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  1. It seems to me that there can be some flexibility in there. Sometimes the board are sympathetic if you were very close or unlucky not to achieve the minimum (e.g. a tough draw in a cup or losing on penalties). Sometimes you can mitigate the disappointment by doing well in other areas. For instance, just recently I have performed badly in the league but excelled in the Europa League so overall the board were happy enough with me. However, I do think that in a really tough league like the Premier League that a minimum expectation of winning the league is a bit harsh. Maybe it's a wording thing; perhaps emphasis on 'expectation' rather than 'minimum'. More like a target than a requirement.
  2. To be fair, you could just as easily characterise those that are not ok with the preorder as telling people how they should feel. At least the mods are trying to give reasons for why they are ok with the preorder. The problem is this whole debate is so lacking in substance that it has long been exhausted and it's just going round and round and we're all getting cheesed off with each other.
  3. I tend to find that match sharpness and fitness isn't too bad for such players when they return. I like those years. I tend to start at my normal time and send those internationals on individual holidays though.
  4. I don't think so. The discount offer is intrinsic to the very preorder campaign that we are being asked to decide if we are OK with. The discount is a reason why many are OK with the campaign. I totally get why someone wouldn't want to preorder at this point in time due to the lack of feature announcements. In fact, I would argue that is an entirely reasonable and rational decision. What I don't understand is the offence that it apparently seems people are feeling over the very existence of the choice to preorder at this point in time. To me this is no different to preordering a book or anything else where the details of what it is you are going to receive are unknown. The terms are crystal clear. The window of opportunity is gapingly large. The choice is entirely free. The lack of feature announcements is obvious. I am completely comfortable with the consumer being able to make their own decision on if to preorder or not. To be honest I find it questionable and bizarre to hold the position that SI should not make such an offer as that position by definition seeks to deny an option that quite clearly so many are keen to pursue. And this is the heart of it - it's an option. A choice. The question of whether 'we' are OK with this campaign is a legitimate one I think. But the answer to that question is individualistic, entirely underscored by a person's particular values, and ultimately is probably best measured by whether one makes that preorder or not. If the point of this discussion is to find a universal answer on the 'ok-ness' of all this, we're clearly going to be disappointed.
  5. I will do as soon as I get a chance (probably not going to get chance to play for a few days ... the horror!).
  6. Maybe they have great passing stats or get a fair number of goals and assists across the season?
  7. Roykela, I play in maximised borderless windowed mode. As I believe you have too, I still have the issue after a Windows update today. I also updated my nvidia drivers just to try it. Yohann88260: are you using maximised borderless windowed mode too?
  8. I can do even better – a 40% discount! If you find the game cheaper somewhere else and want to buy from there go ahead. Seriously; some people's diamond shoes are too tight around here. It's a discount offer. A gesture from SI. Yes, meant to generate cash for them, but its hardly a slap in the face.
  9. I found it particularly egregious when Miles's heavies kicked my door down and he forced me to preorder. Then he chucked 20% of that money back in my face. In my very face! The nerve, I tell you. Anyway, what's done is done I suppose. I might as well put a thousand hours into it. If I have to. I heard a rumour that in FM17 you'll be able to manage a football team of your choice and it will have an updated database to reflect recent changes in the footballing world. Can anyone confirm that?!
  10. Neil; I've heard nothing on that Microsoft thread. Did you have any luck reproducing the problem? I'm still getting the same issue but found if I keep an eye on Task Manager and use roykela's trick of starting Windows Performance Recorder when RAM usage is high, it helps to keep it in control and avoid the crashes.
  11. I'm not sure if this is the best way to contact Microsoft, but I posted the issue here if you are interested in what is said in this thread: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-performance/desktop-window-manager-extremely-high-ram-usage/de72f8b4-8128-485b-bdf9-5e3589e66e85?tm=1471362315406
  12. I haven't contacted Microsoft as I assumed it was FM16 since the issue only seems to occur when running FM. I will contact them though as it couldn't hurt.
  13. Just since I noticed it, here's an example of what I'm seeing. FM has been running all evening with no problems, but now I just left it sitting for a while as I watched a stream in IE. Desktop Window Manager was using about 150 Mb RAM when I started watching, after about 25 mins it's up to around 1700–1800 Mb.
  14. This started happening after a Windows update on Weds/Thurs so I suppose it could be the anniversary update. It was a large update, almost like a reinstall, and there's a few minor UI changes. Roykela, your issue sounds like it is identical to mine. I too used to just have FM running for hours on end and there was no issue at all.
  15. I'm not totally sure - maybe one time it did seem to hang when processing before a match I think it was. Normally it looks like it might be Windows itself that closes it.
  16. I do run other programs. I always run Chrome with several tabs open and I will be streaming video in one of them. Sometimes I will stream video in IE. Other than that it would just be whatever Windows is running in the background or whatever services my PC runs on booting up. In the game I use extra graphics for logos and faces. There are thousands of images in those packs. I use the standard FM skin. I run the in-game editor but have only made minor changes such as changing my team's kit before the start of the season or tweaking a name. Sometimes I peak at the hidden info out of curiosity. My current save uses an edited database that reflected the results of the season just passed. I have just started the 5th season. I run a lot of leagues actually. I load in almost all countries at the start of the game. The database size I selected was large. Hopefully I've answered all your questions there. Let me know if you need anything else. Thanks for your help.
  17. I have only noticed this after a recent Windows 10 update but I am having problems when running FM16 with very high memory usage. Occasionally this seems to cause FM16 to stop working. Looking at Task Manager, I notice that after a while Desktop Window Manager will start using very large amounts of memory. Often about the same as what FM16 is using - I'm regularly seeing it somewhere between 1 and 2 Gb. Rarely it is as high as 3 Gb. When I exit FM16, Desktop Window Manager returns to low levels of RAM usages; like 25 Mb or so. I have 8 Gb RAM which I would consider perfectly adequate for FM16 and indeed most applications. I do stream video on a second monitor while playing but this has never before been an issue and doesn't appear to be demanding on my system. I'm afraid I don't know what other information to provide or how I can diagnose what the problem might be. Thanks for your help. I managed to grab a screen capture of the error message Windows is giving me. I've attached it to this. I've just had this happen twice when doing nothing except leaving FM idle while watching something on my other screen. This time Desktop Window Manager did not appear to be using much RAM.
  18. They/their agent will refuse to open contract negotiations. You can agree a fee with their club, but the player will just flat-out reject you.
  19. Sorry to distract this thread but is there anywhere where these random events are listed? I'm quite curious to know what random events are buried in the game
  20. Is this a totally random event? I don't think this has happened to me very often so I presume it's rare, but can you do anything to help prevent it?
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