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  1. Just to counter balance this; loads of times I've bought a player and after he joins my club his value is less that what I just paid. Same when I sell players; often the fee I got in is greater than his new value. So transfer fee is really a totally different thing to the value the game assigns a player. Arguably that should be made clearer to the player, but conceptually it works ok for me.
  2. Does the quality of a scout and/or depth a player has been scouted to affect the accuracy of expected wage demands?
  3. With Southampton I lost two consecutive Champions League finals, both to PSG.
  4. Whilst this sucks, it seems realistic to me. The player wanted to get a foothold in a decent European league to showcase his skills in order to attract the attentions of a bigger club he can move to later to progress his career. Meanwhile, he (or more likely I guess his agent) wants to squeeze as much cash from you as possible as he/they feel his reputation demands it.
  5. Interesting you suggest that as I decided to start him on Roaming Playmaker, at least for the start of his career as I figured that no matter what he ends up being he needs a general boost in stats across the board. I do tend to use an AM© as Advanced Playmaker and I'm thinking this is where he's probably going to end up, so I also agree with inacion's post. I'm not sure he's ever going to have enough defensively to thrive in central midfield. I've never had a player like this before who's kind of like Mr General Footballer. I suppose even if he doesn't live up to his potential he'd make a cracking bench player
  6. I've picked up a promising youngster in Joe Rankin-Costello. Here's his profile: My question is how would you train and play him? I don't think he's quite right for the defensive strata, so probably somewhere and some role in M© or AM©. But he's so versatile and looks to have so much room to grow I can't really decide and would hate to waste his potential and him end up being jack of all trades but master of none.
  7. Sounds to me like the player/agent thinks he can do a lot better for himself at a bigger club so wants a get-out that reasonable but low enough that any team he's eyeing up will be able to get him. But since you initiated the offer he's just chancing his luck for a bit more cash but doesn't really care much about the outcome (maybe he's just not that motivated by money). At least, that's how I read the 'intent', as it were, of this position. But then I have a tendency to build stories in my head to explain this kind of stuff. The non-negotiation is a bit rigid I guess, so maybe there's some tweaking needed there, but I guess SI are the ones to answer that. I reckon you should do a deal; sounds like you're quite likely to lose the player anyway. Might as well squeeze some extra cash out of it if the worst happens and hopefully slightly reduce other clubs' interest through the higher wages and release fee (unless those wages are too high of course).
  8. Mattzey; if the roles were reversed, what would your opening offers be for these players?
  9. I don't think anyone is arguing against improvement in these things (even if you think it's good already, improved is always better). However, I think this kind of analysis and decision making is relatively easy for a human, but incredibly difficult for a computer. It's all so woolly, context-dependent, complex, so much combining of different information in different formats from different sources – basically all things brains are far better at than cold-logic driven, rigid, and inflexible computers. To be honest, I'm amazed the game even works at all.
  10. Just so. I don't understand the attitude where someone may not like a feature but instead of simply letting it slide and being aware of the fact that someone else might like it, instead seems to react angrily almost like they've been insulted. Take the manager creation; plenty of players (myself included) will enjoy a little manager avatar on the sidelines. If that's not for you, then fine; all you have to do is click 'OK' when you get to that screen at the start of a save. Hardly the end of the world. That's not everyone, mind you. There's probably a fair amount of constructive criticism to be had on the new features, although it's far too early for that criticism to be particularly worthwhile. Personally I like almost all the new announcements, so I'm eagerly awaiting more details.
  11. In a chaotic system like the FM match engine, the finer the detail you observe it at, the more that the differences get lost in the noise. On top of that, there's a psychological term called 'just noticeable difference' which is exactly what it sounds like - a measure of the smallest difference people notice. In FM terms, you won't notice the difference between passing of 170 and 172. To be honest, you probably won't notice the difference between 16 and 17 but I think increments of 5% are a quite effective measure. A good balance between noticeable differences and range of values. The 0.5 to 200 scale is great for rich match engine calculations but it's a good call to simplify it for the user.
  12. Eugene; you are a part of the simulation too so there's nothing stopping you using your own knowledge to supplement your FM save. In fact, I would argue that's even more of a realistic simulation that just having the game do everything. After all, managers have brains and knowledge. I think from a narrative perspective, all that is really happening in FM when your scouts 'don't know' about a player is that your scouts don't know enough about them to produce a report or 'best guess' of their ability. For instance, they have have heard of some whizz kid from Brazil, but since they've never seen him they can't give you a report. That's how I think about it anyway.
