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  1. Not necessarily. It depends how they were being utilized in the tactical system of the team they were playing in. It may also depend on the quality of the teammates they were playing with and leagues they were playing in.
  2. How did he score the goals? Were they consistent, like 1 per game, or did he just have a freak game where he scored a hattrick which has skewed things? The problem with judging this is that form is temporary. The best thing to do is decide what it is you are looking for in a player who plays in his position and/or role and whether this player meets those criteria (or could meet the criteria with development if he is young). It sounds like he might not be what you want from what you said about him not looking that special to you. Wait for your scout reports to get an idea of his
  3. No; it is all related to your tactics, the way you change them (or don't change them), the way your opposing AI managers adapt their tactics to deal with you, the morale and attitude of your players, your man management, injuries, personnel, and some random luck of course. Personally, I am currently enjoying about a 40-game unbeaten run and am undefeated in all competitions I am in this season. I am not in the slightest saying that to boast, but rather to make the point that the game has not decided that it likes me, but does not like you Have a look in the tactics forum; there's a l
  4. So it what sense is not including Brexit more realistic than including it, but it turning out differently to what it will eventually be?
  5. I guess no one complains when Brexit makes signing non-UK players easier. I always liked the challenge of Brexit. I had a super-hard Brexit in my FM17 save where even Scotland left the UK to stay with the EU and work permits were required with the current non-EU citizen rules. It made things harder but it did not 'ruin' my game. I acknowledged it, planned for it, and adapted. The Premier League was not unplayable in my opinion. Just harder, but all teams were playing by the same rules. I understand the point that we don't know the outcome in the real world, but conversely, we do kno
  6. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't work rate play a role in training as well as in games? This player has a very poor work rate, which if it does affect training, might be preventing him from applying himself properly and improving his abilities. Aside from this, low professionalism and ambition will kill development, just as it does for real players. Hopefully the tutoring will help.
  7. I found this part of the manual helpful, but I agree that it is kind of unclear from within the game itself:
  8. So does Trent Alexander-Arnold smell or something?
  9. I, for one, welcome our new newgen overlords.
  10. Oh there's not a problem really in the sense he underperforms. I can rely on him to get 30+ league goals, maybe 40+ in all competitions, in a season. I will be honest and say that I haven't analysed it statistically, and was speaking a little hyperbolically, but I saw several "easy" shots missed with the left foot recently. I realised I had got into the habit of accepting he will miss whenever I see him shaping up to shoot with his left foot. I also realise that this might just be confirmation bias. Anyway, long story short, it got me wondering whether I can coax a little more out of the
  11. I have a world class striker who is lethal with his right foot, but is really quite poor with his left foot, often shooting off target with that foot. What is the best option to deal with this? Train his weaker foot? (He is 26 so I don't know if that is too old) Train him to avoid the use of his weaker foot? Do something tactically so he finds himself more in positions where shooting with the right foot is more natural? Something else?
  12. Geez ... way to ruin the fun of the 'draw next team' button for me ...
  13. I built a wonderful team in my last save over many seasons, won the League Cup, won the Premier League, won the FA Cup, then lost the Champions League 1-0 to a penalty that should not have been awarded. My hard work and greatest FM achievement was in tatters, and unfairly so. But the game did not conspire against me just to annoy me. I just lost. You simply have to move on and accept it. It's all part of the story to me.
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