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  1. This problem occurs even if you do nothing and convert each country's rules into advanced rules and then test the rules. I solve this problem like this way https://www.fmnation.net/tip19/32424482 And here is Spain, Italy problem solve tip. https://www.fmnation.net/tip19/36745308 I think these ways are all temporary. You have to solve the fundamental problem.
  2. England also have same problem since 19.1.0 U18 competition 24 team error
  3. I found the condition of this bug occurring. whatever you select 'Order' or 'Record', a bug occurs when 1312 items are modified. Please report this bug. @KUBI
  4. Hello have a question I wanna make 17-18 uefa champions league And 17-18 uefa europa league. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2017–18_UEFA_Champions_League https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2017–18_UEFA_Europa_League But i don't know how to make champions route and league route.. Wolud you teach me how to make it?
  5. i got working way.!! but it still have problem. when i try "it works on europe 100% but i cant remember what settings i used. try to use "edited" with 0 fixture rule in afc file - not -1" like this,, that registration date didn't work again. and when i on working way,,i couldn't pass test. but in game it is work. what is problem? this is working file. AFC(UEFA룰)4_24AD6D26-8B60-466E-8253-A73D1DFA8382.fmf
  6. You mean you'll fix my file?
  7. uhm.. it didn't work TT
  8. If yiu have time.. Would you check my fmf file? AFC 대회_EE637BCC-9BA2-42BB-9B1A-20195E0E7015.fmf
  9. I already try that two option..the rresult is same..
  10. I tried that.. But it's same...
  11. @Carlito85 PlzPlz helphelp me TT
  12. @KUBI @kingrobbo PlzPlz helphelp me TT
  13. hi ~ i have a problem. i wanna make Afc champions league and afc cup rule like Uefa champions leauge and Uefa Europa leauge rule. i try and try finally make it smillar. but, at squad registration rule.. i have problem follow pictures are what i want to make rules. (squad registration part) so i try like this... and it pass 'test rule'...so it try to make new game in FM2017 but... squad registration isn't same...TT plz...somebody help me!! and i attach fmf file. Thnx!! AFC 대회_EE637BCC-9BA2-42BB-9B1A-20195E0E7015.fmf
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