  13. Nation: England (preferably, but open to suggestions) Division: Premier League (preferably); Championship (possibly) European Competition: Don't mind Media Prediction: Anything other than among the title favourites Board Expectation(s): Don't mind Transfer Budget: Enough to work with Wage Budget: Enough to work with Finances: At least secure if possible Other: I've had a few 'serious' saves now so am looking for something a bit lighter and more fun. I want to take a team and rebuild it with as many wonderkids and top prospects I can get within my budget just to see how they do, what happens, how they develop, what ridiculous fees I can sell them for, etc. So the team needs to have enough transfer and wage budget, and also room to offload members of the existing squad (without too much upset, if possible).
  14. It's probably much more common that you think. I just don't think affiliations are heavily publicized or carry much interest in the media. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_feeder_teams_in_football#England Also big clubs do play little clubs in pre-season friendlies: http://www.premierleague.com/en-gb/news/news/2015-16/pre-season-fixtures-of-barclays-premier-league-clubs-2015-2016.html Now, the biggest teams do tend these days to play in lucrative foreign tournaments, but I think that's a more recent trend. You still have Premier League teams playing lower league clubs in the above fixture list. Edit: just seen two classically FM-style ones: 11 July Gorleston 0-7 Norwich City (Emerald Park) 14 July Hitchin Town 0-10 Norwich City (Top Field)
  15. Does the player you sell still have to be at the club when they get promoted?
  16. Hey, you leave Jose alone, you. He listed me among his friends in an FM15 save so have to defend my good buddy
  17. Aren't you somewhat confusing 'match engine' with 'graphics' here? The same match engine calculates what's happening regardless of how you personally choose to render the results of those calculations on your monitor. Personally, I simply enjoy watching the 3d view and find it helpful – probably because it's most like watching football on TV, so it's what I know and understand. Is it perfect? No, of course not. Would I like more life-like graphics? Sure, why not. If that means I am not a member of the FM master race, so be it.
  18. Zinedine Zidane as Burnley manager? Got to love FM
  19. I recently holidayed the game 10 or 11 years for the start of a new career and noticed Mourinho had resigned from Chelsea in 2015 to go on a grand tour of managing European nations going from Germany to France, and then on to Italy.
  20. On the flipside, I always find it a little creepy when another manager who I've never had any interaction with 'feels the two of us could become friends'.
  21. Correct; your tactic is as good as it ever was. It's the opposition who have changed. They've cottoned on to how you play and are countering it.
  22. Hey, I'm managing Oxford City too I'm finding it a fun club to manage. I'm in my seventh season and it's been a time of a few great highs, more awful lows, all mixed in with seemingly endless periods of mediocrity. Somehow I managed to reach the Conference North playoff final in my first season, but lost badly to what was admittedly a far superior team. Still, 3rd in the league was far better than I could have expected. Second season (like you, in the Conference South) I managed to win the league ... on goal difference ... ! We were doing really well then totally bottled it towards the end of the season and got lucky having had a big 6-2 win early in the season saving our skin. So, third season came, now in the Conference Premier. It was the big time now! Our target was to not get relegated. Our target was not met ... We were awful. All season. Just painful. Finished rock bottom of the league. Somehow I managed to convince my key players not to hand in transfer requests, and even more remarkably, the board kept me gainfully employed. Season four, we were storming the Conference South. After all, we had Conference Premier experience. We were men in a league of boys! We were 18 consecutive games unbeaten at one point. We were unstoppable! Yes, you guessed it, we bottled it again. But, like before, we somehow managed to scrape together enough points to keep our heads above water and we were back in the Conference Premier as champions (if you can describe a team clinging on for dear life as 'champions'). Seasons five and six were essentially two years when any club who was higher than about 15th in the league was strange and unfamiliar to me, given how intimately familiar I became with the relegation zone and those glorious, coveted places just above it. I'd have sold my soul to be in 20th. Both times we were saved by late-season surges where just a few wins managed to save us in what is a very tight league. This season, season seven, is shaping up far better. We're currently 25 games down (with a game in hand) and are sitting pretty in 9th. Apparently, this makes me untouchable according to the board, though I'm expecting us to go on a losing streak any time soon. We'll see. Though, results on the field are not the half of my tale of mediocrity. Describing the financial state of the club as 'bad' would be an understatement. The board kept chucking more cash into the bottomless pit but eventually got sick of it when we were about £750,000 in the red and the club was worth the princely sum of £0. We got taken over (and I didn't get sacked, remarkably). So everything is ok now: the chairman cleared the debt ... with a £750,000 bank loan that we have to pay back at the cost of about £3,000 a month for the next 25 years. What could possibly go wrong with that! Unsurprisingly, we have the lowest wage budget in the league (and it gets lower every year!) and our gate receipts are pitiful (at least our fans are able to find a seat). I'm hoping SI add a 'Sell Kidney' button so I can get a little more transfer revenue. But, you know what, despite all that, despite all the pitiful performances, despite all the times when playing the game felt little better than repeatedly smacking my head against a brick wall, despite it all; I wouldn't change a thing.
  23. Things always look easy from the comfort of your armchair
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