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  1. How did he score the goals? Were they consistent, like 1 per game, or did he just have a freak game where he scored a hattrick which has skewed things?

    The problem with judging this is that form is temporary.

    The best thing to do is decide what it is you are looking for in a player who plays in his position and/or role and whether this player meets those criteria (or could meet the criteria with development if he is young). It sounds like he might not be what you want from what you said about him not looking that special to you.

    Wait for your scout reports to get an idea of his hidden attributes. They will make comments about how he handles pressure, how consistent he might be, how injury-prone, all that stuff in the pros and cons. It will also give you a rough idea of his current and potential ability compared to your squad. These things might help you decide whether he is worth a go.

    Don't jump in too quick. Unless you're rolling in cash and he's not that expensive, in which case, the occasional speculative punt on a player can be fun.

    Also, if you don't go for him and he turns out to be good, don't worry too much. These things happen. There are always other players.

  2. No; it is all related to your tactics, the way you change them (or don't change them), the way your opposing AI managers adapt their tactics to deal with you, the morale and attitude of your players, your man management, injuries, personnel, and some random luck of course.

    Personally, I am currently enjoying about a 40-game unbeaten run and am undefeated in all competitions I am in this season. I am not in the slightest saying that to boast, but rather to make the point that the game has not decided that it likes me, but does not like you :D

    Have a look in the tactics forum; there's a lot covering this kind of thing.

  3. 17 minutes ago, lukefitch said:

    The Brexit thing annoys the hell out of me. There's all sorts of features that Miles won't add to the game because they're not 'realistic' enough and yet he's somehow cool with this being included. We don't know how Brexit is going to play out or the impact it will have on Football, the guesswork and randomness in FM really takes me  out of the game.  It's super gimicky in my opinion .

    So it what sense is not including Brexit more realistic than including it, but it turning out differently to what it will eventually be?

  4. I guess no one complains when Brexit makes signing non-UK players easier.

    I always liked the challenge of Brexit.  I had a super-hard Brexit in my FM17 save where even Scotland left the UK to stay with the EU and work permits were required with the current non-EU citizen rules. It made things harder but it did not 'ruin' my game. I acknowledged it, planned for it, and adapted. The Premier League was not unplayable in my opinion. Just harder, but all teams were playing by the same rules.

    I understand the point that we don't know the outcome in the real world, but conversely, we do know it is coming so not including such an inevitable and potentially game-changing event would be weird. To be honest, I found the Brexit vote made my FM16 save feel unrepresentative of the real world.

  5. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't work rate play a role in training as well as in games? This player has a very poor work rate, which if it does affect training, might be preventing him from applying himself properly and improving his abilities.

    Aside from this, low professionalism and ambition will kill development, just as it does for real players. Hopefully the tutoring will help.

  6. For me, generally I have a downturn in form after a period of success largely due to two factors. For one, teams defend more tightly as mentioned above. I have not yet mastered the ability to pick apart a tight defence, but I am working on it and am not about to shy away from the challenge.

    But psychology is a factor as well. Players can start to get nervous and tense at the possibility of winning the league or overachieving.

    This has happened in real life, just as in the game, where a team will 'bottle it' at the crucial time (e.g. Spurs in the season Leicester won the league).

    I find it takes me a few seasons to find the right ways to man-manage my squad, but even then, pressure can still get to players and they start making silly mistakes and fluffing easy chances and passes. Its quite human, actually.

  7. It's amazing that the ME is as good as it is. Football is a game where the number of possible outcomes in any given situation is very high.

    Does a player pass, shoot, or hold up the ball?

    If they pass, to whom do they pass and how exactly do they pass it? With which foot? With what timing?
    Or if they shoot, is it with power or precision? Which side of the goal? What elevation? Where is the goalkeeper and which defenders are blocking potential shots?

    Also, just look at the number of attributes each individual player has just to make them function in the ME environment. And there's 22 of them on the pitch, each making decisions, all of which are affected by the other 21 players' decisions.

    Not to mention what the manager has told them to do.

    Or what has happened in the run up to the game.

