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  1. As I read it, and I am simplifying here, SI seem to have had 3 options when handling transfer offers from players to the AI when the AI doesn't want to sell: 1) Reject the offer outright with no negotiation (issue: surely every player has a price) 2) Allow the AI to accept offers around or above the player value (issue: obviously ridiculous, too easy to buy any player) 3) Allow the AI to counter with a very inflated price. This option best reflects the AI not wanting to sell, but the fact that any player can be bought if you chuck enough cash at the club Is that about the sense of it?
  2. Geez, I was only trying to help ... won't make that mistake again.
  3. Don't the existing Spurs squad have rather low wages relative to the club's reputation, position, ambition, and competitions they appear in? Then players are asking for wages based on those factors rather than based on what existing players are getting paid? Even if that is the case I'm not sure that counts as something that is broken, more a challenge for the manager.
  4. I wonder, for the teams that still do this; why do they do it? Habit, or some tactical advantage? Seems to me that the only real option for the second player at the kick off is to just play it backwards anyway. Don't see the point myself, but am happy to be illuminated.
  5. I wonder if it is not so much that players want to chat about it, but rather their reactions can appear to be a bit extreme and childish, and sometimes the options you have to pick from in response aren't as rich or varied as perhaps they could be. Players want to play, so I think it's fine for them to say 'hey boss, why won't you pick me?' as even the most professional player will want to know why they are not playing and what they can do about it. However, the conversation can turn a bit too suddenly in the direction of 'well in that case, I want to leave and I can't believe how appallingly you have treated me and expect a squad revolt in the near future, and by the way I'm going to talk to the media, and be careful that this doll doesn't hit you after I've thrown it out my pram' (exaggeration for comic effect ). To be fair, I'm not sure if this has changed for FM17 as I've not played it yet. In FM16 I found that I could generally manage this ok if the first time I said player X is playing too well in your position (provided that was true, which it usually was) and the player would more often than not just say, 'fair enough' and drop it. After that I would just call their bluff and say 'ok, I'll sell you for the good of your career'. Often players would back down but if they didn't then that told me that they weren't the right personality to fit the squad so I didn't mind moving them on so much. After all, I wasn't playing them anyway so no loss right?
  6. This is a good point. Brexit is something that clubs must be thinking about right now, or soon will be, and if they are not planning for various possible outcomes then that would be utter negligence. Hopefully the AI squad management will cope with it well enough. We can't write that off yet when the game is in beta and hardly anyone will have actually experienced a brexit. Personally, I am looking forward to this happening in my save. I get that some won't like it. I understand it even. I don't like that you can be sacked for no reason after a board takeover, but I accept that I am playing a game that really doesn't care about my feelings and treats me exactly the same as a random AI manager. Anyway; more random events please SI. This is good stuff if you ask me. It's good to shake things up to stop long term saves becoming too dull.
  7. If you are a manager with a non-UK EU nationality, would you need a work permit to manage an English club in the event of a hard Brexit?
  8. Ridiculous for SI to waste resources adding cats to the game when they could be fixing the match engine.
  9. I would never have played FM at all if it didn't have a 3D match view. I like it and think it looks pretty good. Not perfect, but perfectly acceptable to me. Anyway, I just wanted to speak up for those of us who do use the 3D view as I think too often we seem to be sneered upon unnecessarily. I don't see why SI can't work on improving all aspects of the game. Indeed, my impression has always been that is exactly what they do. Anyway, that's my view.
  10. I think they might be saying that if you aren't a rich club, then there is no point even bothering to scout a player with a very high 'game value'. While you may argue that is part and parcel of things, and you would not be wrong, I would argue that would be a complete pain in the backside, and after all this whole thing is supposed to be fun (sometimes, at least ).
