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  1. hey guys just wondering if anybody with computer know how can help me out. i am looking to purchase a new laptop within the 500-900£ range - i will be using it to watch movies, make music, play fm14/15 and other more demanding games. the laptop i am currently looking at is this one: http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/CB-CZ7850-441GAS-Cube-Chameleon-CZ-7850_1655174.html can anybody tell me: what would the performance be like on fm14 using this laptop? would I be able to play other more demanding games at decent settings? would this laptop be considered relatively 'futureproof'? finally are there any other laptops around this range or cheaper that will offer similar or better performance as it is quite expensive and if i could save a few bob that would be great! many thanks!!
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