    Football is actually a pretty crazy and ambitious thing to even attempt to model. Sure, the ME is not perfect, but you have to work within the boundaries provided. If you recognize that, then there's no issue.

  8. I signed a player in the summer for a massive fee; blew the world record out the water. But since then he's been problematic, fallen out with a teammate, and now he's complaining because he doesn't like me or the way I handle training and the general management of the club.

    - Sincerely, Unai Emery, Head Coach, PSG.


    Joking aside, I always felt in previous FMs that often the problem with player interaction was that the game lacks the richness of interaction you would have in the real world. So often I might not have a dialogue option that really fits what I want to say, or I think an option means one thing but that's not what the game means by it.

    But anyway, FM18 is in beta; no point getting riled up if interactions aren't working as you expect.

  9. I think the new scouting system will be a much more realistic representation  of how real clubs scout, so that's good. However the problem I am having at the moment is that I haven't really got my head round how it all works.

    Thats pretty much my only criticism of FM generally - it doesn't always do a great job of explaining to the player how things work. Which may explain why you see a lot of people complaining that something doesn't work. Most likely it does work, it's just the player doesn't know how it works.


  10. 1 hour ago, tajj7 said:

    Thus I want to option to go chat to PSG and say we might be willing to deal if you bid X amount, because if you offer the player out 9/10 you don't get his value at all, even if the club wanting him has wanted him for ages.  I'm not saying I want to double his value, I'm saying I want to sell a player say valued at £40 million for £50 million like the press speculation is saying, much like a similar fee I might have to pay for a player of the AI that they are willing to sell but aren't getting rid off. 

    Can't you do that though when you offer a player out as you can select certain clubs for the offer to be directed towards? So offer him to PSG for something just above £50 million.

  11. 20 hours ago, NavyWolf87 said:

    They are truly horrific and absolutely terrible!!!!! Have to put up with terrible regen faces as well as a terrible manager avatar now on FM what a abysmal turn of events for FM and the series....it's only heading one way and that's downhill.   

    What don't you like about them?

  12. 1 hour ago, herne79 said:

    You say he's lethal with his right.  Define lethal?  How many goals is he scoring for you?  If he's already scoring lots (ie., he's "lethal") then is there really an issue?

    Oh there's not a problem really in the sense he underperforms. I can rely on him to get 30+ league goals, maybe 40+ in all competitions, in a season. I will be honest and say that I haven't analysed it statistically, and was speaking a little hyperbolically, but I saw several "easy" shots missed with the left foot recently. I realised I had got into the habit of accepting he will miss whenever I see him shaping up to shoot with his left foot. I also realise that this might just be confirmation bias.

    Anyway, long story short, it got me wondering whether I can coax a little more out of the player simply because more goals is always better (top football analysis for you there :brock:). But beyond that, I think it is an interesting question, even if we ignore my particular player.

    1 hour ago, Rashidi said:

    I think you;'re off better training both feet for a player dribbling centrally as a playmaker

    Interesting, I actually never really thought about two footedness having a role in dribbling, but then I suppose it will always help for any player in any role. I guess the obvious stuff like a shanked shot or a misplaced pass stand out more so I tend to focus on that.

    I wonder, then, would avoiding using the weaker foot actually do more harm than good in some cases? Perhaps a slightly worse hit pass or shot played quicker, would be better then a better hit pass or shot played later after the player has shifted the ball to the other foot.

    Maybe the whole idea of avoiding a weaker foot makes no sense for a striker anyway when most of the time you need them to take a quick action rather than delay to get the ball onto their strong foot.

    Maybe it's not even the player's fault. Let's accept for a moment that my striker is hopeless on his weaker foot. If that is the case, the AI managers will probably know that too and may well have instructed their defenders to show him onto his weak side.

  13. I have a world class striker who is lethal with his right foot, but is really quite poor with his left foot, often shooting off target with that foot.

    What is the best option to deal with this?

    Train his weaker foot? (He is 26 so I don't know if that is too old)

    Train him to avoid the use of his weaker foot?

    Do something tactically so he finds himself more in positions where shooting with the right foot is more natural?

    Something else?

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