  11. Surely, at the absolute bare minimum, a player has a value based on the value of the remainder of their current contract. I.e. the cost of buying out that contract regardless of any other factors such as age, reputation, performance, value to the selling club, value to the buying club, etc. This is kind of treating the player as a business asset, which is in a sense what they are. Anyway, I see player value as providing a control over the whole transfer market. In any market if no one had any objective measure of the value of something, it would be chaotic. And people would get exploited. I suppose it its kind of like the book price for second-hand cars in that respect. Practically, in terms of the game, if another club bids for my player the value gives me a quick way of appraising if that is a good deal in an objective sense (as opposed to how valuable the player is to me, subjectively). I think there is room and value for both perspectives when assessing a deal.
  12. Asking price is not the same thing as value. Asking price is what a club would be prepared to sell a player for. Value is what they are 'worth'. Say I have a car. That car has a value of £2000 – i.e. the book value which is determined by all sorts of objective factors. This is like a player's value (i.e. the amount displayed by FM). Say you want to buy my car, but I love my car and it is very valuable to me. I would sell it to you, but I'd want £4000 for it. That is an asking price. I think asking price only really makes sense if there are objective values. It provides a kind of gold standard by which these things can be measured. A kind of control if you like so we know if something is over or under priced.
  13. I agree with this. I've totally switched now from being a manager who praises players all the time and tries to make them feel happy, to one who is demanding and tries to stomp out complacency whenever I can. Some players don't like me that much any more, but the results are way better. I suspect I might be going too far down the harsh route so may need to look at praising from time to time when it seems right, but overall if you have a determined and professional squad, they seem to respond well to harsher treatment, especially if they are good with pressure and don't get too nervous.
  14. Look at it this way; at least you now have a better idea of which players might have problematic personalities. You sound like you are doing well, so you might get chance to sell these players and replace them with better options.
  15. Players have a value in the real world: e.g. http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/ Furthermore, a player is in a sense an asset owned by a club, so from a business perspective they have a value. Also it is worth noting that player value should not be equated with the transfer fee that the player would be sold for. That's related, sure, but is a wider consideration.
  16. Right, but how does the game know what those tendencies are without tracking it? AI managers have them set from the start or upon generation if they are a new manager. Perhaps it would be fine to track this stuff for the player, but then when the game treats the player the same as any other manager, that doesn't really work. Maybe it could interrogate transfer histories, but again that sounds like a lot of processing. I like the idea, don't get me wrong, but I struggle to see how it could work. Maybe I'm wrong.
  17. I'd love the game to have a more in-depth memory of what you and every other entity in the game world does, but I would be concerned about the vast quantity of extra data that would need to be stored and interrogated to facilitate features like this.
  18. I think higher determination affects how likely it is you will be able to persuade the board to grant a request. Also, I think adaptability can affect your chances of getting a job in a country not of your birth. Someone of course do correct me if I am wrong.
  19. So aerial ability is both for, say, claiming corners and diving? So both vertical and horizontal reaching?
  20. I can understand why a player would feel this way. For me, I think the logic of the interactions is generally sound, it's just the game doesn't quite give you all the feedback information you need and the options are obviously much more limited than in 'real life' interactions. I only recently managed to get a better handle on interactions recently after reading thus forum.
  21. Twice in my current Newcastle save I have sold the same player to a bigger club for good money (Man City and Arsenal), then bought them back the season after for less than I sold them. He was ambitious, found he wasn't good enough, and came back to a club where he is loved by the fans (they blamed the club rather than the player for moving). Now he's a rotation player but seems to have settled. I don't know if that is 'realistic', but I like the narrative it has made. Plus it was very good business for the club.
  22. Does height affect how far a GK can reach when stretching for the ball or diving? I always assumed so, but would be nice to confirm as I tend to ignore GKs below a certain height.
  23. No, just different to facman's. I wouldn't worry so much about your manager attributes. While I agree that they rise too quick, the game is still entirely dependent upon you making effective decisions.
  24. This would be a cool feature. It's a very real tactic used by clubs.
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