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  1. Agree with above, you might find a new grafics card enough, if you play other games. HaswelE (a new platform) is out, but way too expensive to justify it,my advice is if you can wait 6 months with what you have, you can get a new comp with the new platform, to future proof yourself more than if you bought one now.
  2. I saw that as well, bloody hard to find anything about them. They must be a newly promoted amateur club or something, what is amazing is the difference between the top two and bottom two.
  3. I have never played classic, so i don't know if they should exist or not. That said it seems like a bug. Just checking, you're not playing with an edited set up or something? Maybe something wrong there? If not, either do a re-install, or report it in the bugs forum.
  4. Dell Australia have some good specials at the moment, not sure about UK or anywhere else, may be worth a look.
  5. The most enjoyable games for me are either starting unemployed or ri96 youth challenge (though I ever post lol), so I will do these. I have never managed in Australia, I think I would like to do a save, where I can improve the national team by managing a few clubs and increasing facilities, till finally managing the NT.
  6. I read somewhere and have it joted down what numbers for crucial or secondary stats are good for what level of football your team is playing Obviously higher is better, just use it as a rule of thumb. Premier - crucial 16, secondary - 12 Championship/league 1 - crucial 14, secondary 10 Conference/league 2 - crucial 12, secondary 8
  7. You can ask the board for more coaches as you would facility upgrades, I've done it before. Kojak 123 post is spot on as well, you may look at their personality as well, as it may effect the regen personalities as well, though at skrill level just go for the best you can using Kojak 123 formula.
  8. I don't have a reserve side myself, it's a mash up of u18 and first teamers. I try to have in the first team squad 2 players for every position plus a hot prospect. U18 3 players per position. I will move the better players from u18 to play for reserves plus any first team players who don't play often. I find it keeps everyone match fit, young guys get game time to develop, keeps costs down and is good to ease someone back from injury. That's my ideal set up, sometimes you don't have the cattle though.
  9. No problem mate. But thank cleon more, my part was easy lol.
  10. Wow I feel like an idiot, I am loving the prospect of high appearance fee's, especially if total outlay would equal close to what I would like to pay anyway. Going to exploit this little trick!
  11. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/380395-Ajax-When-Real-Life-Meets-Football-Manager-FM14? Youth recruitment = regens pa Junior coaching = regens ca Youth facilities = rate of youth ca improvement Also of not is your HOYD personality, it can effect the type of personalities your regens 'may' have.
  12. I said this in another thread, but i thought I might make it official The one thing i would like implemented in regards to youth, would be a philosophic approach. For example you may like your juniors to be selected acording to their level of technical ability, or maybe physicals are more important, or cirtain mental attributes. I am sure there is a philosophy of sorts at junior level and an assesment criteria and youths should come through your system that proportionately exemplifies that. For example, a youth won't make it to my first team if his technical ability is below what I would like (even defenders I have a set number lol), no matter how good he is in other areas. It would be nice if the junior setup could support (not overtly) my phylosophy, or if you are a journeyman, you would have to deal with different clubs philosophies.
  13. Rickie Herbet, coach of New Zealand and Welington Phoenix.
  14. You do realise the xeon is essentialy an i7 with the grafix disabled, which is no problem if you have a gpu and is significantly cheaper. The new intel chips are quicker mostly due to memory bandwidth and bigger cache.
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