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  1. I'd use the editor if you can't roll back the save. I would not consider it cheating to do so for something like this, when the game cannot provide you with all the checks, balances, legal and financial scrutiny that would happen in real life to prevent this from happening. This is, essentially, an unfortunate typo.
  2. Yes, I see what you mean, but I meant perhaps the game doesn't let you as the player just won't even consider it.
  3. Maybe the player doesn't want to do that? He's retiring, might as well take the £110,000 p/w. He won't get a better deal than that.
  4. Geez ... way to ruin the fun of the 'draw next team' button for me ...
  5. I play in borderless windowed mode with the standard skin. I have facepacks etc.
  6. Ok, sure, I understand that. And if a hard brexit happened in real life and work permits were now hard to get, you would presumably be fine with it being in the game then? It would no longer spoil the experience? Just trying to understand you; I'm not having a go. I can't quite see this from your side, as it were.
  7. I get this problem after the 17.3 update. Was fine before. I haven't tried the above solution though, but just thought I'd mention it anyway.
  8. Just to play devil's advocate here; could you not say that about clubs buying, expanding, or rebuilding their stadium?
  9. I got a very hard Brexit scenario where Scotland and Northern Ireland left the UK, so in my save players from those countries need work permits to play in England.
  10. Speaking for myself, I like the introduction of Brexit. I even think it would be weird if it wasn't in there. I remember playing FM16 during the referendum and after the results feeling that my save didn't feel quite so authentic any more as it no longer reflected a future scenario I thought was 'realistic' (in the sense that any future where I am a reputable football manager is realistic).
  11. If a player with a contract that contains various bonuses goes out on loan, who pays those bonuses? Are they even valid anymore? For example, if a player has a bonus for each goal they score, and they score for their loan club does the loan club pay the bonus, does the parent club pay it, or neither?
  12. Nothing out of the ordinary. A 4-1-2-2-1. I was trying stuff out so can't really remember roles and instructions, but nothing strange. If the AI does do more variation in formation and tactics then that is really cool.
  13. I'm Liverpool playing Roma in a preseason friendly. 0-0 at half time and Roma come out playing a 4-2-4-0 DM wide. I've never seen that before and was curious if anyone has ever seen the AI come out with any unusual tactical tinkering .
  14. Let's be fair - only two of the five examples shown show 100% shooting accuracy. The other three are kind of average. Also, let's keep in mind that no one comes on here and posts about how their results really reflect reality as that's not noteworthy. The extremes are seen more frequently.
  15. I lost a Champions League final 1-0 to a bad penalty call by a referee. Not that I'm sore about it or anything ...
  16. That says three 'main' scenarios. We know that there are variations on those. I'm also pretty sure I read that there could be no Brexit at all, but can't remember where. SI said they included 'all possible' scenarios in that same Telegraph article (or words to that affect), and it would seem like an oversight not exclude 'no Brexit' from the category of 'all posibilities'. I'll bet that if it is in, it will be a low-probability one though.
  17. @Cougar2010 your approach seems like a completely sensible one to me in terms of injury management. Seems quite realistic too. I suspect that your expectation of 10–20% of your squad being injured is somewhat higher than what most players expect, which may be a factor in why there are complaints. Am I alone in secretly liking it when my players get injured? I find it all too easy to rely on the same guys game in, game out, and injuries force me to give players a chance. I've had a few gems emerge that way who might not have gotten a chance otherwise (kind of like Rashford IRL I guess).
  18. It also provides a more level playing field with the AI. I'd suggest that highly granular customisations and options are much easier for a human to exploit and deal with than for an AI.
  19. Probably just randomness. Someone in the know feel free to correct me, but I imagine there is a random element to injuries in the game. Though the chances will be affected by what the player does, ultimately there is a random seed in there somewhere. Cougar2010, you probably play the game in such a way to help reduce the odds. Other players may do different. In any case, with randomness comes clumping. In other words, sometimes it will happen that a player by chance gets a lot of injuries. Then we get an echo-chamber effect on here where a frustrated player has a greater tendency to complain, other players feeling the same will then tend more to joining in. Conversely, those at the other tail of the bell curve who have experienced few to no injury problems will more likely not care, not read injury threads, and stay quieter on the subject.
  20. I built a wonderful team in my last save over many seasons, won the League Cup, won the Premier League, won the FA Cup, then lost the Champions League 1-0 to a penalty that should not have been awarded. My hard work and greatest FM achievement was in tatters, and unfairly so. But the game did not conspire against me just to annoy me. I just lost. You simply have to move on and accept it. It's all part of the story to me.
  21. When I win, FM is the best game in the world. When I lose, it is stupid and unfair and I hate it. Then I press 'continue'
  22. A slight aside, sorry, but @roykela are you having any issues with Desktop Window Manager and extreme RAM usage as we both had with FM16?
  23. I know for sure that I have accepted an offer on one of my players then another club comes along so I chance it and try to cream them.
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