah; what could possibly go wrong! By the way, if you know any good tycoons looking to splash some cash, send them my way
  3. What measures are those, mikenevo? As a new player, this has been quite difficult for me. Maybe it's just that I'm at a low reputation lower league club with barely any support, but it seems from looking at the finances that even if my wage bill were zero we'd still make a loss. Sometimes it seems you're damned if you do and damned if you don't. The club is in a bit of a bind in some ways. The income is so low that it doesn't take much to plummet into the red. Obviously, success improves income, but (and this is due to my lack of experience) I find that success involves some kind of expenditure. My plan has been to do all that the board allows me to do to get success for the club; essentially taking a hit now in the hope that it will be offset by future success. Unfortunately, it's not working out so well at the moment and the club's finances are shot. I've done well staying within wage budget, but last season it got a little over but the board were content with it (I had a lot of long term injuries to key players). However, recently the losses have been mounting and now the club is valued at £0. Most annoyingly, the board reduced my wage budget without warning and are now moaning at me for being over budget. Thanks very much, board! Anyway, I'm in pre-season at the moment and this one is shaping up to be really difficult. I also can't seem to shift deadweight. No one wants these players, which is perfectly understandable because I don't want them either. I think I've learned some good newbie lessons for LLM though from this save: - make more use of loans - don't be so attached to players - don't panic buy because there's a deficiency in my squad - don't have so many backups
  4. My club is valued at £0. That's bad, right? It certainly sounds bad! Serious question though; what implications could this have? I'm managing Oxford City and am currently in the Skrill Premier. The club has never been in a good financial position in the 5 years I've been with them but somehow we've always managed to keep going. Normally when things get bad, the board injects some cash and we carry on. The board haven't done this for a while though and I'm starting to get hampered by low budgets. I've been focusing on doing all I can to bring success to the club as I figured that's really the only practical way for me to help improve the finances. If the board allows me to do something, then I will do it if I think it will make us a better club. But now I've noticed the club valuation of £0 I'm starting to wonder if things are about to hit the rocks. We also have about £30K debt (the board took out a loan a few years back to upgrade the stadium after being promoted). I'm kind of hoping that we get taken over by some mega-wealthy tycoon, but apparently the chairman will never leave the club of his own volition, so am not certain how likely that scenario is. Has anyone been in a similar situation to this and how did it play out? Is it possible for a club to die under a huge pile of unpaid bills?
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