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  1. With Attacking mentality, those team instructions and roles might end up too much spaces left behind, especially your DM strata. Probably u having 11 first team world class players, however i personally dont think that is tactical wise. If u plan to use CWB or full back with atk duty, try dribble less and cross more often and more risky passes. it shall utilise ur wing man.
  2. I doubt with very rigid + shorter passing + retain possession could work with 4-1-2-2-1 (wide), since lack of player in middle. Could be huge problem when facing defensive triangle formation. Good luck lad !
  3. Assuming Spur playing with 4-2-3-1, try to mark their AML/AMR with ur AMR/AML too(since u are using 4-2-3-1 as well), but not mark them tightly. it shall track them well. (take note: mark opponent AML with ur AMR) not too sure bout other information since no clue on TI's and mentality.
  4. Hi Tiger, im not an expert too, and im playing FM14 still, hopefully I can still offer you some good tactic idea 1. With Shorter passing and Lower tempo shouts, both TI's will lower ur tempo, which could be too slow to penetrate opponent. (Suggestion: Remove Lower Tempo) 2. Shorter Passing + Exploit Middle = may not utilise your IF's to great extent. (Suggesttion: move them into AM position, or remove Exploit Middle shout) 3. not too sure about More Roaming shout could leave ur both CM all over the place, during transition play. (Suggestion: change player role. Eg. both DLP with 1 def 1 support) 4. Control team mentality already place your defensive line high enough. With no DM strata formation even higher. (Suggestion: Remove Push Higher Shout) Not necessary to apply all of my points into your game plan. Change some of them as you see it fit your plan.
  5. Hi everyone, got some questions in my mind, hope that someone allow me to learn more bout this game thru explaination. 1) What is the requirement for player to learn "Attempts to develop weaker foot" PPM ?? Seems like player with Right/Left Only preferred foot can learn this PPM, however not all of them able to. 2) Tutoring error. Am I missing something at below scenario ? i ask my older player in private chat but the tutee name didn't appear in the list. Tutor - Age 38, continental rep. , DM,AM accomplished , key player squad status. Tutee - Age 21, national rep, DM,CM accomplished, backup squad status. Both players just joined my club. Am I lacking something ?
  6. Hi there, found this is very useful information to me and almost thought this thread is meant for me ! However something I don't really understand, hope you could explaine more details to guide me =) I agree compress the space between the def and midfiled lines, however, what happened if their wingers got higher pace than ur WB / FB ? given so much space behind Def. lines to exploit ?? Issue might could be worsen if they counter-atking ur flank.
  7. Check with previous FM version, to view each role mentality or creativity freedom level. Personally i think sometimes quite difficult to judge in match.
  8. Thanks for reply, I put the negative before, so means i drop(-) the Retain possession and add(+) Higher tempo. The goals normally concede is from open play, many of them is their player anticipate and faster to get to the thru ball, and then lay the ball to others players and shoot. In short, Most of their assist is from wings. Anyway, i tried and give another go just now. want them to play counter with this formation. Drop Retain possession and shorter passing, Add pump ball into box, higher tempo. CM and BBM change to AP(s) and AP(a), 2x CWB change to WB(a) and (s) on other side, it seems like the team playing counter attack thru middle and won me the game. Back to topic, any commend bout those changes? against those heavily atk my wings and playing attacking strategy and more heavy tackle is what i can notice from the game.
  9. Hi Cleon, thanks for the work and allow me to gain more understand behind this game more. Appreciate you(also other moderators) try to teach us to fish rather then feeding = ) I've tried this with my club, and had some success time with this formation. However, it seems like i just cant win over Dortmund with this formation, regardless i tried to save/load several times. I'm not fans of save/load to get my goals , but i try to understand TI/PI better. In my save, Dortmund remain strong side (with same manager, J.Klopp) with his always same tactic 4-4-1-1, playing at their home, and i did some changes over this setup as following: In my first save: Did not change any TI or PI Result: lost 4-0 , 3 of them they scored from open play, 1 from corner, all of them second half Second save: - Retain possession(want to get past their flat 4 midfield and explore DM strata hole) + Higher tempo (same reason as above) Result: lost 3-0 , 3 of them they scored from open play. Concede 2 goals in first 25mins. Im completely clueless to play against them. In my past 5 season, played 10 times home and away, i managed won 1 draw 1 lost 8. Every time i play against them, i tend to lost emotinal control, feel like to kill Klopp:D pointing at screen and shout the magical F word, :mad: I feel worst especially when i have quite good/first class players, because i knew the problems is down to me, not the players in screen. So, what problem i have here ? Seems like not very good idea to attack a good side especially playing away, counter I'm marginally slower than them, tried several options but didnt work.. :confused:
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